11 May 2020

“At-Home”: “Saving The Best For Last”

Forget that. I have been there and done that.
There is linen that was saved for best – tablecloths, napkins and embroidered sheets. What about the collection of vintage glasses, gathering dust in the kitchen shelves? I searched for those so rigorously and diligently saving them for special days, parties or celebrations. Why? What was I thinking?

Don’t mess up the prettiest room in our homes? Never go near the bed if it’s all dressed and looking serene? Wrinkle the perfect pillows – Never! Let’s jump on the faultlessly made bed; let’s snuggle deep into the deliciously soft pillows and read for hours.

Why wasn’t I enjoying to the max my beautiful collections? Ridiculous.

I have no excuse other than there was some small part of my mentality fixated on, saving the best to last. Too much of my time has been spent creating unusable beauty. I understand this now.


My evening drink, whatever it may be, is now being served in my most-loved of all time Venetian glasses. The water glass by my bed is also one of these. When I lift it up, feel the silken nature of the hand-blown glass and sip over the finest edge; I simply am in heaven. Venice comes to the forefront of my mind and the joy in finding them. They must be used, more now than ever. A collection of the old-fashioned “coups” for champagne took me years to find. Was I saving them for a summer party? That turned out to be a waste of time. They are going to be out and about as every day; even if it’s for a sip of tonic water.

And what about our wardrobes?

I love fashion, beautiful pieces have always been my weakness – shoes, bags, dresses, jackets – all of it; it’s been a thing since I was a small girl.

Since lockdown, apart from the sweat pants and sweatshirt, I have made myself celebrate dress-up Friday. The day I attempt the hair, add some make-up with an oftentimes red lip and frock up in my finest. Let’s not get carried away, I wear my sneakers because walking is very much part of my day despite my “look”.

You know what? Dressing up feels good, actually, it feels great. It is FANTASTIC.

Why have these dresses been languishing in the cupboard waiting for a “special” outing? Did it take a pandemic to make me see I must enjoy what I have in front of me rather than coveting over what’s next? How true this is for the more profound aspects of life?

I may be going nowhere for some time but I am encouraged to dress up – even if it is only one day a week – and make more of an effort for myself.


The morale boosts and my self-confidence grows if I have taken the time to wear and look my best. It’s not about the garment it’s about enjoying the process, throwing away the “saving the best to last” mentality and embracing the moment. I don’t need an occasion; it’s for me.

And, why not? xv

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Yes, Vicki, the best is for NOW! It should always be, whether a crystal glass, a perfect shoe, an elaborate dress or a favourite apéro. Living in the moment can and should insist upon what we appreciate in the here and now. Enjoy that champagne in your gorgeous coups – that is how I enjoy mine! Santé.


Yes, and to you too, Victoria.
I will think of you later when I have a little taste :)

GL Gardener

Spot on with your thoughts. I am getting out my beautiful collections and using them instead of waiting…. for what???
I am new to your site and can tell right away that I am going to enjoy it.


I have followed you for a few years and this is my first time posting. Your comments really resonate with me. Everyday is a special occasion, isn’t it. Live is too short as it is.
I really love your authenticity and I just bought your 2 e- books which I am enjoying very much and putting your suggestions in action.


Thank you Maureen… and lovely to hear from you ..
Looking forward to many more chats together :)

Linda B

As it so happens, I decided just last Friday to dress up, and can vouch for the positive effect it had on my mood all day! Who am I kidding–even in non-pandemic times I rarely have times to dress up in my life. I am going to keep doing this, from now on.


I love exquisite glasses as well and used these and a beautiful linen tablecloth I purchased in Aix-en-Provence last week when we had dinner in the garden. Lockdown special evening dinner for us with flowers in a hand blown vase too!! Definitely preferring this approach rather than saving and only using occasionally.
A lovely reminder to look for other lovely bits we all use for the special occasion instead of enjoying more frequently.
I’m going to search out some glasses for the bedside too!


It really is lovely to use our pretty pieces and to have that lovely moment of remembering where we found them.
Enjoy them :)


the distance between dream and reality is called ACTION! Yes Vicki, do it and walk like three handsome men walking behind you….and at home sip your drink from the most wonderful glasses. That’s life…real life….like your intention/action.


I agree with you. I just put the new Italian pure
white sheets on my bed. They are beautiful.
And I will enjoy them. Drina


The irony is that “last” was always around the corner. What were we waiting for? Weren’t we worth it? Wasn’t this moment important? My vibrant, young husband, suddenly wasn’t. He was dying…died. It came out of nowhere. It taught me, “last” is now. Now is all we are assured of. Celebrate now! Live now. If your not worth your best, who is? Life is art. Art is life, paint it with beauty and give it your best. Don’t wait. Everyday, every moment.


I am so sorry for your great loss, Rosemarie and far too painful way to learn the value of time. What you say resonates deeply. xx

connie hobbs

Vicki, I am right there with you. I use all of my pretty and expensive things! But, just ordered that top shop black midi…so inexpensive! ❤️


They have fabulous pieces oftentimes… and I like a little “less is more” or “more dash than cash”… especially if worn with some fab earrings or a great bracelet… Enjoy!


I think it takes some livin’ to finally come to this conclusion. When we are younger, we want to save everything for the perfect moment. When we are mature, we know that NOW is the perfect moment. GO FOR IT VICKI!


BRAVA TO YOU for realizing it TOO!
I am still reading YOU NEW BOOK ENJOYING EACH PAGE……I Don’t want to rush it!Will report in when finished!


Yes you know how to celebrate beauty, Elizabeth… always :)


I forgot to mention Vicki, it was lovely listening to you and Sharon yesterday on Instagram. A real friendly and interesting discussion which showed you are good friends and everyone was just waiting for their turn to speak! Loved it! I listened to it whilst in the hammock!

Barbara Gurwitz

Glad you had this epiphany. As a studio painter, dressed to work, when not in the studio I have always dressed and made up. Someone said this is because I am married. NOT SO. I have always dressed for myself, because I just feel better. I can’t imagine spend weeks in my sleep outfit (boxer pants and a cotton tank top)…though I will occasionally be there longer than usual…due to entrapment at computer…which I am trying to curb, and at home exercises…but once done…it’s to my closet to enjoy my minimal and minimalist but much loved pieces. I married late in life…and spent 20 years living along and developed the same habit. It took marriage however, to straighten out my eating habits. Even when my beloved goes fishing for a week or two (yah! retreat) I still dress and cook and enjoy my glass of wine. Oh well, more than you wanted to know :)

Jo Dennis

I agree with you Vicki what are we waiting for? I love fashion however being married to a farmer and living in a small town doesn’t give me many opportunities for those ‘special’ occasions. I wear my beautiful clothes and shoes all the time xx


Yes, yes, yes!! I gave up saving my best just a few months ago and am loving it. We did crack a special wine glass, but at least it was enjoyed.
Your book is just fabulous. I continue to recommend it and think I may begin it again.
Be well

Pauline Heymen

I have been following you for many years. In fact, your blog was the first I ever read. Your post today really struck a chord within me as I realised how often I still do save things for special occasions, especially clothes. Your words really made me think…..what exactly am I waiting for? Why do I have two sets of china – one for everyday use and one for special occasions? Often it’s because the “good” items require extra care such as hand washing, etc. and it just seems easier to go with the easy care option. I now don’t purchase something if it requires extra effort in maintaining because I know I won’t use it. That’s ok for anything new but what about the items I already own? Especially those that require dry cleaning. I guess I’ll gradually get rid of those difficult to care for items and replace them with items in all the beautiful, machine washable fabrics! So now Vicki, can you please tell me how to get rid of the “save for best” mindset that seems to be ingrained in so many of us!
Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. It always feel like you are talking just to me and that’s a great gift.


Pauline, I think “saving” is a mindset and I know it’s one I have but am desperately trying to shed… If I have to dry clean once in a while… that’s ok… better than never wearing my favourites… if I break my best glass… it’s not the end of the world… at least I have enjoyed it… and it goes on for so many examples…
I’m going to talk more about it later.. there is so much to say about this..
Thank you for your beautiful comment :)

Robyn Kreymborg

Exactly Vicki !!
Why not ✨ why wait 💖
We are the Special in the Occassion ✨💖✨💖
Life is to short to wait
Wear it !! Use it !! Love it !! Enjoy it !! ✨💖✨
You are an inspiration Vicki ✨💖💞xx


I usually don’t ‘save anything for best’ anymore. Hey, when you’re heading toward 80 nothing should be put ‘on hold’ or packed away, whether it’s that gold satin, cut on the bias, midi skirt (I’m wearing it with my elephant print fabric mask, sneakers, and the M&S cashmere hoodie top on my next foray to the grocery), or drinking my aperitif from the delicate crystal glass on the front porch without worrying if I drop it! Live for today is my new mantra – to hell with tomorrow!

Now off to the garden to water again as we are having very hot weather here. My own roots are horrendous now, but my hat collection is my go to accessory now – fortunately I have several summer straws awaiting.

OMG, the parrot tulips are absolutely stunning, and my favorite color. I must plant some for next Spring – which hopefully will find the world at a better place in time.
Stay well Vicki x


I agree with Robyn that we are the special in the occasion…to just enjoy….and I learned to do that. The tulips are beautiful Vicki! x

Michelle à Dètroit

So true, Vicki. I no longer worry about whether something gets chipped or broken. Beautiful, treasured objects bring much joy to our lives. We need to enjoy them while we can, every single day, As for dressing up? At the moment, slim fit khakis and a spring colored cashmere sweater are about the best I can muster. Fragrance, a bit of concealer, and mascara are daily musts.

Linda Johnston

Today was my first visit to your blog and won’t be my last! “Saving the Best” reminded me of what my parents practiced. They never saw any point in having anything that was too precious to use! Today, we are the same, using our collected china, silver adn other table settings regularly.


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