17 Mar 2013

Audrey Hepburn… Givenchy and Tulle

I have always adored tulle as a fashion fabric…

I remember my wedding veil… masses of flowing tulle… very simple… cut in layers that framed my gown in a mist… My most loved photograph from that day is one of my veil… as the wind gushed, the veil was blown up and around… cocooning us in our own little world… Happy memories…

My favourite skirt is an old Jill Sander that I picked up many, many years ago… It was the skirt that I was photographed in for My French Life… running up the stairs at home… I wore it often with a black turtleneck or tee shirt, depending on the season and a pair of ballet flats… sometimes Converse… if I wanted to dress it down…

Tulle works best when it is worn in contrast… dark with light… a heavy sweater with the flimsiness of the fabric… it’s a great look and one that can be accessorised to the limit…

In the summer I add all the sparkles over my black tee shirt… in the winter I add a silk scarf at the neck and opaque black tights…

Tulle can range from the bridal to the bohemian… and as far as the elegance of Audrey and the genius of Givenchy…

 I’m a big fan… Do you like tulle? xv

 In case you do….

Fabulous tulle skirt from DKNY… here

I would wear this one with a dark tee shirt and short jacket… ballet flats.. or even your leopard loafers for a more casual look…

Longer black tulle skirt here….

This one needs a full black petticoat and a little styling… but it’s inexpensive, a great length and shape… Wear it with a loose cream coloured sweater and ballet flats…

or if you prefer just a hint of tulle… this skirt… here

Leopard loafers… here  Ballet Flats… here  Converse… here


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Anita Rivera

Oh Vicki, JUST YESTERDAY, I wore one of my favorite TULLE SKIRTS to work! Whenever I wear it, especially if I am working at a school where the children do not know me, I get some interesting reactions. One day as I entered into a new school and classroom of third graders, one of the children saw me as their substitute for the day. I was wearing my mauve tulle skirt with a gray sweater clad with beads. She looked up at me, ran to her friends and said, “OUR SUBSTITUTE TODAY IS A FAIRY! SHE’S A FAIRY!” Magic happened that day.

Oh…you always have the most fabulous posts. Thank you mon amie. Have a bright and beautiful day. Anita OH! Can you share a photo of your tulle veil one day?


I do love it,but don’t wear it. I wish I had the courage to wear it in some form. Any suggestions for someone my age,latter 60’s,or maybe I’ll just admire it on the younger set. x


An evening cape… soft and light… perhaps in black to wear over anything… that would look wonderful… :)

Karen in CT

.. oh yes, Tulle is magical … especially on AH … lovely picture. Happy Weekend, Vicki

Karen in CT


I like your suggestions of wearing the tulle with something more understated. The great thing is that not matter what your age we can wear this because the look comes in so many variations – full skirt, less layers, long, short.
I like the look that the cyclist has on – with the blazer over top, and of course the gorgeous tulle scarf that Audrey wore would always work.


I ask you who has not secretly wrapped a yards of tulle around their shoulders and danced around the room in total abandonment at some point in time?
I have had a love affair with this fabric my entire life! I can not begin to tell you the hours I spent as a very small child in front of a mirror with a few yards of tulle and some plastic roses, designing and redesign just the right look… my moms idea of keeping me entertained while she studied…… today a fashion designer, no, a landscape architect with a love of great fashion. Thanks for the memories.


The elegance of Audrey and the genius of Givenchy it can’t possibly get better than that, can it Vicki?
I love your choice of images…tulle is so delicate and feminine and worn in contrast looks FABULOUS.
I’m a fan.
Have a wonderful weekend.


This is just awesome! I love tulle and I’m 50! Great images, I love the skirt with the tartan top and large necklace, the girl on the bike with yellow peaking from the sleeves to match her skirt – it looks like a neighborhood in Nice, and well I love them all. Thank you. xo

The Enchanted Home

LOVE tulle. Some of the most beautiful dresses/gowns to me are made from tulle..its so fairytale and princess like. Utterly feminine, like a dreamy cloud. Love all the inspiration and your wedding dress sounds dreamy!

Shell Sherree

I love tulle, Vicki. So does my scrumptious black kitty cat ~ I bought a gorgeous, fluffy white veil from the op shop, not knowing what I’d do with it but thinking it was too pretty to pass up. I left it draped over a lamp shade and came back to find Ella had taken ownership of it on the floor in her ‘nursery’ {which happens to be my front entry!!} This poor old squashed and tatty piece of tulle is a much loved part of our home. But on a fashionable note ~ one of the best pieces I’ve ever bought is a slim black petticoat that has a large hem of tulle sitting just below the knees. I can wear it under most of my short to knee-length black dresses and it adds instant feminine glam. Bon weekend to you and Apache, dear Vicki…

Elizabeth Eiffel

I love tulle but with my frizzy hair I have never been able to wear it. Now I’m a touch rotund it is definitely not for me! But I can admire it on others – the fabric is so feminine and whimsical. Warm regards from cold Melbourne.


I’m really loving the tulle skirt, it’s something I’ve always wanted to try but haven’t come across the perfect one yet…
Thanks for the inspiration! :)


Tulle is magical and marvelous. I made my wedding veil and found the most exquisite silk tulle which had such a lovely way about it. I think if you compare silk tulle to some of the blends – you will find silk tulle is much lighter, wispy and more refined. I think I need to make something with tulle!
Thanks for inspiring me.


Who does not remember Carrie Bradshaw’s nearly iconic pink tulle skirt and tank at the beginning of “Sex and the City”? Loved it then, love it now. I buy bolts of the inexpensive tulle to make beautiful bows on gifts. It always looks so lovely and special.


Beautiful! Tulle reminds me of weddings and ballets, so ethereal and magical.

What a gorgeous picture of Audrey! But then she could wear a hemp bag and still somehow look spectacular.



Hi Vicki,

I love tulle, but am partial to the silk kind as it is so much softer and “fluid”…however, the synthetic one has some merit, because it can be done in so many fantastic colors.

Thanks for this soft inspiration – I have to design a dress for an upcoming event, and I think I will incorporate some tulle.

as always, warm regards (from cold New York…lol)

Emily @ TownAndCountryShuffle

Vintage Finds

You always have the best inspiration … had not thought of tulle … and now it’s all I can think of! Have gone online to see what I can find!


Suzanne de Cornelia

Yes, I ADORE tule. A fairytale waiting to happen. That must be the only photo of Audrey Hepburn I’ve never seen….what a miracle of a person she was. And I remember that photo of you very well in the tulle skirt and black top running upstairs….I opened and saw that and bought the book immediately. Any woman in a tulle skirt and body skimming black sweater is to be admired and trusted. ;)

Beth Anderson

I have a dress which is tulle skirt on the bottom (winter white) and the bodice is a black jersey tank. Talbot’s – “Audrey”. At any rate, I wore it with a Chanel-esque jacket I bought in Paris in December (not Chanel, but most definitely inspired) and Roger Vivier pumps also bought in Paris in December (the ones that look very similar to Catherine Deneuve’s shoes in Belle du Jour). I got loads of compliments on it that day.

Here is the dress, I hope this link works:



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