6 Feb 2019

Augustinus Bader: I’ve Been Dreaming About You

This product is a dream come true.

Trying to keep our skin on track during the winter is often tricky. Make that the never-ending winter we’re currently experiencing, or at least it feels like that, and it’s even more challenging.

The harsh winds and icy chills are a breeding ground for dry skin and lacklustre complexion. It’s a time when our skin really needs our attention.

I have heard so many fabulous reviews about Augustinus Bader and I couldn’t wait to try both of their creams when they were given to me. Its promises were high and the technology very advanced.

Both creams are absolutely marvellous, incredibly smart and so, so effective.

Expensive, yes, but for a cream that truly works, and lives up to promises and expectations, it is an investment.

Augustinus Bader’s innovative approach to skincare gives real results. I have been using both creams for a couple of months now and the difference is amazing. I use The Cream in the day and The Rich Cream at night. Both help to visibly reduce fine lines and damage caused by the environment. My skin looks refreshed, feels smoother and clearer.

The Rich Cream provides intense hydration  – something I require more and more as time passes – this one has seriously improved my complexion’s appearance whilst acting as a shield to the driest of climates. It’s for those of us with normal to dry skin. This product is ideal for the night time routine and has ingredients such as avocado, evening primrose and omega 6.

The Cream is a little lighter, but still deeply hydrates the skin; a great addition to the daytime routine. Extravagant I know.  This one is better suited to those with a combination to oily skin and is astoundingly effective at keeping the complexion refreshed without overdoing it. Rich in aloe vera, amino acids and vitamins A, B, C and E, it’s a true skin protector.

I’m dangerously hooked, it’s truly a remarkable product and one I won’t live without.

Smart skincare is where it’s at. xv

Augustinus Bader: Can’t Live Without You

the rich cream  ||  the cream

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Jeanne Henriques

Thank you Vicki! I am using the Skin Medica, Skin Ceuticals and cle de peau ranges. It’s hard to keep track these days. This sounds perfect! As always, you and your team are a fountain of knowledge. Thank you!


I know what you mean Jeanne… every day a new brand hits the scene… I like to try products for some time before recommending… this one, while very exy, is a winner :) The good news… it lasts and not much is needed at one time for great results… it seems to spread very well…


Sadly Vicki for some of us this price is prohibitive and we wouldn’t even consider this despite a recommendation from you.
Alternative options I’m sure are available.


There are always other options… always.
It is a top of the range price but I also like to showcase all that is new on the market, despite that. :)


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