8 Nov 2011

autumn days in provence…

The rain eased, the mist gathered and eventually the sun smiled in Provence reminding me why my heart so often misses a beat… Apart from the beauty of my surroundings my day was not without drama  because Apache, my baby Mastiff… all 100kilos of him… decided to run away late in the afternoon…
This is the boy with the best behaviour, who does as he is told and never strays far from the farmhouse ….but disappear he did….giving me a sleepless night and some serious anxiety… I imagined all sorts of horrible scenarios as the rain pelted down all through the night… I need not have worried…he sheepishly returned around 5am… not a scratch, not a  bruise…. just hungry….
I forgot… my Apache is all grown up… and teenagers will be teenagers…. xv

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what amazing pictures!! SUCH beauty!!!

Happy to hear your "baby"is back;)…I bet you gave him something yummie to eat??;)



I had to have a little giggle about Apache,I could just visualise him dripping wet and head drooped,waiting to be scolded like a teenager. LOL
Your Autumn pics are so beautiful,it is a lovely time of year. x

Glamour Drops

So I wonder what he got up to then on his evening out? I guess even dogs need a night on the town every now and again for variety.
So hard to imagine the autumn leaves, as right now everything is bursting into life in my garden as it welcomes spring with great out-stretched arms. Virginia x


Oh good thing he's back…

I wouldn't know what to do either at times like that…

Your pictures are so stunning they tell a story of their own.

The enchanted home

I feel your angst and have been in that same predicament, where every agonizing minute feels like an hour that has frozen in time. Heart wrenching…..so happy there was a happy ending:) I guess he wanted to make sure you really apprecaited him..lol. Beautiful pictures, must be dreamy around this time of year!


How awful when the fur baby goes for an adventure! My cat Mr Binxz likes the odd wander now & again, not a normal thing for him but it still worries me every time. Nice he's back safe & well!


In the countryside Apache is probably much much safer venturing out, but I would have been "up all night" as well. Thankfully, he's home. All us dog people completely understand. Your photographs today are stunning, V. xx's

Karen in CT

.. what a beautiful photo of the tree trunks … glad doggie is back … we love these babies so that it breaks our heart when something is not right …

Gracie's Mom

I am so glad Apache came home safe and sound. Silly dog, just where did he think he could hide, he doesn't exactly blend in with the crowd!

Seriously losing a pet is as bad as losing your child, to people who don't have pets they will never realize how frightening it really is. The furry delinquents are as much a part of the family as ones two footed children.


The Gossamer Tearoom

Oh Vicki,
I am SO glad he came back unharmed!!! What a relief!

I just wanted to tell you again what a beautiful respite and distraction of the most wonderful kind your blog is.




HI Vicki, I can only imagine your anxious night without your "Big Guy"–glad he's home (boys will be boys). xoxo Mary

Jane Ann

Funny how often we worry about our dogs as much as we do our children. Do you breed mastiffs? How about a picture of your errant boy? Your pictures were beautiful, peaceful, and brought a sigh. A nice way to start my day.

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme

Love the line up of trees! I remember awhile ago, the French were going to cut down all the trees lining the smaller roads to deter drink-related accidents. That ought to do it! I hope they didn't go forward with that idea. What a lovely place you live in. Enjoy the season!


Dogs will be dogs! So glad he got back safe and sound. I think the Autumn colours are more glorious than ever this year, maybe its seeing them through the rain…..They looked very beautiful driving between Tarascon and St Remy the other day.

à la parisienne


I can only imagine your worrisome night…Our pets really know how to send us into a frenzy at times, and they always seem to look back at us like: "What's wrong with you?!" Little stinkers.



What a relief to have the prodigal boy home once again – particularly since it's hunting season. The lovely photos bring to mind my autumn stay in St. Remy 5 years ago. Sigh!

Cindy Albert

I'm a little afraid to admit that I have a cat instead of a dog. I know how passionate dog owners are :)

Having said that… I could not find my cat for several hours recently and I was miserable. I can imagine how you must have felt. Jane Ann suggested you post a picture of him–that would be fun.

Your pictures are wonderful!!!

All the best,



Hi Vicki,

I just came across your blog – it was recommended on another blog –
I've now skimmed a few posts and enjoyed them.

The photos of the trees in your latest post are gorgeous!

I would suggest that you move, or re-color the text of, "with vicki archer" that appears in the middle of the header photo of your site, because the "with" is obscured by the darkness of the image it is super-imposed upon, and can't be read clearly. I thought perhaps that first, partially-unreadable word was a first name (and vicki was your middle name), perhaps a name like "judith" (because the "th" can be seen).
The words in your header also awkwardly cover part of the image, and I think the pretty header would look nicer and be more memorable if your name were in a blank area, perhaps in the the lower-left area of the header, and if the main title finished a centimeter above where it does now, so that it would be clear of the candle flame.

Good wishes,

*Chic Provence*


O I know that was a long, long night for you! but what a huge sigh of relief to see his little face again! So glad for you!



PS pix of Apache?


Bonjour Vicki,

What a relief your boy came back ok…yikes.
I bet he got some extra tight hugs upon his return.

These are gorgeous photos!

Take care,
– Irina

Shell Sherree

You had me scared for a moment, Vicki! I'm relieved Apache arrived home safe and sound. At least he didn't have to climb up a trellis on the side of the house to sneak back into his room…

Lost in Provence

I am just seeing this now Vicki and truly feel your pain–I think that I would have had a heart attack if Ben ran away!

Oh my, our dogs, how we love them! So glad to hear that he is fine–thank goodness you live in the country!

Bon WE…



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