20 Feb 2020

Balance: Mindset Is Everything


My focus is on balance this year.
We talked earlier about our guiding ‘one-liners’ to keep us on track – and mine is balance. Balance is a broad concept and while I do want to master tree pose, there is much more to be said and done on the matter. Physically I’m not strong when it comes to balancing myself – I never have been – and it reflects in the management of my life. Age has meant my balancing skills are better but not brilliant. The “all or nothing” rule is one I can apply and while this is a wonderful attitude in many aspects, it is not in others.

Finding balance, whether on one leg or in life, begins with a mindset. A positive and strong mindset is everything. We know we must, it’s obvious, but how do we foster, create and nurture a strong mind? Mindset is a dealbreaker and the channel through which our energy flows. A positive mindset for me makes me feel more energetic, proactive and successful in what I attempt. The opposite finds me lagging behind, unenthused and far less productive.

A Mindset To Aspire To

We all need encouragement and it would be foolish to think it is easier for some than others. It doesn’t matter where we come from or what we have, we all suffer from a lack of motivation sometimes. Some can reverse the “down” very quickly; while others can take time to rid themselves of a funk.

Exercise: The first place I start and for me the hardest. Moving works and makes me feel so much more EVERYTHING. The answer is to find the discipline you love and keep looking until you do. Movement should not be a chore and the more it appeals, the more likely it is to be a mainstay in your routine. If dancing is your oxygen then never stop.

Realistic Challenges: Let’s be kind to us and make sure we don’t set targets to set us up for failure.

Treat Us: Mindset is something to be rewarded and why not take a prize regularly for a fabulous performance. We deserve it.

Let Others Encourage Us: Listen to podcasts, read books and watch programs that uplift and make us feel good.

Learn: The more we understand and know the easier it is to live our lives.

Lists: Practical but effective. When I feel overwhelmed and not convinced I will get there, I write my to-do down and check it off slowly and steadily. The completion of my jobs makes me feel so much more constructive.

Take Breaks: We need to take breaks from time to time and re-set. In the short term and the long term. This doesn’t mean not finishing or casting whatever it was aside; it simply means taking a break to refresh the mind and re-energise. It may be as simple as a 5-minute break every 30 when working on the computer or it might be a six months sabbatical when the mind needs a total refresh. When I have a full mind, I take 30 minutes and watch an episode of my latest series or I take a bath. Works every time.

Our balancing acts are everything; mindset is where I am starting. xv

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Oh Vicki, this is why I just adore you:

you always give us tips on beauty, for both outside and INSIDE.

Every move we make starts with the mind. Lately, I have been noticing and being on the receiving end (unfortunately) of someone whose mindset has not been taken care of. I try to start my day in a way that helps me be aware of all the pitfalls that could trap me into allowing my mindset to be derailed, but I think you touched on the remedy here.

The mindset is something each one of us has to cultivate, isn’t it! Being mindful is what I teach my students as they read to learn…being mindful as they enter class, being mindful as they interact with each other and teachers. Thank you dear Vicki for reminding us of what we can do to radiate the inner beauty of a thinking, caring and compassionate woman.


Cultivate… now that is a wonderful word Anita
In everything we do mindfulness and mindset come to play – we must be so aware of our own .. as it does make so much difference to others.

Robyn Kreymborg

You are fabulous Vicki ✨💖
I need to read and reread !!
Inspirational and wise beyond..
Love the idea of a six month total refresh.


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