20 Jun 2020

Balloon Sleeves: Up, Up And Away

I love a good sleeve.

It’s the kind of small detail that sets a simple piece apart. I don’t need to make voluminous the body or crop my top – that’s not going to work for me. A sleeve, on the other hand, can be a variety of shapes and styles and give me the flair I’m looking for. I have worn short sleeves, bell sleeves, puffed sleeves, buttoned sleeves and now I have a crush on balloon sleeves.

This one pictured I picked up on sale – it’s a beauty – and a great fit for me. Here I’m wearing cargo pants and trainers because that was my day when I took the snap but I would equally love it worn with a skirt or tailored trousers if I ever have the need again. It’s not a super styled snap, it was in the moment and I wanted to illustrate how mixing a little drama with a basic pair of cargo pants can be a bit of fun. Maybe this blouse will end up partnering with my sweats if we don’t get out and about soon.

What I do know is my wardrobe needs are changing and when I’m not wearing a tee, blouses are becoming another go-to. Some days I feel so tired of wearing exercise clothes – because there are many days where these are the most practical options – I need a basic bottom with a bit of “extra” on top.

The cargo pants are proving a winner and a change from jeans for the moment. I am building a more casual wardrobe slowly and want to be certain I only add pieces I will wear frequently. My dress-up Fridays are still happening but feeling lazy about how I look is an easy trap and one I have fallen into some days.

A new balloon helps ;) xv

Up, Up And Away

tulle balloon sleeve (mine is M)  ||  aileen balloon sleeve   ||  short balloon sleeve ||  satin trim crepe de chine || lace sleeve stretch-crepe

citizens of humanity cargo in khaki  ||  citizens of humanity cargo in dark grey 

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Bonjour, Vicki,
With your flare, Cuyana.com has the perfect poplin open-back shirt with balloon sleeves. Check it out!
(Their leather goods are to die for!)


Good morning Vicki! Everything you share goes so well with my own sensibilities; I would wear this in a heartbeat! I haven’t gone out to shop only because I am not sure if we are returning to the classroom in the fall. And even if we are, I think I’ll be covered in a mask and face shield so my fashion statements will be interesting!

You look fabulous.


Your baloon shirt looks snazzy and fit you so well. I always said…the beauty is in the


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