25 Jun 2016

Barbra Streisand: Another Beautiful Face

Barbara Streisand photographed by Cecil Beaton on vickiarcher.com


Barbara Streisand is another beautiful face.
I am a long time admirer of this fabulous looking woman. She is talented, super successful and I believe a woman who has aged incredibly well. Streisand has managed to retain her own signature style forever.

Ever since Funny Girl, Hello Dolly and What’s Up Doc not to mention The Way We Were (that must be the all time best chick flick ever) I have watched her movies. I realise it is her singing voice, her enormous talent with the vocals where Barbra Streisand’s fame lies, but I enjoy her movies. Two of my favourites, the less well known Prince of Tides and The Mirror Has Two Faces are worth a watch if you have not already seen them.

I am not sure where my mind made the connection between Barbra Streisand and what I want to write about today, but it did. Probably because she does not appear to have my problem and apart from that, I have always loved this Cecil Beaton photograph of her.

I have noticed a lot of puffiness underneath my eyes lately; it could be age, it could be travel or lack of sleep. Despite the reasons, the permanent look of tiredness becomes a bit dull. On my recent travels to Australia and Asia I started experimenting with under eye patches to relieve swelling, decease lines and liven up the eyes.

They work.

Ok, not the lines; I am too old to buy the line of miracles and magic.

The eye patches do make my eyes feel less tired and they certainly reduce the puffiness. I put them on an hour or so before heading out, leave them on and go about my business. I leave the patches on for as long as I can and once removed, I apply my make up as normal. I use them night and morning, depending on my schedule.

I have tried three different types now, Shiseido, SKII and Klorane.

I like the Shiseido over the SK-II by a sliver, but truthfully both felt wonderful. The Klorane patches are a definite; they are excellent for soothing, very refreshing and a must for travelling.

I had to graduate to the big league; the cucumber slices weren’t working ;) xv

The Eyes Have it

shiseido retinol soothing eye mask x 12  //  SK-II  signs eye mask x 14   //  klorane soothing and relaxing eye patches x 7

image barbra streisand by cecil beaton from the james spada book

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Mimi Gregor

Do you elevate your head with an extra pillow when you sleep? I’ve heard that works to help drain the excess fluid in the face. I haven’t tried it for this purpose, but I know it works when I have sinus issues.

david terry

Okay, Vicki….I doubt you’ll publish this, BUT?……..

If anyone on the planet knows what it’s like to WORK (until 3 am most nights, unless the show is a complete flop), and if there’s any group that KNOWS its secret remedies, cheap fixes, and fast repairs?……

Well…..that would be drag queens. I’ve known quite a few over my adult life (all the while, need I emphasize, keeping my own trousers on), and all of them swore on one single remedy for that “puffy-eyed, tired” look.

Preparation H.

Yes…..the easily-obtained, very inexpensive hemorrhoid cream. I have no idea what it’s called outside of the USA. I do assume that, should one take up the habit of using it to remedy puffy eyes, one might want to have a designated-use, single-user tube, rather than leaving it out on the bathroom counter.

All I know is that all the drag-queens I’ve ever known SWEAR by the stuff.

Amazing what being-on-a-tight-budget can teach you, isn’t it?…….

Level Best as Ever,
David Terry


Oh yes David Terry… I am publishing ;)

I do know about this “remedy” for the eyes… ( might have tried it but not officially declaring)the issue is… it’s very drying on the skin… guess it doesn’t matter in the nether regions but around the eyes… a short term fix only.. ;)

david terry

Oh, Vicki…….You are, above all, just FUN to know……and of course you published my response. I should, by this age, have learned to NEVER under-estimate a native Aussie’s chutzpah. It takes a lot to un-nerve you folks, doesn’t it?…..(and, yes, I’ve read plenty of those internet articles on “The Ten TOP Scariest Animals that Can Eat You in Australia!”)

I will admit that even I’ve wondered (each time I’ve been told of this “remedy” for puffy eyes) “Well…yeah….but what if it gets INTO your eyes?…..I doubt the manufacturers took that possibility into account when they began marketing a hemorrhoidal cream……”

Level Best as Ever,

David Terry

Kelly Dodson

You should watch her in “On A Clear Day”! Wonderful movie. I’ve watched and re-watched that movie more times than I can count. Love it!!

Ms. Streisand is a beautiful woman, inside and out!


I will… I think I might have but so, so long ago… I will download it tonight… Thank you :)

Taste of France

Oh Barbra. Her voice is like buttah! (sorry–it’s an old Saturday Night Live joke). She not only sings but oozes personality. That’s the thing, isn’t it?
Is it OK to put retinol around the eye? When I get too close with a cream, the skin reacts. Shiseido has wonderful products, so I suppose they’ve figured it out.


No problems here… it’s very mild.. :) Makes them feel bright and sparky though…

Anita Rivera

I have always been swept away by her beauty; her skin, cheekbones, her EYES! Yes, she is a gorgeous woman and what a profile! About the eye puffiness, I have never really struggled with that in spite of the fact that I get up very early in the morning. I wonder if it can be remedied by eliminating caffeine? I can’t seem to remember where I read it or what exactly I read, but there seems to be a correlation between what is ingested before bedtime that can either help or cause the puffiness. Talk about age, Vicki…I went into the doctor’s office yesterday to have a suspicious bruise and lump on my leg examined. Upon examination, he told me I have thrombophlebitis! OK, age, HERE I COME! Watch out! Because I plan on going, going, going, varicosity and all!

Esther George

Hi Vicki, I watched Guilt Trip last night I didn’t think I was going to like it, not bad. I’ve always loved The Way We Were saw it at the Cinema (seems like a long time ago). Loved the Mirror has Two Faces. I’ve been looking tired around the eyes lately just not sleeping enough and the flu is not helping. I use Clarins products I find they are not as heavy on my skin (I have very sensitive skin). Thank you for sharing. Till next time, hope you are having a lovely weekend, regards Esther from Sydney


Hi Vicki
The best about Striesand is her humour !! Her vervasious cheekiness, wit and come backs… The way we were, A star is born and Yenyl her directing debut.


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