29 Jul 2009

Be Enchanted At Vox Populi


At 32, rue du Vieux Sextier in Avignon you cannot help but be enchanted by Pascale Palun’s studio, Vox Populi. It is the kind of atelier that you want to enter quickly, her treasures are the kind you want to pick up immediately and it is a place where I never want to go home empty handed.


Pascale is an artist and an interior designer – each piece is unique and whimsical.


Her lighting is eccentric – she creates both standard and hanging lamps; her circus and stage themed light fittings are heavenly. Imagine having a tiny replica of the big top, complete with performers, as a side light in the sitting room. A piece from this series is on my wish list……


Her chandeliers are designed and made by hand in the atelier but decorated with old glass and objects that she has sourced – each piece can be custom made to order.
Vox Populi is pure fantasy and sheer whimsy…..and I love the idea of that, xv.


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*sigh*, I wish I could visit 32 Rue du Vieux Sextier to see these beautiful creations firsthand. One can only dream! Lee :)

Blue Muse

Be still my beating heart! So, so, so swoonilicous. I want to go shopping with you in that shop! I love it ALL!
I'm going to back to take a second look at those stunning photos and beautiful treasures. Thank you!
xo Isa


OH i do love this shop. Not in person sadly, but often wander to the website and dream a little. The pink wall shades graced my blog for some time. I would dearly love to see inside this wonderland. Thanks for the post.

sherry lee

Magical Vicki…but more than that it is filled with possibility. If you can dream it why not do it? It seems to me that is Pascale's philosophy…and from this teaser of photographs I know it is an atelier that I would be in love with.


I love everything in your post – the artist reads my mind. I am printing this and putting it in my file for my next adventure to France…truly!


In this world full of jaw dropping shops, galleries, and boutiques, you've found something very special there. I'm hoping with all my heart that your wish list is granted so that we can see more of this artist's work.


What a treat that was, Vicki! Walking into a place of accessible art is a dream. I love these photographs…the antique feel of the tint really enhances the highlighted pieces. One of a kind-special order-is always a draw! <3

mimi charmante

I am coming to celebrate my 40th by doing some shopping and I have a sneaking suspicion that I may never leave… Please feel free to keep your shopping destination favorites coming my friend!


OH Vicki!
I want to go there now not later!! I can't stand it!! You are the lucky one to be able to spend moments here. I can see it is very enchanting as well as sacred~
Thank you for sharing with us your holy ground~~

Diane Dorrans Saeks


Superb and magical post. Your photos are so evocative.

You are right: each interior, no matter how grand, needs some eccentricity, magic, whimsy, and poetic piece–a chandelier made of odd parts, a broken clock that defies time, dusty things, faded things. Rooms that are all new and look as if they all arrived on a truck at the same time have all the romance of a no-star hotel.

Next time I'm in Avignon, or even near it, I'm going to go and meet Pascale. She is very inspiring.


I'm enchanted.. I love her creativity and uniqueness. Design incorporating found objects… chocolate for my


I'm enchanted.. I love her creativity and uniqueness. Design incorporating found objects… chocolate for my


I LOVE this place!!!!! It is amazing! what a beautiful things she have… It is a pleasure for my soul to see such a lovely atmosphere.
Thank you for sharing with you the nice pictures.
Magdalena/ Color Sepia


Oh I could get in soooo much trouble there! Right up my alley! I love that she mixes up antique unique pieces to create something new and wonderful. How lucky are you to be so close!


I don't know why…maybe all the curly-cues on the chandelier, but it reminds me of Cinderella.

count it all joy

Enchanted, mesmerised and hopeful of one day seeing these creations "in person". Thank you for sharing such loveliness Vicki. Meredith xo.
p.s. what did you choose to take home with you?


they are so original in concept and design, i wish i could go to her atelier to see them in person… one day perhaps? Hx

The Pink Poodle

this OLD girl from Melbourne is totally totally enchanted…~~!!

How clever/artistic is this lady??

makes me old bones cringe with delight!! (arthritic fingers not agreeing with that comment!!)…


My Castle in Spain

Superb…i just entered her site and all her creations are a true enchantment. Thanks for the introduction, Vicki..

also, i wanted to thank you so much for visiting my other blog Un mariage au soleil.
I know you're very busy and demanded, so I appreciate it all the more. You're an amazing blogging friend!


Vicki – do you think Pascale would be interesting in franchising – only joshing! For a science nerd like me this post makes me cry. Oh to be able to galvanize that part of my brain into action to produce such beauty.
Millie ^_^

Celeste Maia

How I wish I could visit 32 rue du Vieux Sextier and look at all those treasures and buy the lamp! You are so fortunate to be surrounded by good taste and imagination!


Hi Vicky. I recently did a post on Pascale also (Little Dramas)…and notice that 1stdibs and Anthropologie carry her beautiful, ethereal designs (neither source attributes to her…but it's unmistakeably her design). I envy you the ability to wander into that lovely shop. Love all your posts…the next best thing to being there!


What a treasure, thank you for that Vicki and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

Adding you on follow.

I like everything about her atelier including the pumpkin light globe, original and witty.

Cathy Louise

Oh my goodness…These images are just simply amazing!!!! Oh I want to visit now!!!! So, so beautiful…. thanks for sharing…Love C xx

Topsy Turvy

I made an impulse purchase of one of her globe lamps (certainly didn't need it!) when I walked into the local Anthropologie. I would love to visit her atelier.



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