9 Jul 2018

Beach Bags: Check ✓


Once an accessory gathering dust in the depths of the wardrobe, only reached for when the time had come to pack for a summer vacation, the beach bag is back. Beach bags are the absolute go-to accessory for transporting holiday must have’s from our hotel room to the sunbed that awaits us.

This year, finding a beach bag fit for this job is not a challenging task when there is an abundance of beautiful options available.

They tick all of the right boxes if they

a) are big enough to neatly fit in the essentials.

b) have a strong handle to hold them.

c) work well with every summer outfit packed.

What to carry in the beach bag?

Rising in the morning and filling the beach bag, undoubtedly the caftan demands a place.

They are light in weight and don’t tend to hold a structure so they won’t be taking up much space.

A pair of sunnies is of course obligatory.

A good book, as a rule, is always required, ready to immerse ourselves in when on vacation.

Let’s also not forget the all the SPFs for face and body.

Is it obvious that we have got the sunshine on our mind?

Ready to hit the beach, bag in hand.

Though when you arrive home from this years summer holiday, we predict you won’t be storing the beach bag away and leaving it in hiding.

Beach Bags: Check ✓

muzungu sisters embellished  ||  muzungu sisters pompom  ||  rebecca de ravenel shells  ||  sensi studio toquilla-straw

pamela munson tote  ||  loeffler randall straw  ||  aranaz woven  ||  cult gaia bamboo

image, harper’s bazaar, sebastian faena, march 2014

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You and I both are thinking about yellows lately; and the BAG is also an important feature as I tote around my camera wherever I go! I may not be a beach girl, but taking my camera wherever I go can be a huge challenge. I don’t want to look like a tourist, and I don’t want to attract too much attention to what I’m carrying. Do you have any recommendations on how to fashionably conceal a camera?


YUK. Cannot stand this straw basket phase. Especially the expensive one. You want to follow a fad got to Forever 21 and buy a straw bag. Do not like the look or feel so I am skipping it again this year. That said I had that bamboo bag wayyyy back in the day. I liked it then and used it a lot. I also had those little bags where you could change the covers with your outfits. LOL got rid of both for good. To each his own as usual just not for me this time around. Hope the fashion industry finds something else to lure us in next year and this basket phase goes by the wayside AGAIN


Nothing to do with fashion ladies. 🙄 it’s….. plastics OUT …
NATURAL materials in.
The oceans as you all know are a garbage dump for our waste.
It’s being beautifully responsible and caring about how you buy, consume and get rid of your own waste.
Time to step up and claim that singular caring quality.


A Vanessa Bruno tote for me. I have a collection in different colours and materials. Mine are mostly linen, but one is canvas and most recent is raffia. All of course have the signature sequin stripe near the base and on the handles. Perfect for the beach or even to take to lunch in town. Dressy casual and so easy to pack. Love them. Not good for supermarket shopping but perfect for smaller purchases in boutiques and department store. I always carry a pashmina (a real one in cashmere) and a light fold-up umbrella, a nice fan in summer and my make-up bag. Also good for sunglasses if my handbag us small.
Of course a Neverfull is also a good option and gave seen French women take these to the beach. Best wishes, Pamela


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