23 Nov 2020

Cleansing Holds The Key

Cleansing Hold The Key on vickiarcher.com

Does a daily routine guarantee a fresh face?

What I do know is the lack of a routine most certainly does not.

Cleansing is the one element of my skincare routine I try and be consistent with; when I am lazy I can really see and feel the difference. Choosing the right cleanser is the foundation for our best skincare regime. Heading straight to bed with a face full of makeup on is a definite no go. I know we sometimes do – no judgement – it is one of those unavoidable habits, as long as it isn’t every night.

Cleansing the skin takes only a few minutes and it truly is a game-changer.


* Cleansing removes makeup and the build-up of oil. The build-up of product on our face can result in clogged pores and a dull complexion.


* Cleansing stimulates and boosts hydration, giving your skin a layer of moisture before even applying other holy-grail skincare products.


  • *Cleansing maintains clear, fresh skin and gives us a blank canvas to work on our facial routine.


  1. 1. Cleanse Morning and Night

Cleanse both when you wake up, and before bed. It’s one of the good habits and worth persevering with.

  1. 2. Try A Two-Step Cleanse

For better results try a double cleanse. Opt for a foaming cleanser to gently and efficiently remove the build-up of product. Take a second gentle cleanser to remove any excess residue and add hydration. If dryness is an issue use the foaming cleanser only once a week.

  1. 3. No Shortcuts

Often we lean towards the quickest and most convenient solutions for our skin; they aren’t always the most effective. I have never found face wipes to be the answer for cleansing on a permanent basis.

4. Cleanse and Mask at The Same Time

This cleanser from Romilly Wilde can be applied as a mask and left on to really go one step further. I like to luxuriate in the bath and leave a thick layer on my face and neck for ten minutes plus; it not only feels wonderful but also rejuvenating at the same time.

Cleansing is the part of the skincare routine I really enjoy, probably the most. The rewards v’s effort are clearly visible and apart from anything else I find it a relaxing ritual. I mix my cleansers. Right now I am using this one morning and night to help me combat dehydrated skin; once a week I will use the air mousse cleanser followed by the cleansing milk for a total “clean” workout. The idea is to mix products up and let our skin tell us what it needs.

It probably knows best. xv

Cleansing Holds The Key

darphin intral cleansing milk  ||  romilly wilde light + energy cleanser  || darphin intral air mousse cleanser with camomile

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I watched TWO episodes a day until FINISHED in the afternoon since we had rain!!!
I do the TWO STEP cleanse as well but use a balm first.YOUR CAROLINE HIRRONS taught me that!I read her new book from front to back………….XX


The sets are always a triumph… nothing like an English country home to spark the imagination of us interior lovers… :)


Cleansing for me is a very enjoying ritual every day since more than 60 yrs. and I proudly can say that perhaps 2-5 times I went to bed without doing it. Since many many years I do the double cleansing…might be a disorder or just crazy? But I like it
and feel real clean after doing it twice. Than all the other skin goodies follow.


I too do the two step cleansing. I have dry skin but it does not seem to bother it. I use Bioderma sensibio first then Darphin Intral Mousse second. Love the smell of the Darphin Intral.

Lin Powell

The Crown is making me sad. I would hate to be William and Harry and see my entire family story set out for all to examine, especially when it is full of “maybe they said this” and “maybe they felt this or reacted this way”. Some seems to be false, some exaggerated some too personal for dissection. No one’s family or personal history should be exploited this way. The entire family seems to be very pathetic and it couldn’t help but colour my relationships with my father and grandparents, and damage my memories of my mother if it were my family being turned into entertainment for others. I had enjoyed the other season’s, but this one is simply leaving me feeling so very sad.

Michelle à Détroit

The way that we care for our skin has a direct impact on the way that our faces age. The earlier we start with a regimen, the better. Though I’m currently tinkering with Galactomyces essence, I rarely feel a need to add a new product to the mix. C serum, glycolic acid, a light moisturizer and sunscreen by day, Retin A at night, eye serum AM and PM. My very favorite cleanser is La Roche Posay Toleriane Foaming Cleanser. It’s gentle, non drying and has no fragrance, which is a must for me.


I finished The Crown too! Totally agree with La Contessa. Harry may have gotten away in time before he became another Margaret.
On the cleansing topic…I wear sunscreen every day so cleansing is a necessary ritual. I finish it off with all sorts of lotions and potions!

Jacki F.

Vicki: I did finally try the Darphin Intral Cleansing Milk. The smell is heavenly and my skin feels clean but, a bit dry. So I alternate with my Murad Resurgence Renewing Cleansing Cream which I have been using for 10 years. I keep trying others but have never found anything that leaves my skin quite as nice. I first tried it (as a promotion with return guarantee) from an Infomercial and it was the only product from the line that I liked and kept!


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