29 May 2018

Beauty Bible: Self-Tanning 101

How do you feel about self -tanning?

We have Coco Chanel to thank for many things and one is making a suntan chic. 

Up until the 1920’s, the aristocratic porcelain skin was favoured. 

Fast forward to today, and many crave the ‘just returned from the Cote d’Azur’ glow.

Tanning Tips

Which self-tanning is suitable for you?

Gradual tanner – apply daily to build up a glow.

Fake tans – apply once and leave to develop for 4-8 hours before showering off.

Instant tans/tinted lotions – great for quick fixes and special events as they wash off easily with soap and water.


Prep the Skin


Remove any body hair and exfoliate thoroughly paying particular attention to problem areas. 

Around the knees, ankles, elbows and wrists is where the product tends to streak.

Give these areas a thorough application of moisturiser before applying any tan.

  • Come Equipped

When applying self-tanning always wear a mitt.

Remember to wash your hands thoroughly after applying the product to avoid staining.

  • Build Up

Start with a light colour of tan and build up when you feel it is necessary.

Particularly do this if you are fair skinned, an orange tinge would be a shock to a pale complexion.

Jules von Hep has spent the best part of a decade fake tanning the stars and has now launched a self-tan range called,  Isle of Paradise.

With self-tanning it’s important to remember why you’re using tan – to look like you’ve been away, to look rested, to feel great. The skin on our face is incredibly reactive to product as it’s completely different to the skin on our body so a kiss of colour is all you need for a glowing, tanned complexion. Top up once in between body applications as the face fades quicker than the rest of the body.”

Expert Tricks

Jules von Hep, interviewed for the Evening Standard,  has some clever tricks to help with the application:

“When in a rush, dry your tan with a hair dryer on the cool setting to fix it quicker.”

“Tanning your back and no one to help? Lean forward and spray the product into the air and it will land on your back. Alternatively turn your mitt around so that it is on your knuckle and you can reach right around your body.”

“Last but not least, keep you tanning water in the fridge in summer months — it’s so refreshing.”

Beauty Bible: Self-Tanning 101

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No way. I admire Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman and other actresses who keep their skins protected from the sun. When I was a teenager so many friends baked in the sun and then later developed either skin cancer or skin like creased old leather. Could never be bothered with all you have to go through for a fake tan either. Nowadays so unnecessary. Also wonder about what all the chemicals in these products are doing to our bodies. Currently enjoying the glorious blues skies and sea at Antibes. But being very careful with sun exposure. Not too many tanned people around here at this stage either. Best wishes, Pamela

Taste of France

I will put some on my legs at the beginning of summer, just to get past that aspirin-white period.
I hope tanning goes back out of style soon. So many friends have skin cancer, mostly basal cell but one has melanoma.


Taste of France–LOL I do the same. I use the Jergens light to medium lotion with self tanning and I only do my legs. I hate tans. I just had a stage 0 melanoma taken off and lots of basel cells too. White is beautiful.


I use a moisturiser with a little gradual tan in it, but only on my legs. This gives me a very light golden colour which is more flattering with a dress or shorts than my pale, pale, natural colour. I also sometimes use the wash-off instant variety, which can give you “the curse of the orange paw”…….but I have a solution for this which works brilliantly. Work a small blob of whitening toothpaste into the palm of your hand, wash off, and hey presto! normality restored.

Mimi Gregor

It seems that women are getting tans, fake or otherwise, mostly because it is “the style”. It has nothing to do with style; it’s just Madison Avenue trying to get gullible women to buy more crap they don’t need. Pale skin looks beautiful! AND it tends to STAY beautiful instead of getting wrinkly and leathery. Personally, I try to stay as pale as possible — legs and all!

Michelle à Détroit

A bit of bronzer does it for me. I have given up on ever finding a self tanner that looks realistic on my skin.


And there is nothing for freckled skin. All tanning products grab the already dark spots. I’m a burn haired my whole life and freckled since puberty. Pale is flattering on me and I very few wrinkles at 69!


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