23 Sep 2019

Beauty Detective: The Do’s + Don’t’s of Eye Cream


There Are DO’s ANd Dont’s of Eye Creams.

Eye creams are one of those products we either use or we don’t. Despite their benefits, many of us might still choose to skip the step. I’m an in and out person when it comes to eye creams; sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. I have decided I need to step up my game and be more vigilant with my attention. The creams do help to make the eyes less puffy, the dark circles reduce and feel fresher so what’s not to love. I just applied a dash of this and it feels seriously amazing. (Like I’ve had an hour’s nap and woken up all fresh and fabulous.)

As the under-eye area is a lot finer than the rest of our skin, using a targeted cream for the eyes is quite essential. Not only this but it’s a lot more sensitive and prone to fine lines which with a little product know-how can be quickly prevented and delayed.


Tap or massage into the skin.

Gently massaging or patting the product onto the skin is an important method to ensure the cream is as effective as possible.

Let the product sink in.

Leave the eyes for a minute before applying any other products in order to allow it to absorb. If applying eye cream before makeup, this will stop concealer and powder from clogging and caking.


Pull at the skin.

Avoid pulling around the eye area as it is the most sensitive part of the face and it can stretch the skin.

Use too much product.

Using more product doesn’t mean it will be more effective. Using too much eye cream can mean there’s more chance of irritating the eyes instead. Apply a pea-sized amount to the ring finger and apply.

The Products

Darphin is a VA favourite and it’s no surprise we adore their eye products too.

Their Hydraskin All-Day Eye Refresh Gel-Cream is essential. Its super lightweight formula feels weightless on the skin and not only helps with tired eyes but also helps to get rid of any puffiness and fine lines.

The Dark Circles Relief and De-Puffing Eye Serum is perfect for those who suffer from dark circles and puffiness. (When they mention passionfruit, rosewater and licorice I am immediately applying.)

And lastly, for a handbag essential, the Darphin Hydraskin Stick Rafraîchissant is an extremely handy product to take everywhere. This is lightweight, cooling and hydrating to avoid the eyes feeling heavy from product overload.

*Try this at the end of the day before heading to bed for instant tranquillity.

Giving the delicate eye area a little more attention never goes amiss and adding to the skincare routine daily can have wondrous effects later down the line.

You’ll catch me saying eye-do every time.

Beauty Detective: The Eye Creams

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This has been my beauty regime since I was 15. It works. A still use my right ring finger to gently dab and apply the eye cream as I was taught by a beauty consultant WAY BACK in the day when she said that this finger is the “weakest” of the five digits, therefore it applies less pressure (don’t know if that’s true) but it seems to have been working all these years!


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