19 Apr 2021

Beauty Habits: These 5 Really Make A Difference


Beauty routines can be far too habitual.

We become comfortable, oftentimes complacent and continue on the same path relentlessly. It is so much easier to keep on than change anything up. I know I am entirely guilty of this and all it is laziness on my part, that’s all.

Beauty miracles are no longer my holy grail and desiring to look “younger” is a fool’s game but natural, glowing and well-hydrated skin is the hope. Feeling well in myself has become even more important to me and beauty routines play a role. If I am spending time, I want to feel the benefits – not only refreshed skin but also mentally re-charged.

Over the last lockdown, I made myself re-focus.

To think about my beauty habits, change them up and find the 5 routines/products that weren’t merely custom but beneficial, enjoyable and worth practising. Where were the best results? What was I using differently? How did I feel afterwards?

Yes, I have much more time in my days to work on these ideas but the reality was in the long game I didn’t spend any longer.

What worked?

An Oil Bath.

I’m a bath person and so what goes in can make a difference, especially in the winter when our skin becomes drier. Essences and bubbles are all well and good for the fragrance but nothing beats a good oil for results.

I couldn’t believe the difference and using this as an alternate with this 8-flower nectar was completely wonderful. I benefitted from the relaxation and my skin feels luxurious.

One oil bath before bed, every evening is my recommendation.

Excellent Cream

Hydrating creams are every bit worth the investment and make all the difference to the texture and feel of our skin. This one from Romilly Wilde is a favourite as is the Darphin Stimulskin Plus.

Use very sparingly and every evening.

A Serum

A serum is the one routine I never forget.

I change them up and recently I went back to the Barbara Sturm alternating with my much loved Romilly Wilde.

Every morning is enough with hydrating creams at night. More does not make for quicker or more enhanced results as tempting as it feels.

The At-Home Facial

Why not? We don’t have to be at the beauty therapist to treat us.

Try this spa-like cleanser for an at-home experience.

Regular Masks

This is the one routine I forget. Crazy, because a mask makes a big impact and is easy to do. Watch an episode on your iPad, laze in the bath or catch up on emails. I really have no excuses.

Aim for 3 x weekly; be happy with 2 treatments.

5 ways to change up the routine.

Throwing our regular practices does make all the difference. I’m going to do it more often. xv

These Make A Difference

suzanne kaufmann bath oil  ||  darphin 8 nectar oil  ||  romilly wilde night duty face cream  ||  darphin stimulskin

barbara sturm serum  ||  romilly wilde supercell serum  ||  ren renewal mask

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I always look for alternatives to expensive products. Some work, olive oil in my bath and olive oil with sugar body scrub, others don’t have the desired result. Winners include L’oreal Age Perfect Night cream and Triple Active day cream, and Alba Botanica very emollient body lotion (I have several bottles scattered around the house to apply to hands throughout the day). Eucerin Intensive Repair as a body lotion is wonderful but it is difficult to apply. ROC’s MAX products are also good for exfoliating the face. None of these products are expensive but they work on my dry sensitive skin. My biggest splurge: eye cream — Guinot’s Longue Vie.


I agree to all of the above thoughts, Vicki. I’ll be 63 on Friday and these days, I’m just happy and excited to be able to breathe, to walk briskly and with minimal pain….basically, to have my health.

Beauty has morphed, at least in my mind, into something else. Observing life around me and within me, I’m convinced that to maintain the outer appearance, feeding the body, grooming according to our physical builds and hydrating the skin is the answer. Everything else comes from within.


Today we are so lucky to have so many products to choose from especially if you have sensitive, allergy prone skin like mine. My mother never encouraged moiturizer at a young age but when I turned 15 and bussed tables at a local cafe I purchased my first jar of Noxema…haha Instintively I knew the importance of keeping my skin moist. I really miss the ability to go to the pharmacies in Paris. The pharmacists are so helpful and steer me to really good products. I love Darphin intral to clean my face and switch off with Sensiobo gel moissant as well as Meaningful Beauty cleanser. I use an inexpensive serum but will look into the ones you recommend. For years I used Sisley products but found my skin responds to the night cream from MB with no retinol. I like trying new products and try to stick to one line and switch off the next week or month with another line.. Thanks Vicki for these great suggestions that work for you. J xx

Marta Montenegro

I’ll be 45 this year and have tween daughters. Skincare is the name of the game, starting with whole foods and water, water, water. I LUVE Darphin and also mixing my own oils. As I’ve aged, my skincare needs have changed. You are very correct that taking stock of what is going on with our skin, our bodies is key to using the right products and introducing/continuing the most beneficial routine. I’m not worried about looking 25, but I do want a healthy, happy glow. Thank you for the recommendations!


Do you know the microfaser cloth which cleans skin deeply with silver ions? Since I
tried it I am very excited about this new ? cleansing without any other lotions or creams. You can use it for many years when you follow the easy care instruction and it is particularly practical when we soon can travel.


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