27 Aug 2012

Beauty Routines and the Summer Part Two


Summer Beauty, Jerry Hall, French Essence

 the gorgeous jerry hall 


The summer is fast approaching and in Provence, it will be exceedingly hot, dry and dusty.

Clouds of dust will cling to the air and it will feel as if not only me but also the world is coated in a fine layer of French poussière.

The dust is so fine that it will cover my shoes, my legs, my arms and even adds another dimension to my hair.

I am not complaining, the heat is wonderful and the dry air is invigorating.


I have come to depend on this dose of Provencal heat to get me through the European winter.

It’s like a ‘sun bank’, a deposit of  ‘warmth’ to survive the wind, the rain and the snow that I know is only months away.

The downside of this dusty life is dry skin.


I always rely on the body products from Lierac Paris…They are just as delicious as their facial ones.

They are easy to apply, they penetrate the skin beautifully and they don’t leave a residue.

They make the skin feel soft, smooth and supple.


If you are in the mood for some skin re-generation… I think you will find them fabulous.

I am using the body lotion by day and slathering the hydrating oil by night… the oils smell so lovely and they enable the magic to work overnight.

I’m hoping with all this effort… a miracle will occur…  xv


Summer Body Beauty and Recovery Routine

Lierac Paris Exfoliator  //  Lierac Paris Body Drainage  //  Lierac Paris Body Ultra Firming  //  Lierac Paris Sensory Body Lotion  //  Lierac Paris Sensory Oil with Three Flowers

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Anita Rivera

First of all, that model is stunning. Oh to have legs like that once again….I did once!!!!!!!

DRY SKIN…ah ha…..yes, I live in MINNESOTA where the winter dryness reeks havoc on man and beast. But exfoliating is my beauty tip and not only do I do this for my face but body. It is invigorating and lets the skin BREATHE and shine. Oh Vicki, what a wickedly hot summer this has been for all of us!

I wish you a fine day and some QUIET time to relax all of your being! Anita


Vicki wonderful beauty tips!! I also dry off vigorously after shower or bath. It seems to assist with the exfoliating and circulation to the skin as well! I also will mix a few Vitamin E drops with my moisturizer. It is a must these days!

Art by Karena
2012 Artists Series

Veronique Savoye

Chère Vicki- I have a GREAT business idea for you. Why don’t you capture some of that fine dust, rename it “Vicki’s Provençal Poussière,” place in a beautiful container, and launch it worldwide under the label “French Essence?” — This would be a hit, no doubt, the biggest one since Coco launched her Chanel number 5! :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)


FGiS – what a clever idea. Using the “lemons to lemonade” principle. Ebay at one time had a seller who was selling a ghost in a bottle aka a mason jar. People were bidding on it. Magical dust from Provence might be the next big thing to sell online.

callie grayson

Love that image of Jerry Hall, she is truly a beauty!
I know what you mean with the dry tight skin…… Last winter I got eczema on my face! Really badly, dry scaly skin that burned and pealed and looked awful.
In February I started using beauty products from a wellness company my sister works for and I love it, within one week it was gone, and my skin looks fresh.

So, It is fantastic when you can find products that work really well for you!! I have used Clarins before and DO love the products, I just don’t get out much to shop….. I buy a lot online.
And moroccan oil, thanks for the link back to remind me!! I use that too, when i remember. I need to leave it out on my counter so I remember to use it!!!

Have a great weekend, soak up the warmth!!


I must look in the pharmacie this week before I leave & take a look at their Lierac products….and track down some of the YSL cream you recommended…..great post Vicki :) Xx

Paris Rendez-vous

I did try that Lierac cream Vicki…it’s a really good product isn’t it. Thanks for the wonderful tip….and if you haven’t already tried Skinceuticals CE Ferulic than try this too….it’s a youth dew!!!!!…that really works! (I wouldn’t leave home without it.)


Jerry Hall is still lovely from the pictures I’ve seen of her lately in magazines. What I use is a little drop of high dosage Vitamin E = 70,000 IU mixed on my palm with my moisturizer. It works great for me. Use a very small amount because high units Vitamin E tends to be thick and a tiny drop is all you need. Hmmmm…my goodness, I can’t believe I’m giving beauty tips online. I’m getting out of here ASAP…:)

Debra George

Oh to have those legs. I’m especially jealous since I’m sure the leg under my cast has withered away to nothing over the past few weeks.
I would give anything for the dry air of Provence. One thing I dislike about the New England summer is the humidity and how greasy my face can feel. It’s our winters that dry the skin out. Perhaps I’ll try that exfoliator and moisturizer this winter.
Enjoy the last days of summer!

Helen Tilston

Hello Vicki

The dust sounds uncomfortable. Glad to hear there are solutions. I always love your tips on skin care

Have a lovely Sunday

Helen xx


I would recognise those lovely legs anywhere.

Try pure coconut oil for all seasons. It is a miracle. Happy week. :)


Dry heat? I will take it..sounds wonderful, here its been perhaps the most humid summer on record, certainly the hottest, not great for the hair! I have to try that YSL cream, I too have dry skin and love a rich nourishing cream that will leave my skin dewy. I bet Provence in the summer is fabulous!


Sounds positively icky. Although I can’t help but long for summer. Sydney’s finally starting to warm up.

On an exciting note, I opened up my latest issue of Australian House & Garden mag to find none other than your home within its pages! Sooooo beautiful!

~ Clare x

Beadboard UpCountry

Hi Vicki!
That picture of Jerry I didn’t even recognize her because I couldn’t see her hair!!!!!! I want to know what she uses!!!!!!!Thanks for the beauty tips….. You know someone like you or Tish Jett should write a guide to things to pick up when we travel to France….I look for a lot of things but some items I just haven’t found….. Thanks for purtting in the links…… Maryanne xo Oh and I loved your blog on Inez, love her…..


I think so… not overpowering… soft and delicate… which means they don’t overwhelm whatever scent you wish to wear… xv

Angie Muresan

I wonder if we have Lierac products in our little city here in the USA. If not, I certainly will pick some up when I’m in France this autumn.


You can order them on Amazon.. (believe it or not!) otherwise the good French pharmacies stock Lierac… It’s not so fun as shopping in France… but it’s the next best thing… :) xv


Dry skin abounds here at the end of a long miserable Winter. Have had to call for 44 gallon drums of industrial strength moisturizer! BTW thanks so much for the By Terry recommendation. Can’t buy it here so hypnotized the Boss into buying it from Bon Marche & carting it home for me. It is divine, love it to bits.
M xx

Frances Russell

Hi Vicki … great shot of Jerry! Love the bathing cap! We are just about starting spring here in Queensland and I can’t wait although I know that come mid December the heat will be unbearable! As you know we have humid heat here so very different to the dry! I find my skin is dry in winter here but I use a combination of Chanel and Environ! I can’t wait to be plunging into our pool and having bbq’s late with late night swims! My lavender outside my office window has just started to bloom.

best wishes

playing with scarves

Lierac had a top reputation in France. Their products can be found in pharmacies – a sign of quality when you know what French pharmacies are…
And why not trying good old recipes from Provence ? Olive oil is good for the body, the hair AND the skin !

All the best from windy Florida :-)

Anita Rivera

Dearest Vicki!

I am so flattered that you would choose me as a daily click! However, I am not able to locate that feature on your blog!!! I will keep looking, but I do not see it anywhere! Thank you for this kind gesture, and again, I am very honored to be a part of this! I will keep looking! Oh, and I must tell you, I have not been able to change my earrings for the last two weeks; these little étoiles are just about my favorite earrings!!! BISES, Anita


Glad you did Anita… it’s separate… a special every day postcard for my readers … another subscription service… and is not on this blog… xv


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