3 Mar 2020

Beauty Secret: Tom Ford Illuminating Primer

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This Illuminating Primer is One Of Those “have To Haves”.

How we apply our make-up and the make-up we apply can make all the difference to the appearance of our skin. It’s not rocket science but a little bit of knowledge can go a long way towards making all the difference.

Light, dewy, glowing and fresh are words that ideally we wish to use when talking skin.

I’m talking Primer again because it does make all the difference. I have never been much of a believer and never really understand the benefits. But, I have become a true convert and an everyday wearer pretty much all of the time. Primer does make a change; it fills, covers and refines the texture of our skin.

We wouldn’t redecorate our walls – paper and paint-  without solid preparation, would we?

The Tom Ford Illuminating Primer is one of the best, followed by Smashbox. It is less expensive and still gives an excellent result.

The Tom Ford “glow” is fantastic and looks totally natural. Better yet, the formula makes the skin feel soft and silky.

I can also wear the Primer alone for that little extra something that looks like nothing.

The best part and this really is a win/win, the Primer reduces the appearance of lines and evens out the texture of the skin.

It’s very surprising  *smile*  miraculous almost.


How To Light Up

 * In preparation, cleanse the face and splash with toner or cold water.


* Apply serum and moisturiser and wait 5-10 minutes before applying any other cream.

Follow with the Primer

Blend in the tiniest amount with the fingertips; a little bit goes a very long way. (I have had mine for quite some time which goes a way to justify the higher price point.)

(For the perfect blend; pump the illuminator onto the back of the hand and apply in a downward motion)

And that’s it.  Ready, set and go for a foundation. xv

Beauty Secrets: The Primer

tom ford illuminating primer  ||  smashbox photo finish foundation primer

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Good morning dear, dear Vicki!

I hope you are well and waiting happily for the most revitalizing season of the year. Hugs to you!


Primers are indeed a miracle for the face. I use MAC and are very happy with it but the foundation looks 1 tone lighter with the primer. Have you perhaps noticed the same?


Hi Vicki
I have been an avid user of the Tom Ford Primer – since you last posted about it but I have been using the Victoria Beckham one recently and I have to say it is amazing. Give it a try, I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Frith x


I haven’t tried yourtwo suggested primers. But, Tom Ford ‘anything’ is wonderful. I use Tatcha Silk Canvas primer just as you instruct and don’t wear any foundation. It blurs the pores and blush and highlighter glide on perfectly. I too have adopted primer into everyday use. I understand Tatcha has properties that keep pollution from invading.

Michelle à Détroit

I agree with Jay on the Tatcha Silk Canvas primer. It’s a lovely product. For a less matte, more “glowy” look, I like Osmotics Inner Light. It was one of the first illuminators on the market. It’s very subtle and has no color. The refractive effect gives a slightly pink glow. I cannot bear wearing foundation. It difficult to avoid getting it on people’s clothes when you hug them. Anything I put on my face has to pass the hug test.


I love this blog’s comments almost as much as Vicki’s advice and suggestions! Thanks all 👍🏻


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