11 Sep 2018

Beauty Tip: Prime Time


Who doesn’t love a beauty tip?

A quick fix guaranteed to help around the edges. I never promise miracles, just doable magic. Besides, our beauty miracles come from within so this is more about the small stuff.

Primer – I had forgotten about this until I was editing my makeup drawer and found a tube of Smashbox and my Tom Ford Illuminating Primer. How silly of me; this stuff is genius.

Taking the less is more approach is all well and good but sometimes I go too far; I forget my own discoveries and get lazy in the process. Not anymore, I am priming all the way because it does really make a difference to how our foundation sits and our skin glows. You can use it alone or underneath tinted moisturiser or foundation – whatever is your go-to.

The routine goes like this:

Cleanse/Tone/Serum/Moisturise – then – Primer with or without Foundation. It’s easy.

Smashbox was the original primer favoured by professional artists to smooth skin and set makeup; this one I use for special occasions or on its own. Now they have introduced a lighter version that creates a super smooth finish. I have the original but my next tube will be this one. The Tom Ford Illuminating Primer is a gorgeous feel and result all around.

The difference between them?

Smashbox I use at night, The Tom Ford every day and often when I don’t want to wear anything else on my face.

The moral of this story; whichever one you have, use it.

Primer is a tried and true beauty trick for all. xv

p.s Have you watched Sharp Objects with Patricia Clarkson? She is one truly fabulous actress and my idea of a “better not younger” woman.

Prime Time

smashbox original  ||  smashbox super light  ||  tom ford illuminating

image, patricia clarkson by patric shaw

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We are in our prime time, aren’t we Vicki? However we choose to maintain the exterior of our beautiful selves, we are always in prime mode when we care about ourselves enough to care about others. Feeling good about ourselves is good for everyone around us! And this actress, whose name escapes me, is another reason (you are the first) to let my hair just GO LONG (again!) Let’s see how long I can hold out!

Crawford O’Brien

Dear Vicki
I really appreciate your beauty tips and recommendations. I don’t wear much makeup and if I go into the makeup department of a store I am generally overwhelmed by all the choices and make a speedy exit. I really like how you have presented your favourite items today. It makes it clear and simple.
Thank you!


Thank you… I feel exactly the same and sometimes it is too overwhelming… I research before I try and then give it a good go before I talk about it. There are so many products and I am sure I am missing many but when something works.. I tend to stick with it.. :)


I love using primer! And no, I haven’t seen the show but have heard it was good. I really like Patricia Clarkson. I think she’s also in a current movie called, The Bookshop, which looks great!

Karen Wales

Have just bought the Smashbox primer on your recommendation. I shall soon be smooth and glowing x


Thank you for your recommendations.
I can’t seem to get make up right, despite having a fabulous beautician and make up artist as a great friend.
I’m loving the Bobbi Brown lip pencils you recommended and am going to check out the primers when I drive the teen to get her makeup done for her formal.
Thank you again, Den


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