18 Apr 2020

The “At-Home” Diaries”: 10 Beauty Tips

The "At-Home" Diaries on vickiarcher.com

These beauty tips have become habitual, especially now.
As much as I do not focus on my age there are some beauty practices that are non-negotiable. It’s a practical decision, not an emotional one. As relaxed as I might be about my appearance, I don’t need to draw added attention to certain areas.

My morning beauty and make-up rituals are even more important now and I realized there are certain practices and products I have left behind and others I never miss. I figure if they are in my edit now, that says something.

I am working my way through my bathroom cabinet – using my products and enjoying them – time allows for that. These below are my tried and true; I use them regularly or alternate with others I am experimenting with.

10 little reminders. xv


It’s Time To Remember

  1. 1. Pay close attention to powder. Powder, translucent and pressed, has a mean habit of settling in the creases. Unless the skin is very oily use it sparingly. Dehydrated skins should leave well alone. Powdering the nose should be the extent and only if really necessary.
  2. At this age and stage, a primer can do much of the work for us.

2. Hydration is everything.

Moisturize and replenish the skin regularly but double up. What I mean is cleanse, tone, serum and moisturize then wait for 5 minutes and add another fine layer of moisturizer. Give the skin time to absorb the product and rather than apply an excessive amount once, try twice.

The difference is notable very quickly.

3. Go creamy.

Blushers, bronzers and illuminators work the best as cream products, not powders. Think about using lipstick as a blusher. Use sparingly as the pigment may be stronger and the consistency a little firmer.

4. Longer and fuller lashes in two seconds flat.

Don’t throw out the translucent powder just yet. With an old mascara brush coat the eyelashes, top and bottom, with a fine dusting.

Apply mascara as normal afterward. This one is a game-changer.

5. Drop the peach, add the yellow tone.

When choosing a tinted moisturizer or foundation choose a shade slightly more yellow. I’m not sure why but as our skin advances a golden undertone is far more flattering. My default position has always been towards peach and this colour change has made a huge difference.

6. Add a drop of moisturizer to a foundation.

The smallest drop makes all the difference to application and finishes, especially for a heavier foundation at night.

7. Make use of business cards.

Use the straight line of a business card, held at the angle, to guide eyeshadow and eyeliner application. Hold it at the corner of the eye and draw the line following the edge of the card. Remember to apply eye pencil with eyes wide open.

8. Conceal where you least expect.

Concealer is brilliant if applied above the lip line, just under the nose and underneath the bottom lip.

9. Wear masks at every opportunity.

Use them and mix them. Why wear only one mask at a time? A different one on the cheeks to the nose; an extra rich coating for the neck and décolleté area. Watch a film, wear a mask; home alone wear a mask.

10. Daylight and magnifying mirrors are our best friends.

Check, check and double-check make-up in a good light. Interior lighting can be deceptive as can older eyes. A good magnifying mirror and a glimpse in daylight is the best dose of truth there is.

In My Beauty Cabinet

tom ford primer  ||  tom ford highlighter blush stick  ||   sunday riley serum  ||  darphin divine skin  ||  darphin mask

le volume de mascara  ||  sisley pencil  (steel, bronze)  ||  clé de peau concealer  ||  bobbi brown (day)  ||  giorgio armani foundation (night)

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I get confused with thesemany products when I enter a cosmetic shop. This ends up that I use very good products alternating with products from the kitchen. Yes, be shocked or smile…from the kitchen and I didn’t find any real difference on my skin which I treat for nearly 60 yrs.
But I confess that I make no compromise in buying decorative cosmetic because there is a hug difference …and I still admire Helen Mirren for her naturalness.


It is confusing which is why I stay with many I know and trust. I don’t believe in miracles but some do make a difference. If that’s the case and they are easy to use then I stick with them… Helen Mirren is wonderful and I enjoy watching all her films…


I read my comment again after you answered. I ment …no compromise in buying *expensive* decorative cosmetic…..


I did an internship at Estée Lauder Companies several years ago and as part of the marketing team I had access to many great (and expensive) products. Until one day, my skin had a very strong reaction to one of the products I used and I’ve decided to go to my local pharmacist. He was selling his own products at the time and I’ve been hooked to his cream for many years. And since then I’ve only been using French pharmacists products. I know it is cliché (I’m French so that’s ok I suppose ;) ) but they really do work well. At Estée Lauder I’ve also learned the importance of concealer (in the corner of the eyes) and I love cream blushes like you. They are very easy to apply.


French products are wonderful.. I am a big fan of Darphin in particular, Filorga and Lierac also..


My routine has been simplified. I apply night time moisturizer before bed. In the morning, I wash my face and put on sunscreen and am off for my walk. Following that I shower and moisturize all over. That is it! If I am going out to the grocery store (rarely), I use mascara, a touch of cc cream & lipstick. I don’t see any difference in my skin, so all those other treatments/products were a waste of money. I don’t see myself going back once this over. I do miss a good pedi/mani and think it worth every cent. That & the hair salon will be my first outings.


Hi walking is the only thing I miss. I will colour my hair tomorrow, give myself a haircut. Colour my lashes and brows all this for 65th birthday on the 22.


Happy Birthday for Wednesday, Marion… and enjoy the at-home beauty tomorrow.. :)


I have been trying to make my overgrown locks look presentable. Any tips on how to give myself a haircut would be highly appreciated!

Happy Birthday, Marion!

Katerina Steventon

You have a lovely approach to beauty, Vicki. Just the right amount of care for your facial complexion. I am an expert in skincare and in my view, serums are the key to efficacy – in terms of lifting, reducing lines or pigmentation – but so are our hands in applying products correctly. I encourage my clients to feel their way through skincare. As always, a loving post to your tribe, in times of difficulty.


Concealer under lip and over HAS MY ATTENTION!!!

Michelle à Détroit


Love the tip about powdering our lashes.

I find that I now have the time to work my way through the bundle of sample products and fragrances I’d stashed away in a little basket. I’ll take my bit of fun where I can find it!


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