29 Nov 2016

The Best Romantic Movies On Netflix: Part II

The Best Romantic Movies on Netflix Part 2, on vickiarcher.com

Best romantic movies mean the best scenes.

 There’s nothing better than a feel-good movie.

The moments that make us sigh are the moments that we remember.

Idyllic landscapes, enviable love scenes and Oscar-winning actors are what make these movies truly unique. Arguably some of the most beautiful videography in cinema history, these scenes will make you cry, laugh and smile with joy.

These are some of our favourite scenes.

The Best Romantic Movies on Netflix II

The Notebook

Best Scene:

When Noah and Allie slow dance in the road.

Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams


My Best Friend’s Wedding

Best Scene:

When the entire of the wedding party starts singing ‘Say a Little Prayer.’

Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney


Silver Linings Playbook

Best Scene:

When Pat and Tiffany have the dance off.

Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence


As Good As It Gets

Best Scene:

When Simon just ‘has’ to draw Carol.

Jack Nicholson, Greg Kinnear, Helen Hunt


Out of Africa

Best Scene:

Where Denys washes Karen’s hair in the middle of the jungle.

Meryl Streep, Robert Redford

The English Patient

Best Scene:

When Almasy steals a dance from Katharine at dinner.

Kristin Scott Thomas, Ralph Fiennes



Best Scene:

Where Sam and Molly have an intimate moment while making pottery.

Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze


One Day

Best Scene:

The kiss between Emma and Dexter by the river.

Jim Sturgess, Anne Hathaway


The Horse Whisperer

Best Scene:

That seductive slow dance.

Kristin Scott Thomas, Robert Redford


An Officer and a Gentleman

Best Scene:

The final kiss between Zack and Paula in her workplace.

Louise Gossett Jr, Richard Gere, Debra Winger



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Anita Rivera

Do you know that I’ve NEVER seen any of these? OK, my two week holiday for Christmas will be when I at least see two of these classics!


I do not believe this!!!! Really???
You are in for such a treat.. I don’t know where you should start .. but you must, Anita… Let us know your favourites afterwards.. :)

Taste of France

I had the good fortune to see “Out of Africa” in Nairobi when it came out. It was quite amusing to be in a theater of people who reacted to what was said in Swahili before the subtitles came up.
Several of these are very bittersweet romances. For one on the purely light side, I never get enough of “When Harry Met Sally.”


Now, that would be the place to watch.. :)

I remember seeing Four Weddings and a Funeral the day it came out in New York… I loves seeing the reactions of the viewers to the English ways… STill one of my best nights out at the cinema.. :)

Pamela in Portland

Great list Vicki! I’ve seen most of these but somehow missed two of the greatest…Out of Africa and The English Patient! Great reminder to sneak these into the busy holiday season. And did anyone else want to throw Dexter into the Thames most of the movie in One Day?


I’ve seen most of these and you have certainly hit the mark. Out of Africa cd plays in our car often.

Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse Antiques

Having two girls, we’ve seen all of these, and they are so good, most you can watch again and again. A great favorite not on this list is You’ve Got Mail, which I’m going to look up to watch again this week. (Happy watching, Anita, you are in for a treat like Vicki mentioned. ).

Joyce Thompson

Out of Africa has to be my all time favorite tied with Casa Blanca. Loved that movie!!!!


Nice List, Vicki! I also agree with Taste of France – Love “When Harry met Sally”! I also loved “Crossing Delancey” and have watched “Under the Tuscan Sun” quite a few times now…..I am a sucker for these kinds of movies.

Vicki Stone

Another that my friends and I love “A Good Year”. Russel Crowe and Marion Cotillard sizzle in this sweet romance. You will love it!


Hello Vicki
That scene in Out of Africa, when Merryl gets her hair washed by the stream by Robert,
just gorgeous he pours a jug of water over her hair, and he just watches her…
The photography and music are sublime at this moment.
The other scene which is not romantic but Merryl whoa!! Fights those lions single handedly with a whip! What a scene!! What a gal.
You mentioned The English Patient.
Fiennes ,Binoche, Scott -Thomas, Firth, my fav…. 💕


I have to say I never get tired of “Out of Africa” and I did actually make my way to Karen Blixen’s home when I visited Kenya some years back and I stood in the garden with the house in front of me and thought of the opening lines of the movie “I had a farm in Africa at the Foot of the Ngong Hills” and I was there looking at that scene, certainly unforgettable! Think I will have to get out the movie from my collection to watch tonight….great list by the way! Cheers Jennifer


Love the scene in her house where she invents a story after they giver her the opening line! Streep was superb in that movie. Rest of the cast really good too.
Also liked “A Good Year” with Russel and Marion Cotillard. The countryside and the mas get me every time. Love that area – have driven past the vineyard where it was filmed but it’s private and sadly you just can’t walk in, unless you have business with the winery. But the nearby villages and towns where scenes were filmed are accessible and gorgeous.
“The English Patient” and “Out of Africa” are truly excellent. So much better than most of the others in this list. Best wishes, Pamela


Hi Vicki,
Good job on your list. I agree with you and would add “Something’s Got To Give” with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson. I love the ending when he comes to the restaurant ready to commit and realizes he may be too late, but alas she chooses him.
We all love romance.
Thank you,
Janie xo


L’un des mes favoris est Chocolat avec Juliette Binoche. Romance non mais charmant!


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