26 Apr 2016

Better Not Younger: Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg

My philosophy on ageing, “better not younger”, certainly applies to the beautiful Diane von Furstenberg.

Better not younger in the sense I strive to see a better version of my younger self and not a younger version of my older self.

I have been a long time admirer of her fashion, her personal style and her insights when it comes to women.

Last week I had the great pleasure to join Diane von Furstenberg for lunch.

The group was small and intimate so there was time to chat with the guest of honour and learn a little about her.

It turned out the other way around; Diane von Furstenberg wanted to know all about us.

She asked us if we were “the women we wanted to be’, about our individual journeys and whether we knew what kind of women we wanted to become from an early age. She felt we could spend our time together on small talk or we could truly engage in meaningful conversation and learn something valuable about each other.




































And so we did.

Yes it was off the cuff, yes I was nervous to speak about myself but because she was so relaxed, so warm and open and so very welcoming we all managed to speak from the heart and share our thoughts.


Diane von Furstenberg managed to make us feel as if we were the most interesting women in the world. She is a brilliant raconteur, she is glamorous, intelligent and supremely successful and yet she was entirely down to earth and approachable.


She listened, she asked the kind of questions that made us respond openly and honestly; there were tears and there was laughter.

If anyone epitomises my “better not younger” way of thinking, it is Diane von Furstenberg.

Diane von Furstenberg was focussed from an early age, she has been a beauty from day one and yet I believe it is only now that she is truly reaching her prime.

Her style was impeccable; she looked as she does in her photographs, yet they don’t do her justice. They miss the beauty she exhibits within which can only come through a life well lived and becoming the woman she wanted to be. Not to mention her luminous smile and fabulous legs. If this is what “mature” looks like, I’m racing there.

The more I learn and the more I experience becoming the woman I want to be, the more I understand the best is yet to come. xv


Better Not Younger: We Wore DVF

i wore

blaine jacket  //  genesis pants  //  aubrey silk top  //  tango patent leather pumps  //  raquel long wrap coat

tempted to wear

nikki silk top with black pants  //  jennie jacket  //  new jeanne wrap in black or two print silk wrap


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Mimi Gregor

It sounds like a wonderful experience — how fortunate you were! I think that you touched on the primary “secret” of being charming in the body of your post: get others to talk about themselves. Most people blather on and on about themselves, or else they appear to be listening to you when they are actually planning what they are going to say next. She seems to possess that rare gift: an interest in people outside herself. I’ve always liked her, but now so much more since I know that about her.


I was really fortunate to be invited ( one of the advantages of this wonderful world of blogging I am lucky enough to be involved in) and even though I have long admired her business success I wasn’t prepared for how lovely, warm and engaging she was in person.
As you say being interested in others is probably the key to her success.

To be a great listener is a wonderful talent… I am practicing… ;)

Taste of France

Ah, DVF, one of the great Belgian designers before Belgian designers became a thing. I really admire the way she doesn’t sit on her laurels but keeps creating and mentoring.


Yes I think her role is to be a mentor…making women look and feel fabulous.
I am about to read her latest book… and lookig forward to a few more insights.. :)


I read the BOOK……………..I think you will ENJOY!Especially, after meeting HER!
Where did you dine may I ask?PARIS,LONDON,NEW YORK?


Aside from the fact that DVF embodies grace, wit, charm, and a keen business sense ( i.e.Smart), the fact that she has a keen interest in everyone she meets, in their thoughts, dreams and selves, that is what makes her a force. Isn’t it so lovely to know that she is blazing trails, for “older” women to keep creating, keep being a well respected person in business, keep being fully alive?

So happy you had a stellar time with her, and had the occasion to be inspired. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us Vicki!


She is such a fabulous role model and it was lovely to see all the younger women really in awe of someone older… :)


That’s my philosophy too…like how you encourage women to live their life
in their later years…and as we can change aging we really should do our best and love no.1. b.t.w. D.v.F. has a very interesting face.


There is something about being in the presence of such people who are passionate, full of life, mentors,exquisite role models – you just want to breathe it in and have that “feeling” last as long as possible – Lucky You, Vicki, to have had such an awesome experience. She sure is sexy, too!

Tara Dillard

And you don’t even mention she can ‘dress’ the woman you are. You met one of her tools for designing clothes. Asking real questions, then listening.

Top pic she seems a bit tired, yet more gorgeous than ever. Only inward beauty can do that for any woman.


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