12 Sep 2019

Better Not Younger: In The Moment

Better Not Younger, In The Moment on vickiarcher.com featuring Loulou de La Falaise

Being in the moment is the perfect example of being “better, not younger”.
When I think about the years passing and what it means to each of us I sincerely hope my focus is on improvement, enjoyment and wisdom rather than the re-creation of the past. There is no reason why the future cannot be bigger and brighter than what has gone before; that is how I want to spend the next decades and where I want my focus to be.

I cannot miraculously become younger and yet I can most decidedly be “better“.

The thought of aging is frightening in many respects but it would be even more daunting if my goals were impossible to achieve. Those who strive to be “younger” rather than “better” are in for a disappointment. From where I sit, it doesn’t work.

Growing up has taught me to be in the moment.

So many moments in life pass us by through lack of attention, through timing, through stress or overwork and through ignorance. I know I have wasted precious “moments” in the past and it is only now with a deeper level of maturity I can see what a mistake this was. I cannot catch or recreate past moments but I can make up for the lost time.

Every day can be remarkable and it is for us to grab hold of those moments, live them and memorise them. We cannot foresee how many there will be, our crystal ball is not so clever, but it is not how many we make but the quality of those we live.

Living in the moment is a blessing of maturity.

When we are younger we are certain moments last forever; we toss them away like confetti, so puffed up with the magnificence and certainty of our youth. If I could convince my children of anything it would be to learn to gather the moments and live in them.

Many of the truly wonderful moments in our lives are small and easy to escape, to dismiss and ignore in our quest for greatness. We know to pay attention to the big, our minds, hearts and bodies are conditioned for those; but the small, they can be slippery.

Growing up means I want to grasp and savour every moment. I want to reflect on yesterday and bring to mind the small giggles, the smiles and the happiness I felt. This way I not only stay in the present but also hold onto memories for my future.

Being in the moment means exactly that.

I don’t want to be thinking of “the other” when I am in the moment. Is there anything more frustrating than spending time with someone who isn’t in “your” moment? People who give of their physical presence with a mental state far, far away are not in the moment; they are going through the motions and missing out.

The practicalities of growing older are not always remarkable but knowing how to be in the moment is one of the advantages. In this case, better means we do know better.

Life is too precious to miss out. xv


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Like this profound posting in marked contrast to the beauty blogs. Unfortunately I got this wisdom not in my youth but it is never too late to life in the present and pay a good attention on it

Beau Miller

Wonderful article…loved every word…passed it along to friends that really have to be reminded of living in the moment…Bravo…Cheers…


I want to live more in the moment definitely! It’s so easy for me to get sentimental about the past and anxious about the future. I’m working on this and trying to be more mindful!

Linda B

Wonderfully said, Vicki! I have found that this chapter of life gives way more opportunities to be in the NOW. Every moment seems precious—for instance, being with my baby granddaughter is full of joy. (Although sadly, my thre months of living close to her temporarily are over—thank goodness for the pictures that come every day by phone!) Simultaneously I am accompanying my mother through end of life hospice care. This can be overwhelming if I do not stay in the moment….I am grateful that I had already begun developing the ability to stay present.


Good morning dear Vicki!

This is a topic that lives vibrantly for every individual on this planet, if they are willing and courageous enough to face it and discuss it. Being a teacher, I have to renew my thinking and “style”, if you will, every year, day and moment. This keeps me young. Though gray hairs are finally appearing at age 61 and a few back and hip pains flair up, my mind and heart are growing in the understanding that what really matters are those things that never age: love. understanding. patience. peace-making, and so on. What a gift to be alive and yes, to age.


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