27 Feb 2017

Better Not Younger: Take It To The Next Level

Better Not Younger on vickiarcher.com

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”

I have decided I like this philosophy of “better not younger“.

I don’t have much choice; I better.

All joking aside I do feel “better not younger” is the right mantra to traverse the middle years; spending time wanting and dreaming of the impossible is not only a complete waste of time but also ridiculous and foolish. The thought of being the best version, the improved version of us is empowering.


That is the space I want to conquer.

I don’t care about younger, while it was fabulous, wonderful and actually at times completely impossible, I want to be better with age. I want to face maturity with a tried and proven mantra to help me conquer the doubts and fears I inevitably will face. Like everyone else I do feel shaky and unpleasantly surprised when I look in the mirror, I do think for a second before I spring up from the floor and I do consider an activity before I run in headlong. I want to do it all but age has garnered caution. I might be feeling more vibrant and energetic than ever before but sense does prevail more than it once did. Life and the inevitable shocks along the way provide for that.

In some ways, “better not younger” is a way of thinking for every decade of our life and I wish I had embraced it years ago. There is so much focus ‘out there’ on looking younger, feeling younger and just about doing everything, ‘younger’. I don’t like it. I am not embarrassed to be older, with age comes wisdom and experience and I am so grateful to have made it this far. So many have not been so fortunate. I cherish this opportunity to age with grace and I am grateful for the opportunity to do it better. I want to learn from experience, open my eyes and embrace what is to come in the most well equipped way I can.

Are you with me?

Better Not Younger on vickiarcher.com

This year I want to take it to the next level.

For starters I want to talk more about this idea of “better not younger” here. I would love your input and I am sure there are many facets of this conversation we can cover. Like our Q&A’s, the resources amongst ourselves are brilliant and I want to tap into them. Taking “better not younger” to the next level can be as broad or as specific as we want.

Let’s start with the exercise; an easy and natural place to start.

Physical activity has all the obvious rewards and then some. The hidden benefits, the mental clarity and composure that come from taking time to challenge us are the most important. Whether it’s the acceleration and exertion of the heart, the peace and tranquillity of meditation or the newfound flexibility from stretching and bending; mental state changes for the better. Movement elevates mood and allows clarity into thinking, not to mention time for us. Time for ourselves is the one area we women so often neglect. I need to take this to the next level; there is no point writing about it if I don’t practice. Note to self.


Better Not Younger on vickiarcher.com

Of course, the inevitable has happened.

My daughters have taken me in hand and subtly suggested I need to bring my workout pieces up to the new Millennium. Ouch.

I now have a crush on the sporty and have gone from a drawer with one pair of plain black tights and black tee to wanting a wardrobe of styles and looks.

With a monochrome mood affecting my choices, this is where I am. Let’s look as good as we feel, right? xv


Take It To the Next Level

fly faster

**roshe two flyknit sneaker  //  free flyknit runner  //  lunar epic runner  //  **free transform training shoe

not all black 

montage leggings  //  **graphic tights  //  leg-a-see leggings  //  **zoned running tights  //  dri-fit stretch jersey

top it off

**pro indy bra  //  pro classic dri-fit bra  //  pro classic stretch jersey bra

breathe top  // mesh sleeve top  //  irreverent tee // element half zip shirt  //  **charcoal gym zip hoodie

images nike, quotes from the top, gail devers, mia hamm and liane cardes

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Taste of France

Since there is no way to be younger, better is better.
I prefer to look at it through a prism of being healthy, active and engaged. That also can mean stepping back–I’m not going to try to lift something that’s too heavy and hurt my back (OK, I’ve done that quite a bit with moving furniture to some upstairs apartments). But really, I don’t risk injury the way I would have dared in the past.
The exercise is for body and mind both. Reading widely, knowing what’s going on.


How many times I have tried to re-arrange the furniture myself! I agree.. not a great idea.. ;)
Better is better and as I said to Mimi, better AND better…

Mimi Gregor

Instead of a New Year’s resolution, I decided to focus on one specific area of my life each month, improving myself in that area as much as I can. January, it was my appearance, as I feel that if you look good, it instantly improves your mood. As I already have the cut and color I like, I focused on trying out new products and techniques, tweaking my hair style. Also, trying new makeup products and shades, and deciding that less IS more. I just look better with less makeup than I used to. No longer can I contour my eyes with three colors of shadow. One shade, a nude, but deeper than my skin tone looks best. Brown instead of black liner. A bb cream instead of foundation.

February was devoted to food. Getting rid of extraneous kitchen devices and cookbooks that I never use. And each week when I plan my menus, I intend to use mostly recipes from a different one of my cookbooks each week. If I come across a cookbook that I somehow can’t plan meals from for some reason — out it will go. I already eat quite well — lots of fruits and vegetables, minimal sugar, cooking from scratch — so it’s mostly tweaking what I already do.

March starts a more demanding — to me — tweak: meditation. I meditate… but I’m not very disciplined about it. I blow it off if I’m tired or have too much to do. My mind wanders, planning things instead of just being. Ideally, I will meditate three times a day, for short periods of time, as one lengthy time is NOT something I would keep up. Fifteen minutes in the morning, five minutes mid-afternoon, and perhaps ten minutes before bed. Fingers crossed on this one.

April will be an exercise tweak. I already do strength training three times a week, and yoga three times a week. They are not long sessions, because I know myself: if I have to spend a long time doing something, I’ll find a reason to blow it off. So, I spend 20 to 30 minutes mid-day on my exercise routine, plus 10 – 15 minutes when I get up doing floor exercises. I would like to put in some cardio, which, shamefully, I do not currently do, as I have to find a routine I like, and one I can fit in my day. I also would like to spend 10 minutes before bed doing posture exercises (they are mostly holding poses, so they are not stimulating at all). Perhaps holding the poses and meditating at the same time? Something to investigate.

The rest of the year is to de decided. Probably May will be devoted to being a better gardener. But I’m not holding myself to some rigid goal that I must reach, only to be disappointed when I don’t reach it. As long as I do better than I am NOW doing, I will have succeeded.


I like this idea Mimi… a year of challenge and never too long to get sidetracked or lacking in motivation.. :)
Better and better…


Simply, because I like the photographs and they gave me the space graphically to combine the quotes from former female athletes.. :)


Me, Being Opinionated :
Where I live, there are too many women who consider their clothing for exercise to be clothing to go shopping in, banking in, etc .. And very few of them look like this model in workout clothes :)
I live in a 2 story townhouse, I get my “stairmaster” workout every day , all day.
I live alone now , I pick up heavy things and I don’t eat meat and my weight is low all the time.
So ….No matter where you are , what you wear, how high you jump, you can still be slim and healthy .


I think workout clothes are purely for that… and not an excuse for a lazy way to dress… not better ;)
Stairs are the best!! Yes.. it doesn’t matter what you wear but it is fun and interesting to look at all the options :)

Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse Antiques

I love Mimi’s idea of taking it month by month to focus on one area. And I agree with Taste of France, since younger is out of the question ( and not really desirable) “better ” is the goal.

Which also includes better at peace and joy, and enjoying each and every day. This coming month, I will be focusing on creating more time for myself, and not working as much. Next month, it will be finding an excercise routine I enjoy, I don’t really do anything right now, and I know that is t good.


The hard thing is finding more time for ourselves… I intend to as well… it will hopefully make us more productive!


I love this but would love to see gorgeous older models! My spirit lifted with each bit of text, but sank again a little with each photograph….


I found the photographs more about the actions and the inspiration behind the movements… not about the faces… perhaps I misread them…


A brisk walk is the best exercise one can get. It refreshes the mind and soul. And, you are outside enjoying nature, instead of in a stuffy, sometimes smelly gym. No special clothes needed, except for good walking shoes or hiking boots. This came after many years spent in a gym on treadmills, elepticals, stair climbers and bikes. I still enjoy going to Zumba classes though. They are fun, fast moving and a great workout all to some spirit lifting tunes.
Better not younger is going to become my mantra. I’ve spent the dollars on expensive creams but I don’t look any younger and I’m not putting poisons in my body nor going under the knife. I need to accept that I look like the sixty something I am.

Wendy Going Forward

I think any movement is wonderful, in the gym, in the house or in the yard. No matter your age, just keep moving!

Anita Rivera

I am with you ALL the way. “BETTER” starts to become internalized, then realized in our behavior, choices, wisdom. Young is exactly that: tender, naive, easily fractured. But the better part only comes with age.


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