3 Jun 2019

Better, Not Younger: Think Big, Start Small, Jump In

Better Not Younger: Think Big, Start Small on vickiarcher.com

It’s all about jumping in.

Hesitation is the friend of fear and neither do us much good when we want to move forward. At this stage and age, it is easy to rest on our laurels and “taking it easy” becomes a fall-back position, not a choice. Better, not younger means talking risks however small, engaging with life and simply having a go.

I know it is not as easy as it sounds.

Re-inventing us or even accepting who we are is challenging and oftentimes confrontational but age is no barrier to change, ever. Age is an advantage because age means we have experience and the tools to be who we want to be on any given day.

I know I have a surplus of energy and a fairly high tolerance for risk and adventure; I also appreciate we are not all the same. Doubts exist, lulls happen and I’m not always as buoyant one day as the next. I could easily sit still in my life, do what is comfortable and save myself a heap of trouble. Where would the fun be in that?

Motivation is fickle and can be gone as quickly as it appears. The trick is to hold on tight and harness the feeling – make the most when it strikes. It is not selective, we can all capitalize on motivation, and we simply need the know-how. When we are fired up with enthusiasm our potential is limitless. Our ambitions are unique and the size or depth of our dreams is irrelevant; it’s all about jumping in.

How do we jump in?

Thinking time.

Thinking big doesn’t mean we have to start out big. Ideas can grow, can morph and become what we want them to be. The important point is to know what they are and to allow us the time to find them. Imagining our future is the first step in making it a reality and seeing us in the picture is crucial. I wanted to start THE EMPORIUM for years, there was always a reason not to but the idea stayed with me and I knew deep down it would happen. I trusted myself, my instinct and allowed myself the luxury to dream. I don’t have a grand plan for its future but it is finally real and I am excited by that.

Big ideas, small steps.

New ideas can be terrifying – big, scary and seemingly unreachable. Forget all that, everything is possible if we start small. The perfect version doesn’t exist and never from day 1. Take small steps in whatever it is and let the rest follow as and when. The small wins inspire confidence and are even sweeter.

No self-judgement.

We can be our harshest critics and self-doubt makes us fail before we even start. Kindness and understanding start with us.

Be decisive.

Decisions mean progress; procrastination is not the same “weighing up” or “thinking through”, there is a big difference. Hesitating, because we are afraid, is simply stalling.

Making a splash doesn’t have to be of epic proportions. The genius is in leaving the edge. xv

Think Big, Stay Comfortable

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Oh my goodness Vicki how I needed to read this today.
Wednesday I am turning 67. I can seriously say I have never been happier. I feel that my “inner soul” isn’t competing anymore with the outside world. I am content…I am fulfilled. Married almost 41 years…four children…two grand-babies… another one on the way.
And like the Emporium I with one of my daughter’s just started an online children’s gifting company named (if you can believe this) j. saint remy. IG is up; working on the Website still…In short, the name was conceived because of our time spent in Saint Remy and your lovely “jewel” Le Petit Bijou. Le Petit has been my “happy” place ever since I step through her “door.”
Thank you for this Vicki! David too! Thank you also for ALWAYS challenging me to be better…to grow…to simply be me.
And most of ALL thank you for everything you do to make this world a better place for ALL.
“Better not Younger” continues to resonate with me each and everyday. 😘


I am so so excited for you Stephanie… this has made my day.. and if I helped in any way I am so delighted… I think Le Petit Bijou and La Maison du Village have their own special magic.. I feel it when I am there. I’m excited to be there tomorrow for a few days..

Your insta is gorgeous.. huge congratulations :)


A heartfelt thank you for everything! Enjoy your time in St. Remy! ❤️


It ‘s a funny coincidence, but I have just read an article in a magazine about this very subject, About how, as we get older, it’s easy to stop doing things, being adventurous, and then the fear sets in, and it gets even harder. At 70 years old I am afraid that the world sees me as an “old lady ” and I hesitate to dash out and say, go travelling alone, as I did when I was younger. The only thing I can say is feel the fear and do it anyway, to quote the book title. Otherwise we miss out on so much !


‘Feeling the fear’, Maisie is when progress is made and we really sit up and do :)


Wonderful article Vicki that has sparked brilliant responses from Stephanie and particularly Maisie. I absolutely concur with both and I also thank you for always being my mentor on so many things. You so frequently answer and address those little niggles and insecurities we sometimes harbour. I have mentioned previously that on numerous occasions, when in doubt, I have asked myself ‘what would Vicki do’? Always, without a doubt, the answer is ‘just do it’ and I have never regretted a decision. You have truly been a wonderful guide over the years.Thank you!


Vicki I feel like you have just described my life perfectly. For me the fear of failure has stopped me moving forward many a time. But you have inspired me in so many ways and I have now taken the leap to allow my hair to do its natural thing. Allowing the colour to change and grow out naturally I must say is very liberating. So this is me taking charge in my own little way.


Every way we take charge is significant… so significant… it’s not the grandeur of our schemes, it’s the doing.
Congratulations on your hair, Nicki.. it is not an easy decision but once you get there… liberating is the word.. :)

Mary Levy

This article was so perfectly timed. This is my last week as a high school French teacher. I have day dreamed for years about studying design and opening my own interior design business. I will be 55 this summer and there seems to be no better time to do it. Thank you, Vicki, for reinforce my decision to leap.


Never a better time, Mary. Enjoy your adventure… this is so exciting and I wish you much success :)


Good morning Vicki!

I love this post. I think you got it spot on with the very first step: time to think.

In this crazy, busy world we live in, time to think is a precious commodity. I have to constantly teach my students to embrace the “void” of time where they start to get bored. That “bored” time is actually time our brains need to process and reset. How true it is that for those of us with a PLAN have to first carve out the time to plan. The rest follows. So then, shall we jump into our next projects? I’m ready.


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