5 May 2020

Better, Not Younger on vickiarcher.com


“I strive to see a better version of my younger self and not a younger version of my older self.”

What’s It All About?

The last couple of months despite the deep trauma, hardship for many and great sadness there has been a huge amount of creativity generated. I felt it and I know many of my friends are the same.

My creativity manifests in words.

Ever since we have been in lockdown my head has been full to overflowing with ideas to share.

This E-BOOK is all about how I want to live going forward. We have touched on my better, not younger approach before and these recollections encompass this way of thinking and more.

One day in the future `I would love to have it printed – for the illustrations alone – but for now, I need the immediate reminder with me. The illustrations are totally gorgeous and I can imagine them in various formats; that’s our next project.

Better, Not Younger includes an aspirational reading list and one I am working through book by book. I’m hooked on the audio versions to relax and also keep me moving. It’s working. Within there are “to-do’s” and “checklists” to keep us on track and if you would like to print it out, there is plenty of room to make notes.

I will leave you with my favourite quote,

“Making a splash doesn’t have to be of epic proportions. The genius is in leaving the edge.” xv

Better, Not Younger available HERE

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I’m loving your new ebook, Vicki. It’s simply amazing and I couldn’t love it more. I’ll buy two hard copies when it’s printed. One for my daughter and one to keep. It bears rereading, and often.
There are so many snippets of wisdom that resonate with me. My favorite quote is “ I strive to see a better version of my younger self not a younger version of my older self”.
You nailed this one. Bravo


It is a lovely, soothing and remarkable compilation of YOU dearest Vicki. Bravo my friend. Everything about it speaks RENEWAL from your beautifully penned thoughts to the art work. I love it all!

Ann white

I am enjoying your suite very much. It makes one feel better! I have a problem, bought the ebook butI can’t get back to it, do I have to buy it again? Thanks the info.


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