8 Feb 2017

Better Not Younger: Keeping Your Motivation



” Nature gives

you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty. “

Coco Chanel is ringing realms of truth.

Today as my thoughts of blue skies and Africa adventure are replaced by an overcast and grey London I realised it is important to stay motivated and with a mind towards the future. Winter, especially the early months of the year, is an easy time to lose track, to become overly sedentary both mentally and physically and to feel less than enthused. 

We cannot have that.

For the last couple of hours, we have been talking about how we should harness our motivation and give it all we have got. Here are a few ideas we came up with.

What do you think? Please add as many ideas to the list as you have; the more motivation we have the better. xv

Keeping healthy and motivated, as you grow older allows inspirations to run wild, as they should continue to do.

If the New Year, almost mid-February blues, is affecting your normal and motivated self, perhaps it’s time to rejuvenate.

5 Ways To Keep Motivation

 Surround yourself with positive people.

A certain way to maintain the exuberance in your life is to take time to appreciate those around you. Your friends and loved ones should always be your working palette, so it is vital that they are refreshing and optimistic. Spend time with not only those who adore you, but those who challenge you, and encourage you to be the best possible version of yourself.

Make time for you.

It is imperative that we continue to understand ourselves, both physically and mentally. One of the most valuable ways to remain motivated is to connect with your individuality. Know what really makes you truly happy and spend time doing that.

Be confident in your skin.

Confidence in us is everything and one of the greatest beauty secrets.

How we dress is the one way we can easily enhance confidence.

Retail therapy can be a double edge sword. We women can dread looking in the mirror but also an impulsive escapade to our favourite stores can actually do wonders for our wellbeing.

‘When you look good, you feel good’ and confidence shows. Confidence is the best way to be where you want to be.

Do more of what makes you happy.

However apparent it may seem, allowing yourself to indulge in your hobbies and favourite past-times can be the best way to refresh you.

Lighten your life by giving in to your guilty pleasures sometimes. It can only help.

Alter your daily routine.

A structured routine can be priceless when managing your workload, be sure not to get stuck in a rut.

A healthy balance between work and pleasure is invaluable to keep motivated and allows your mind to relax between the stresses of daily life. Take in your surroundings on a new route to the office or visit a different coffee shop to your usual. Small changes can make you feel liberated.

image coco chanel by roger viollet

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jodie filogomo

I can’t agree more with this, Vicki!!
Especially (since I’m a fashion blogger) the fact that our clothes can be wonderful tools to make us feel fabulous!!


Our fashion choices really can change so much about our day… like when we have a bad hair day… nothing goes well !

Lisa DeNunzio

All good advice Vicki. I have only recently pulled myself up by my boot straps after having had the blues since November 8th. A dog eared copy of the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron is and has always been a part of my therapy.

Taste of France

It is so hard to keep up the good fight in the dark days of January and February. Even though they are the same as November and December, which have anticipation of Christmas to keep juices flowing. You offer sage advice.


Yes.. January and especially February are tough… I like to see these as the challenging months where I need to start and keep going with my particular challenges.. There are always some :)


Giving and complimenting others when due ( or when least expected) are really positive ways to kick start motivation… Thank you Sari.. :)


Love your suggestions. Thanks for the timely dose of encouragement. May I suggest taking on a new challenge? Or setting a new goal? Once you start working towards something new, it can be very energizing and fun!

Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse Antiques

All perfect ideas, Vicki. I will add “Surround Yourself with Beauty.” A single flower can lift your mood. Rearrange your room, buy a “new” antique piece to give your home a whole new focal point. A client recently sent me a photo of some prints she purchased from my antique shop, beautifully framed, she used it as a starting point to re configure her bedroom in a new pleasing way, gorgeous! She said it makes her have a whole new, happy outlook on her day waking up in her newly arranged room.

Lisa, I have heard only amazing things about the book….getting it!

Kathy Kelada

Vicki, As a lifecoach and an author, can I offer another suggestion? Our daily “narrative,”– that is, how we describe our lives, our day-to-day experiences, and each other, can really color how we feel about ourselves. I listen to women describe what they’re going through and just by rewriting the narrative we can shift how they see themselves and their circumstances. Same facts, different viewpoint. Find the love!

Jenny Barton

To echo Lidy’s post on surrounding yourself with beauty – in the autumn plant wallflowers, the annual kind. I’ve never found them in France, so I have them sent over from the UK and fill pots around the doors to the house, and beside the steps leading up to our front door. They survive anything even the Provençal winter can throw at them, you can watch them grow inch by inch through the dark days, and in late February/early March, their wonderful perfume wafting through the air reminds you that spring will follow them.


If you are feel “down” for any reason, I cannot recommend Pilates lessons enough. It is the perfect Mind/Body form of exercise and if done once a week either on the MAT or on the MACHINES, in ten weeks you will feel a different person. These exercises which are totally within everyone’s capabilities will re-enforce your muscles, improve your co-ordination and clear your mind of those uninvited negative voices that sometimes play in our heads. Imagine, your body will look toned and your posture will be improved in just ten weeks of regular attendance. Imagine too, how much better your clothes will look. If you feel shy about joining a group class why not try a series of private lessons ? You’ll be glad you did. Unlike Yoga there is no mystique in Pilates, just simple common sense leading to “bien etre”. I am 70 years of age, this week, and still teaching ten hours a week for the last eight years, in two languages. How’s zat !? I hope there is a Pilates Studio near to where you live.
Best wishes,
I am a retired ballet dancer, therefore an easy transition into Pilates which has stopped my body from crumbling. S


I have come to believe that we are always, sometimes in smaller ways and at other times bigger ways, re-inventing ourselves. Once I accepted this concept, I have become more relaxed. I enjoy planning a get together with family and friends to break the February blues…getting my spring and summer wardrobe in order…see what needs an alteration or perhaps a button that is missing fixed. Read a book I’ve been meaning to read before I get busy in spring and summer. Every night before I fall asleep I give thanks and have appreciation for twelve things in my life and thus fall asleep in a positive state and this is still with me when I wake up. Vicki, your suggestions are all perfect ideas!


And then there are those (scary ) faces that scream Plastic Surgery walking around too. I would be so very embarrassed to be one of those, my grandmother was English and she used to say about her fine thin skin that wrinkled so easily …” every one of those wrinkles is my life, lived and enjoyed .. they are my children growing up and I would not get rid of one of them.”

Jan Lavoipierre

Thank you Franki, I am trying to handle depression and these steps you suggest are perfect. I shall try to use them. Feel better already

Anita Rivera

Excellent advice. We are stewards of this body of ours, and when we care for ourselves, the rewards benefit others as well. We are happier with who we are, we can spread love a lot easier, and we look more radiant. Oh how I love your discussions, Vicki!


Vous avez de la sagesse, Chérie! Living in Canada our winters can be gloomy and very cold. Canadians are nothing if not resilient and therefore we celebrate winter. In Québec City there is the Winter Carnival, in Ottawa (which has that amazing canal to skate on!)there is Winterlude across the country we gather to snowshoe, ski, skate and get outside. It helps that when days are particularly cold they are at the same time very sunny! May I suggest another assist when dealing with the blues..volunteer! When you reach out to lend a helping hand you get so much in return…


All of these are good advice – I might add – always give yourself something to look forward to. Every March we take an out-of-season little trip to our favorite Finger Lakes village – we get a great king suite for about 1/2 the regular price and enjoy dinners out and long walks. All booked for March – we can’t wait! Be kind to yourself and do something nice!

Jennifer Canfield

I truly love this picture. I was in Capri and the Amalfi Coast August 2015 and it was magical. I am going to print one of pictures to frame! Thank you for this as inspiration. I too need some right now …. Merci beaucoup!


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