3 Sep 2009

Tomato Tart






As summer draws to a close I want to say thank you to the humble tomato.

La tomate never lets me down; she is simple, non-moody with emotions that run on an even keel and so very easy to understand.

She is equally happy to make a splash on her own or sit on the side lines; she is a perfect lady.

~ ~ ~

My easiest and most delicious recipe is for a tomato tart.
The slow roasted tomato is a taste sensation – the sugars become caramelised and the texture of the cooked fruit is chewy.
~ ~ ~


The day before or very early the morning of:


~Pre-heat the oven to 100 degrees C.
~Slice through the bottom of the tomatoes and place them face up on a baking tray. It is best if the tomatoes are very ripe. The riper they are the sweeter they taste and the more caramelized they will become. You will need about 20 good sized tomatoes to fill a 12 inch pie plate.
~Drizzle them with olive oil, sprinkle with course sea salt and ground black pepper.
~Chop finely a bunch of parsley and a clove of garlic, mix together and spread evenly over the tomatoes.
~Place in the oven and leave for 4 – 6 hours depending on the heat of the oven and making sure that they don’t cook too quickly and become dry. (If you plenty of time the tomatoes can stay in even longer at a lower heat.)


Just before:

~Line a pie tin with flaky puff pastry. The ready made pastries are full of flavour, do the job and are so much quicker and easier than making them from scratch ‘Julia’ style.
~Spread black olive tapenade paste generously over the base of the tart. If tapenade is not available to buy ready made then blend together pitted black olives, lots of course sea salt, pepper, crushed garlic and olive oil until the mixture forms a chunky consistency.
~Place cooked tomatoes on top of the base and bake in a moderate oven for about 30 minutes. The tart is cooked when the pastry has puffed and turns a golden brown.
~Turn out the tart, drizzle with olive oil and serve immediately.


Just after:
I hope you will agree with me that this tomato tart is mouthwateringly delicious… xv

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A Gift Wrapped Life

Good Morning Vicki,
And thank you for passing along this tantalizing recipe….sounds delish. We live in the tomato capital of Canada so you can be sure we like our tomatoes. Of course, my favorite is bacon, lettuce and tomato. Too bad I already had breakfast, I am making myself hungry. Have a great week-XO

Little Rus

Thank you so much for this very French recipe! It sounds delicious. I love tomatoes, too. I miss those we had in our garden, back at home. They had the most beautiful flavour, meaty texture and were so sweet, the little drops of fruit sugar would appear on the slices. Delicious… I too miss tomatoes in winter and have to go with tinned Italian varieries for sauces etc.

And since it's all about cooking today… I wonder if you've got a recipe (proper French recipe) for a plum tart? I would be so happy if you could post it on your blog! I know it's a massive favour to ask, but here I am…. :) asking for such a insanely big favour.


my favorite and my best

that sounds spectacular. i love them too. tomatoes that is. i have 2 that i grew ripening on the windowsill for tonite's dinner of scrambled eggs and fresh chives, roasted tomatoes, and potato hash and healthy side of crispy chewey bacon of course!
every once in a while i make breakfast for dinner.

l'air du temps

i recently visited a family that has a small farm. the whole weekend we had everything tomato, it was deeply delicious. i agree with you, there is something special about tomatos.

thank you so much for popping in on my blog and leaving your kind words about my post on 'la belette rouge.'

have a wonderful day…

Mari at Once Upon a Plate

I adore your ode to the tomato. You put into words exactly how I feel about homegrown tomatoes. :)

We love tomato tarts, and yours sounds particularly appealing. I hope to try it soon.

Such a lovely blog ~ I enjoy visiting very much. I hope you're having a wonderful day.

Simply Mel

I am a devoted fan of Big Red! Like you, she always makes my summer menus easy and delicious!

Now, I have a new recipe to add to my repertoire!

Vicki Lane

Oh, yumm! Where's my puff pastry?

I've been freezing roasted tomatoes as one way of dealing with the abundance — come winter, this tart would be a welcome reminder of summer.

Angie Muresan

Oh yum!!! I'm gonna pick me some tomatoes from my garden and heading over to the market for some tapenade and ready made puff pastry. Now, I know what's for dinner!


I adore tomatoes, especially ones grown in the hot sun …I could sit and eat them all day…I'm afraid, unless you grow your own, they don't taste quite as good. The humble tomato tart is a taste sensation and I love it. XXXX

Alison Gibbs

This sounds so simple and yummy. Next time you make one you will have to take a photo to show us.
Looking forward to an Aussie Summer, growing my tomatoes and trying out this recipe


I have cut, copied and pasted this recipe from your blog straight into my recipe book. It sounds delicious and I can't wait to try it. Thank you for sharing. Lee :)

Janet K @ Manly Gallery

Hi Vicki
I always look for Tomato Tart on any restaurant menu! a friend of mine talked me into trying once and I've never looked back, so I'm definately going to try your version, it looks so yummy. Thanks so much.

Celeste Maia

This is a recipe I have already copied into my book and will try as soon as I get organized again. I love tomatoes and am always looking for different recipes. They are so abundant right now and I could eat them all the time.
We have just arrived in Madrid and found a house that has been closed for 2 months, so there is lot to do. And then it is back to work, and I am so looking forward to that.


Yummy!!!!! And I just happen to have a bunch of tomatoes that are a bit too ripe. I love your recipes–keep them coming.


Word is out of your new book via LB). I look forward to reading it. I also read your interview,a big Thank You.
P.S. Merci pour la recette!

Rebecca@Harmony and Home

I love tomatoes! Early girls are the best… I didn't have time this year to grow any and I missed having them in my backyard. Your tomato tart sounds so good… I'm going to try it, but the only problem is my husband and two kids aren't fans of olives… so I guess I'll have to make it for a ladies night! Thanks for sharing! (Plain tomato sandwiches rock too on good whole grain bread!).


guess what I'm cooking this weekend…yum, this sounds wonderful with the coarse salt, a wonderful flavor punch, and the tapenade…can't wait!

thank you for your lovely blog.


I love it when you channel Julia Vicki – I know immediately we are all in for a treat! Although I was a little perplexed when the title of your post appeared, I thought 'Why is Vicki posting on that force of the West, Eileen Bond?' Alan won't be pleased, as he's moved onto a new model now!
Millie ^_^

Paris Atelier

Hello Vicki,
I have to write to say a huge thank you! I made this recipe for my husband and toddler last night and they adored it! So easy and so delicious! You saved us from our normal boring meals :)

Kimberlee Jaynes

Hi Vicki,
I like everyone that has seen Julie/Julia am back in the kitchen cooking again…I am trying to cook each Sunday something French…I just made the beef bourguignon…it was unbelievable! I can't wait unitl next Sunday to try your fabulous sounding tomato tart recipe!



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