27 Nov 2020

Black Friday: The Year Of Sweatpants

Black Friday: The Year Of The Sweatpants on vickiarcher.com

We could call it that, right?

Hand on heart I have never worn sweat pants so much in my life and now I even have multiple pairs. This is really a first for me. I mean the sweat pants we live and lounge in, not those strictly for gym use.

So I am thinking this weekend, now more than ever is the moment to take advantage of the sales and find some great buys. I’m focusing on comfortable clothing, sweats or otherwise, to relax, revive and thrive in. There will be plenty of moments later in the weekend to find a pretty holiday dress and get our dressing-up back on.

I remind myself of pertinent “strategy” points; learned the hard way over the years.

* Buy only what you know you want.

*Consider as if the item is full price, meaning you would be prepared to pay full odds so any reductions are truly genuine.

*Choose what you know works; save adventure for another day.

*Take advantage of the prices and replace the classics.

*Buy only if you need or love an item more than the one at home.

After my shopping spree I do take note:

* If a new item hasn’t been worn within 3 days it is unlikely to be; no excitement over something new in the first three days then euphoria is unlikely to strike.

When 7 days are up and you haven’t worn it, fill in the paperwork and hit return.

After 14 days and there have been no outings, the newest purchase could be considered a mistake; remember for next time.

With that in mind, here we go. xv

Black Friday: The Year Of The Sweatpants


**essential joggers  ||  power leggings  ||  yoga leggings  ||  lounge around joggers

wear with

**harmonise sweatshirt  ||  **essentials sweatshirt  ||  after class sweatshirt  ||  crewneck sweatshirt  ||  oversized sweatshirt

double-up (these tracksuits are amazing  – I’m wearing one most days – fit is great but if you want super roomy go one size up)

**navy tracksuit  ||  **grey with white stripe tracksuit  ||  **grey tracksuit  ||  **charcoal  tracksuit  || rag & bone lounge set

over the top

**puffa in black ||  **puffa in olive ||  quilted coat in moss ||  faux fur down jacket  ||  cocoon coat in camel  ||  double breasted coat  || orolay down jacket

this feature contains affiliate links

image, everlane

as shown: the new fleece sweatpant  ||  the lightweight french terry jogger

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Yep, I’m wearing them too Vicki! Have several, the newest being from TARGET active wear dept. They’re fabulous, very, very comfy fabric just the right weight, with deep pockets – love that feature – inexpensive ($24) so I bought 6 – black, denim navy, grey – and I don’t want to wear anything else these days – except on Thanksgiving I did wear a pair of more dressy trousers with a leopard print tunic blouse.
For me the secret which makes sweat pants look less like workout wear, is the bottom of the legs. They must either be just straight finished hems like regular trousers, or, like the Target version, have a deep loose fitting knitted cuff which doesn’t make them tight at the ankle and gathered looking, if that makes sense. I wear short boots (Chelsea style), lace-up Oxfords, sneakers, loafers, all of which seem to work with that style looser cuffed bottom.

Enjoy the weekend Vicki.


Oh Vicki, I am with you. I have never, ever lived in sweatpants for such a longer period of time like now! This will go done in fashion history as an era when sweatpants were altered to a more elegant and comfortable status!

Heike Hauser

I too have gone super-casual since February, with the multiple lock-downs. Sweatpants have become the daily norm; where I used to wear a dress almost every day, it’s now maybe once every two weeks. Where I used to wear pumps almost every day, now it too is maybe once every two weeks (and I feel me getting unsteady if I have heels higher than 3 inches on). When will this end?

Heike Hauser

Until earlier this month, peep-toe slingback pumps, but they get put away about this time until spring.

Heike Hauser

yes, keeping feet warm and dry for the next few months is important. I do love the four seasons and what each has to offer, but still, I look forward to the first day every spring that I can wear a summer dress and a pair of sandals or sandalette heels, without hose.


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