25 Nov 2019

The Rules of Engagement

Black Friday: Be Strategic on vickiarcher.com

What could be better than a long soak in a deliciously scented bath with an excellent book, Relaxing cocktail and an evocative soundtrack?


Except it’s the one week of the year where all the stores are wooing us with the promise of massive savings. My suggestion is to peruse the discounts from the comfort of home and let the online world do the work, leaving more time for that luxurious long bath.

Before I start with this year’s edit I want to remind us of our rules of engagement. These are most important because without a good sales strategy our buying can all go horribly wrong. We have all made expensive errors when it comes to discount buys  –  I try and stay within my rules and not only my wardrobe is reaping the benefits but also my wallet.

Be Strategic

* Be precise – Look at only what you know you want.


*Buy as if the item is full price, meaning you would be prepared to pay full odds so that any reductions are truly genuine.


*Save adventure for another day; sales are not the time to reinvent personal style.


*Take advantage of the prices and replace the classics.


*Buy only if you need or love an item more than the one at home.

The Rules Of Engagement

* If a new item hasn’t been worn within 3 days it is unlikely to be; no excitement over something new in the first three days then euphoria is unlikely to strike.


*If 7 days are up and you haven’t worn it then it must be returned.


*After 14 days and there have been no outings, the newest purchase could be considered a mistake; hopefully, it can be sent back.

I will be showing you my best edits throughout the week and in the past, these “rules” have really helped; I am sticking with them. xv

Start Here With These Beautiful Classics 30-50%off

the perfect animal print shift dress  ||  the best dressed up button front jacket

this beautiful lace flounce skirt  ||  worn with escada half lace blouse  ||  or satin caplet blouse

i need this grey silk blouse  ||  to wear with this gabriela hearst wool blazer

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image, irving penn

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Wonderful advice. I’ve just edited my wardrobe. I need a new pair of black pants and maybe a sweater but that’s all. I plan to be very disciplined.


They sound like good rules for people who shop the net. I never do. My pleasure is the old school kind of going into a lovely store and browsing till I find something I love. I can see the goods IRL, the feel of the fabric, quality and weight and colour to the eye. And as for Black Friday, I hold out for the Paris sales in late June every year. If you’re on their computer system as a previous customer or have a carte de fidelité you can shop a few days before the sales start, yet still buy at sale price. Most stores that do this have a sign “achats privés”. But not all. It’s always something worth asking (but not shouting) about. Some of my most favourite things came from the Paris soldes in le Bon Marché, designer labels 40-50% off (there’s also the détaxe if you live outside the EU) eg two divine Alexander McQueen silk scarves, a Valentino rock stud candy bag, etc. My 50% off Arche shoes – bliss on the feet came from the local Arche store, 5 minutes walk from the apartment where we always stay. Lovely staff and such good service. Looking forward to next year! Happy shopping for those who enjoy the net! Best wishes, Pamela

Michelle à Détroit

Great advice, Vicki. For me, two turtlenecks in black and camel cashmere, and two new pairs of lace up boots in black and brown (yes, I did succumb to that particular trend, and my lace up boots needed replacing.)


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