24 Sep 2021

Blaze(ER) A Trail

Blaze (ER) A Trail on vickiarcher.com

The easiest way to transform an outfit?

The answer is to add a blazer.

Whether the blazer is oversized, double-breasted, single-breasted, tweed, plaid, or a pattern; they are the world’s best investment when it comes to our wardrobe essentials. I need to show my hand up front  – I do love a blazer, I always have and always will. They make me feel well-dressed and put together, despite what is happening underneath.

This brings me to a fashion trend I’m noticing and despite what I once would have thought and said, I like it. The idea is to mix the formality of a tailored jacket with the casualness of sweats and track pants. There are sweat pants and sweat pants and then there are hoodies and hoodies. Wearing this style of blazer, whether the single button-up version or the double-breasted one, means a finer style works underneath. I’ve been wearing my blazers with cashmere pants and sweaters – with the hood out over the collar – and pairing the look with my most loved loafers of all time. The sneaker look is another option but for now, I’ve fallen back in love with these classics. I have recently replaced mine in white and black – yes, extravagant – but the investment that keeps on giving. The green and red traditional trim first had me in 1982 and not much has changed since then.

Blaze (ER) A Trail on vickiarcher.com

Not convinced about a cashmere hoodie underneath?

I like the cozy warmth around the neck – the scarf you have without the worry of another piece kind of thing – but a cashmere turtle neck is equally as good and looks perfect with a wider pair of cashmere sweat pants or the traditional ankle style.

Then there is the super silky for best blouse which I wear with my cashmere track pants and blazer on top. Would I ever, ever have imagined mixing all these pieces together once upon a time? Probably not.

Life has changed and casual wear has had not only a revival but also a reformation.

The EDIT this week is exclusive to Farfetch. I’m always on their site not only because they draw their inspiration from global brands and businesses but also because when I can’t find a particular piece I am usually guarranteed to find it there. My mind was set on these white babies – we women want what we want – I looked everywhere and managed to buy them at Farfetch. I’m in heaven and yes, it is totally ridiculous to fall for a pair of shoes, but it is a very solid and enduring romance. If you aren’t familiar with their site, take some time and click away, it is one of the best.

My full Blaze (ER) trail is HERE. xv

Farfetch have generously shared a code for you if you are a new time shopper – it is VICKI10  – a few terms and conditions apply. (see below)

  • This offer is valid for new customers only.
  • This offer is valid for full price and sale items.
  • This offer is valid for orders over £100 GBP ($145 USD) or the equivalent value in other currencies.
  • This offer is valid for selected brands and products only.
  • This offer can only be used once by an individual.
  • This offer is valid from 11.09.21 until 18.10.21.
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other FARFETCH offer.

Thank you Farfetch for sponsoring, Blaze (ER) A Trail

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I was introduced to my first pair of high heels at 13 by my Grandma (along with stockings and garter belts) and so began a love affair that still endures … But, at the age of 40, I began cheating with the most delightful and comforting pair of brogues. I can totally understand …. I was drawn to check the white Gucci while knowing they weren’t for me. However, the pale pink pair caused a gasp of delight. Sadly, as is often the case, the little sizes were out of stock. I will keep searching though …. Thank you for the introduction ;)


this style suits you better than any other and still black, the best colour to match your hair. Soo cool..
Looks very casual with the Gucci loafers in white. Thumbs up for this look.


Good morning Vicki!

I loved this photo when I saw it on IG yesterday and the additional photos you share here are just as gorgeous. You are so right; a good blazer will transform any blouse coupled with a pair of slacks or a skirt into a new outfit. I love how even your change of shoes transform the tone. And again, you look stunning and your hair is perfect. My hair is so long now too!


Thank you, Anita… I would love to see a picture of your hair on Insta… I’m sure it looks marvelous xx


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