4 Feb 2019

Body Confidential: Let’s Get Started

Here’s to all the apples, hourglasses and pears.

Following on from our ‘How To Dress’ feature we’ve made the unanimous decision to further the discussion.

Let’s get the bigger scoop on how to dress our shapes for every occasion.

As VA said, “Each morning we wake up and decide what to wear and hopefully a quick decision and one that feels good. Knowing our individual body shape makes the job of dressing that much easier.”

Knowing how to dress to flatter, for every occasion, will also pave the way for more informed shopping choices.

Dinners, black-tie events, holidays and swimwear, we’ve got it covered and are looking forward to sharing our discoveries.

Dressing for our shape will only flatter in the most practical sense and follows closely with our ‘Better Not Younger’ philosophy.

We will feel better and we will also feel more confident.

Trying to work pieces that don’t fit and flatter is a waste of our time. We want to spend more time with pieces that make us feel like the best versions of ourselves.

Always wondering what the right cut of jeans is? Or the most flattering dress length?

Or how about dressing to conceal; the midriff, larger ankles or legs.

We’ve got it all coming.

By incorporating these valuable lessons in shape dressing, we can look our best selves.

Tip-top and ready to shine.

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Taste of France

This is why I never consult articles or post about the brand of best-fitting jeans–best fit depends on the body that’s wearing them.
The U.S. chain Loft has two cuts: Marisa, for “rectangle,” “apple” or “lollipop” figures, with slim hips and relatively larger waists; and Julie, for pears and hourglasses, with curvier hips and smaller waists. I love the choice–I can put on a pair of Marisas and have to go up to size 12 to get them over my hips, but then the waistband is enormous, like one of those “I lost 50 lbs.” diet ads. If I put on the same pants in Julie, I can get size 6 and they fit like a glove. In fact, now, all my pants are from Loft because Julie works for me.

Linda B

Lately I’ve read some opining that we should feel free to ignore figure flattery advice. Sometimes I experiment with this, just a wee bit, trying to push my own boundaries of self-perception. Other days I try this and ugh! I end up looking in the mirror and hating my ensemble. This happened just yesterday. Luckily I was able to add one more element over my striped tee and black jeans–a black tank dress that served as. sort of long tunic-vest, skimming over my hips in just the right way–and that made all the difference. Sometimes it just takes some experimentation to get that flattering look.


What ‘dress your body’ approaches seem to ignore are one’s legs and arms and general proportions such as having short legs or a long torso. As an ‘hour glass’ with heavier legs, I find the rule to accentuate my curves and my waist to miss the mark entirely. An hour to two spent in the dressing room, trying on a variety of styles is well worth the time invested


I do prefer to dress for flattery (and comfort), but I don’t find most “body shape” articles helpful because they don’t take changes into account. For example, I started as an hourglass and am now, after pregnancies, weight gain and multiple abdominal surgeries, a rectangle. However, I don’t have the slim hips, small bust or flat butt that goes with the classic rectangle body type. I still have the curvy bust and butt of the hourglass. So far, I haven’t found any body type advice that applies to me.


Oh I ADORE your birthday dress choice!!! A stunner!! I’m in SOCAL so another Western themed dress occasion is not exciting to me. I’m a definite hourglass but plus sized. So I’m usually in 3 pieces which nearly always includes a duster or loose jacket over same toned separates. Flatform shoes give me height without heel. Love this blog!!


Good morning Vicki!

I’m looking forward to more details on this topic. I’ve always tried to dress to suit my body type (a thin pear or maybe even a diamond!) so I’d love to see what gorgeous styles you have lined up. Now, to go off to get ready to work to figure out what to wear!

Michelle à Détroit

It’s well worth the effort to dress according to our body types. I have long arms and very long legs, a slightly short torso, slightly broad shoulders and a defined waist and hips (though I wouldn’t call myself curvy) Anything that cuts me off at the waist or is too voluminous on the top (like dolman sleeves) looks awful on me.


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