27 Jun 2019

Body Confidential: One Piece Wonder

Body Confidential: The One Piece Wonder on vickiarcher.com

Seriously, do I really have to?

Wear a swimsuit.

I should have planned better, been more disciplined, shed ten kilos then all I would need is an “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”.

There will be nothing teenie, weenie about my swimming attire this summer and as long as it is comfortable, looks good and allows me to swim and swim I will be very happy.

I have missed swimming and lazing in the sun; I am ready for a good extra strength dose.

What to wear seems obvious but there are swimsuits and then there are swimsuits.

First off there is the shape to work with each of our body types; short waisted, long waisted, shorter legs and taller ones. The shorter the body the higher the neckline and the reverse works for those with a longer body. Legs skyward can wear a more retro style with a longer leg; high cuts for the less leggy.

Fabric means everything. At this stage in my swimming career, I am all about the strongest lycra. I can’t fool myself; the soft fabrics do me no favours. Around the midriff and through the bust line looks so much better with a fabric that not only supports but also stays in place.

Colour is important. Black and white together is a good solution as are jewel tones and all black. When in doubt an all-black costume is my fall-back.

Naturally a cover-up/caftan plus a pair of cute espadrilles make it all come together.

Are swimsuits worth an investment?

Yes, I believe they are. I have had suits for many years and when looked after the fit is as good today as it was when I bought them. I might be the only variable in the equation.

I’ve put together a selection of my top 3 best brands and their “one piece wonders”. See what you think. xv

Body Confidential: One Piece Wonders

sorella v neck  ||  rick rack v neck  ||  grace contrast

jena one shoulder   ||  embrace cross front  ||  wrapsody one piece

les essentials asia  ||  alibi square neck  ||  les essentials larcin

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wendy shippee

Eres suits my favorite. They are flattering, classic and wear like iron.


IT’s been YEARS since I have seen a BEACH HOWEVER……………
SO I clicked on the ESPADRILLES!
THANK YOU for always inspiring and keeping us on our TOES!

Donna D

Nothing “teenie weenie” about my swimsuit attire this season either!
I shall be concentrating on the fabulous wrap and the standout hat … hoping thr focus is off the swimsuit/body
Enjoy relaxing in the sunshine with a good book and swimming in the beautful ocean…the best therapy.

Taste of France

I don’t want to be in the sun, so I have switched to swimshorts and a long-sleeve rash guard. The effect is ninja/fierce volleyball player. I’m well within the normal weight range for my height, so it isn’t about sizing. It’s about comfort and avoiding sun exposure. With the canicule we’re having, I’ve been in the pool three times today.

Mary Jane Sattan

Oh! Come on….What are we 70 year olds supppose to wear….
I love to swim, but are finding it harder and harder to find age appropriate suits.
Something to cover both front and “rear”. :)


Just what I showed you MJ… they would look fabulous on you.. try and see :)


Good morning Vicki!

OK…this is an area I cannot speak of much since unfortunately, my father never allowed me to learn to swim! As a teen and adult, I had no interest in learning but now I have such a love for water, but from a healthy distance. So then, that has helped me avoid wondering what I’d wear to the beach! What I do enjoy doing on water’s edge is walking, and for me, I can at least sport short shorts and whatever cute bathing suit top I wish.


As an Aussie and from the coast, I find it so incredible, Anita. We learnt to swim even before we walked I think… Yes, beach walking is the best and so good for the legs… I might swim but don’t ask me anything about winters and big snow… ha ha… I would be lost!


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