26 Sep 2016

Stuart Weitzman: All About The Boot

Stuart Weitzman: All About The Boots on vickiarcher.com

Stuart Weitzman is all about the boot.

Like the faux, I was a little resistant with the idea of super long boots. What was I thinking?

Like most fashion statements, it is about finding the right pair and adapting the trend to suit. No, I won’t be styling the over the knees like Gigi Hadid but I will be wearing them my way; not with shorts and legs that go forever, but with simple dresses.

Last year I cut my teeth on the 5050; I love, love these boots.

I wore them with every dress and skirt in the closet; especially the little black ones and it gave my winter dressing a real lift. Not to mention, the boot and a higher fitting one, is a very practical solution in cold climates.


This season I’m thinking it is all about the boot.

It is the short boot, the mid boot and the high boot; boots with heels, boots without heels and boots fitting on the knee or over-the-knee. It doesn’t seem to matter what’s on top as long as there are a pair of boots below.

Boots have found their absolute stride in velvet and in suede, Beautiful jewel colours to deviate away from the blacks and greys we have classically worn. What about the Bordeaux colours? Do you see yourself stepping out in these?

I still see myself in the HALFTIME grey suede’s above.


The Stuart Weitzman long boots have stolen my heart because they fit with ease and without stress.

I don’t believe I have the biggest calves ever created but in the past my boot trying days were a depressing and morale deflating disaster. Boots would either not zip up or if they did I looked like a sausage about to burst; nothing elegant about that. I would give up, go home in a bad mood and always feel as if I were missing out.

The 5050‘s are the game changer of all boots.

They are the training wheels of the two-wheeler and the boot to wear when not quite ready to sport the thigh high style. They are the beginner’s story.

The Stuart Weitzman styles have give, they stretch to fit the shape and size of the leg beautifully, not to mention a longer boot is so much more flattering to the leg. Unless you are model thin, the gap between hemline and boot line is better covered.

If pants are your preference, then stay short in the GRANDIOSE or dress it up in the velvet CLINGER. Don’t you love their names?

Last winter I warmed up; this winter I’m going all the way. xv

All About The Boot


Watch the gorgeous Gigi Hadid play, “Would You Rather” HERE

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Taste of France

Your 5050s are perfect. I don’t like the feel of boot behind my knee, but the way these step up in the front is just right.
Tall boots manage to look dressy even with flat heels. They really lengthen the leg despite not having heels.
Did you see where a “fan” picked Gigi Hadid off the ground and she fought him off? Good for her. No guy should feel entitled to grab a woman.


She is an impressive girl for one so young..
I absolutely feel like these boots have changed my “winter” life.. they are so comfortable and they make the simple look very good.
I am in love with the new HALFTIME… they feel the same as the 5050 but the extra height makes me feel just a little more dressed up..

Anita Rivera

Oh, I am loving number 1.

I think I can pull that off nicely, whereas the full thigh boot would be difficult to go over my muscular thighs!!!!!!

I LOVE this man’s style. I fell in love with the most gorgeous pair of black suede pumps last year but was unable to afford them. Oh but those number 1 boots…that’s my length!


They all look great especially the suede ones but I become claustrophobic and feel cramped in these high leg boots and don’t feel comfortable though I prefer ankle boots with skinny pants.


Well, there went my chance to walk around looking like D’Artagnan ! I am living in the Deep Warm South and no boots are in my future. But I do love them ..


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