8 Oct 2012

Bordeaux, Cabernet, Claret, Merlot, Shiraz…. Oxblood… Whatever The Name… I Love The Colour

I am not talking wine.. I am talking this season’s most popular colour… ‘oxblood’… or bordeaux as I prefer… This shade is everywhere… rich, vibrant and full bodied.

Bordeaux is my new favourite… it seems to suit most skin types and hair colours… I love it as an accessory… it sharpens up an ‘all black’ look… and a touch of this delicious colour makes me feel on trend and somehow brighter… whether it is a bag, a pair of earrings, a skirt or a sweater… I am adding it to ‘the black’… to my key pieces, ‘to my Paris pack‘… whenever I can… This colour is flattering, very elegant, so timeless… and a French favourite… Like navy blue… bordeaux never dates.

My thoughts about a wardrobe… or putting together a look… are similar to my thoughts on interior design… A room cannot be ‘all stars and no chorus line’ and fashion should follow the same principle. If we wear ‘designer’ from head to toe… we loose our individuality, our perspective… our style… The women that I admire mix fashion… they may be wearing killer shoes, that have cost as much as a month’s salary… yet they will also be wearing pieces from the ‘high street’…less expensive items that bring it all together. Mixing it up is the key to great style, a good look and a wardrobe that works.

This is where bordeaux comes in…

I have decided to invest in a new handbag… always a big decision…but bordeaux it is..and I am adding some lesser accessories to my staples… I am thinking a sweater and scarf to wear with my skinny black pants… Bordeaux jeans to wear with my black sweater… Another pair of drop earrings, in shades of bordeaux, to change things up.. A pencil skirt to wear with a black turtleneck and opaque tights… A fun clutch, a short jacket… Bordeaux will be my ‘extra’ … my go-to accent that will compliment and accent the basic black… And I will definitely be painting my nails bordeaux… and staining my lips.


My bag of choice… Sophie Hulme Buckle Tote… here

or a Celine Vinatge… here

and this Doctor style bag is the best… here

Fisherman’s Sweater here

or Burberry cables here

Double Layer Skirt… here

Bordeaux scarf… here

Bordeaux Bow Tie for that simple white shirt and Boyfriend blazer… here

Bordeaux Skinny Jeans… here

Bordeaux Bracelet… here

Bordeaux Nails… here and lips … here

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Heather in Arles

Am totally with you on this and that it is another equivalent to navy blue, which I am loving more and more–not only because it works well with black but…bordeaux! Love all of your choices (well, those skinnies are a little too skinny for me–on my legs they would be walking saucisson in that color) and can definitely see you in that scarf! And a new bag…oooh…will live vicariously through you on that one and will look forward to seeing what you choose…
Bon Weekend,


You made me laugh about saucisson… I hope my legs don’t look like donkey and horse meat mixed up together!!! :) Still laughing…:)


Whatever you call it, is right. I bought a beautiful dress for fall and I was so surprised when the sales associate called it oxblood. Guess someone from the color institute was just having fun with names for the fall apparel market. Such a luscious color for fall.


I love reading your posts. My husband and I just returned from a week in Paris. Before I went I read your post on what you packed, and you were right on! The LBJ and oxfords were everywhere. Bordeaux is one of my favorite accent colors as well.

Caramel et Fleur de sel

I love Bordeaux … On my last trip to Paris this August, I purchased a bordeaux bag, a pair of bordeaux boots and a bordeaux fedora. I also saw a beautiful pair of forest green ankle boots, but decided not to buy them and I regret it tremendously!
Love that Sophie Hulme bag and the Alexander Wang dress.
Enjoy your weekend.


ISn’t that bag just fabulous… and I have seen it for real.. and it’s prettier than the pics… so tempted…:)

david terry

Funny you’d say this, Vicki….

Context: I’m not known for having a sense of color. My mother claims that the only crayons-in-the-box I would use as a child were the brown & blue crayons. If nothing else, I’m professionally best-known as the guy who does Black&White/pen&ink illustrations, and I’m a notoriously haphazard dresser with a closet filled exclusively with blue or brown or white shirts. All of my pants and suits are blue or brown, with the exception of a black tuxedo (I do have enough sense to know that a blue tuxedo just doesn’t cut it if you don’t happen to be a
Cuban band-leader).

Inside this 220 year old house?…I don’t think there IS a “color-scheme….just hundreds of uniformly black-framed pictures, old walnut or cherry furniture (almost all of it un-upholstered), about 2000 books, faded old orientals of no particular “color”, white walls, plain-as-dirt white muslin curtains (I’d prefer to have no curtains at all, but folks complain), miles of wide-planked old oak floorboards….just a very typical very-old house filled with tons of old (and mostly brown) stuff. all in all, pretty austere.

This past week, a theater/design friend of mine, who’s moving to California, came over with a big, upholstered club-chair he wanted to give to me. It’s upholstered in deep-burgundy silk. I recoiled, standing there in the driveway while he got it out of the back of his car. He put his hands on his hips and told me “Just TRY it. It doesn’t matter if you LIKE it….just see if it WORKS!”

Well, it DID. He came back, two days ago, with two large pillows he’d bought for me..both in this shade you’ve described. they’re now on the couch (it was my grandmother’s and is uphosltered in a sort of genteely-dingey, dull “gold” something) which faces the club chair.

I’ve got to admit….three big spots of Deep Burgundy in that room just make it “pop” (my friend’s word for the matter). Let me emphasize that I would NEVER have chosen these, left to my own dull (and, I’ll admit, predictably unadventurous) devices.

I told my friend “you’re RIGHT…it looks….Great…”, and he replied “Well, maybe I’ll get you a red tie for Christmas…it’s time to shake things up little bit around here….Don’t worry; I won’t make it TOO red..”.

In any case, I, too, now have my favorite “new” color.

Level Best as Ever,

David Terry

Anita Rivera

I am usually not a RED person, BUT in conjunction with our beloved black, I am finding that it suits me very well! With this mop of black hair of mine and my fixed wardrobe of noir, adding this fab color helps perk up my step!!!

What a glorious fall it is, Vicki; I am enjoying every brusk blast of wind here, for our colors are spectacular. I hope yours is the same!



The weather is so lovely here… it is hard to believe it is autumn… still in the 20’s…

Leslie Sinclair

I am planning to go shopping with my two girls today who are coming home for a visit! We will all have to hunt for and try on oxblood–the new black!! Have a great week!


This is by far my favorite color to wear aside from black. Love, love, love it on the lips and nails too. Bought a fabulous lipstick in the shade the last time I was in Paris. I ration it to make sure it lasts until I can get there again! Love your blog, it’s fantastique!


That is always the way… the colour we love the most is the hardest to replace… You will just have to go back…:)


I really love this color, too! I’m drawn to reds, so I lean toward the darker shades in the winter and corals in the summer. It’s normally hard to find bordeaux so I’m going to stock up this season while it’s popular. I’d love a bag and a pair of jeans. I’m thinking with a grey sweater and gold jewelry!

Kate Mai

Vicki- When I was gazing in Andre’s window the other day i saw a pair of brogues in burgandy patent leather and loved them. Did you notice them when you were shopping? Fabulous!


Vicki I love this color…Bordeaux is perfect with black and charcoal greys as well! I have a sweater and a scarf…would love a pencil skirt to wear with my black turtlenecks.

Art by Karena


I have decided I want to wear skirts more… it is too easy wearing jeans and pants each day… there is something about a skirt that makes you feel more put together.. more dressed…


I have long been a lover of this color, no matter what the name. “Bordeaux” is ever so much lovelier than “oxblood”, to my ear. In the past week, I have bought a few little Bordeaux treats myself– a lovely polish from RGB, and a wonderful handcrafted obi belt made of old silk ties. I am on the hunt for some fall shoes–this would be an ideal color for some flats or booties, I think. . .

Thank you for the inspiration!


My nails are going bordeaux this week… and a pair of booties would be on my wish list…


When you posted a while back about straight pants and loafers it reminded me of a favourite pair of pants from the late 1970s… they were bordeaux in colour and simple in style and I loved them. And you are so right about it being a great colour for almost everyone…whenever I see someone in it I think how great they look!


It is an easy colour to wear… I agree… and the beauty is most of us have some black in our wardrobes … so as an accessory, it works immediately… I like adding to my wardrobe, rather than re-thinking it entirely…


I love that colour too and I believe it is almost another name for currant. I have a sweater in that shade and never fail to get compliments on it. It is not an easy colour to find, but it is a great one!


That color has been my favorite for years. This past month on a riverboat trip I wore my Bordeaux color silk suit for the 6th time on our 6th cruise for Captain’s night. It was a hit especially the color. Apparently, people have been following the fashion colors for this Fall. Saw the color everywhere in Germany at all the shops. Thanks for an informative blog.


Fashion trends have long tentacles…:) It sounds as if your silk suit is a perfect travelling companion…

Joyce Joneschiet

What a fabulous color! It would be delicious with black and I will definitely be looking for ways to add it into my wardrobe. Thanks for another beautiful post. I also think that Bordeaux is a better name than oxblood!

Marsha @ Splenderosa

I love how you created this lovely board. Very inspirational. I am a complete accessories girl and so understand buying a new bag to jazz up a look. Perfectamundo, Vicki !!


I love the look of Bordeaux with black! The
Ipstick looks wonderful. Not too deep of a pigment but gorgeous color. Thanks for doing our shopping for us! As always, terrific.


Bonjour Chere Vicki!
Oh, I have been away too long…
I am loving this color! It reminds me of Paris in the 20’s, I don’t know why…but it screams ( more likely whispers seductively) romantic and sophisticated.
And we have plenty of trees with their leaves turning this stunning shade, so the inspiration is even coming forth from mother nature!
Enjoy the balmy Autumn weather…
– Irina


OOooohhhh I love everything. I’m so tempted to buy a patent burgundy bag and shoes!! And wear them with a black hat and houndstooth cape!


I agree Bordeaux sounds so much better than Burgundy too!!!
It’s great we have you on the spot to tell us of the new season trends – merci mon ami!

When I did my latest post I meant to spread the word about two giveaways and I completely forgot – until today… So late as it is I have now put them on my blog!!!!!!!

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend – I wonder if you’re in Provence or Paris?!!
Shane ♥


Dear Vicki
This lovely colour brings back happy memories of a wonderful Mary Quant outfit I used to wear when young and skinny in the late 1960s/early 70s. The wool jacket had a background colour of a kind of light cream mushroom combination with alternating thin widespaced lines of Bordeaux and deep grapey purple crossing through it in a kind of check. The elbows had brown suede patches. The skirt was a very mini hipster, in the flecky cream/mushroom colour but without the coloured lines. I used to wear it with a fine wool knit bordeaux polo neck, and bordeaux patent bag and shoes. With mid grey fine denier tights. Loved it to death! Those were the days! Don’t think I’ve had much in bordeaux since then but it is beautiful. Best wishes, Pamela


My new Autumn purchases, a pair of trousers and a beret are both in Burgundy! Didn’t realise I was so on #trend! Can’t wait to wear the beret with my mac! Am coming over all ‘Allo Allo’ (probably only your UK followers will get that reference, I’m afraid, popular 80’s TV show about German occupation of France WW2, very funny! …..)

trish Murphy

I love the bordeaux shade it is beautiful.I had a beautiful bordeaux taffeta dress in the early 80s which I loved to wear.I still have it but sadly it does not fit now.I must wear the colour again we will have to wait in Australia for the Autumn next year.x Trish


Thinking back… I remember some bordeaux I had in the 80’s too… Thanks Trish…:)

Tish Jett

Oooooh, love it. First I’ll “shop” in my closet — I know there’s some in there someplace — and then maybe a sweater and another scarf. Already have the nail polish and one scarf incorporating deep, robust, “full-bodied” (as you said, very funny) wines.


The Enchanted Home

Definitely a gorgeous and very rich color. I have never personally worn it but admire it from afar on others and even in decor. Now wine however, thats a whole different story:)


Yes… I haven’t worn bordeaux much either… but now I am loving it… As for the wine… I am with you there…:)

Playing With Scarves

Bordeaux is everywhere, including here in the Florida stores – which is strange as the weather is still very hot (85-90)! I really love bordeaux as an additional touch to a black or gey outfit. Always an elegant option. Not sure it fits any woman though. Another point is that it can also make a woman look older than she is… I’d say “à consommer avec modération!” :-)))


Hi Vicki,

Delicious, delicious.
Just looking at your montage of images makes me think of flames in a fireplace in the middle of winter, a cup of spiced wine, the frangrance of rose and incense and berries, the intimacy of a lover…..the colours of a soul of a women. The darker and more sombre reds make me think of Art Nouveau architecture, glossy black bob hair styles, alabaster shoulders and calves, smokey eyes, heirloom diamonds….oooh la la and AAAHHH. Let’s go out, put on our finery, brave the elements. Let’s meet somewhere for fine dining, laughter, joy and happiness. Somewhere with that roaring fireplace, antique mirrors, vintage chandaliers, polished wood, intimate corners. Let’s raise a toast….to the ones we love. Let life be beautiful and let us be beautiful.

Vicki Ford

Helen Tilston

Hello Vicki

I am sure you will wear this bordeaux with flair. I have a beautiful burgundy scarf which I purchased in Venice some years ago, which I treasure.

Fond wishes for a week of joy

Helen xx


Hi Vicki,
I adore black but, I also love dark, sludgy colours and have just bought a top in Oxblood which has a black border…… along with burgundy nails and eyeshadow, I shall be embracing the Bordeaux hue. Gorgeous. XXXX

miss b

Burgundy has always been a favourite of mine and I’m amazed how many shades there are this autumn. Such a range of names to describe them too. I’m definitely looking for a few accessories and I especially like the Sophie Hulme tote but Bordeaux nails would be an instant update.


Vicki, I love this color and plan to look for some lipstick soon in this color! Thank you for always making our day brighter!

Mary Jo

Truly a gorgeous color Vicki, I think you’ve made a great choice–unfortunately in this part of the world it’s not going to be weather appropriate for another month at least…but come the holidays it will start to emerge. I do admire and appreciate it from afar though!

xo Mary Jo


My signature lipstick is Bordeaux by Lancome. I buy several tubes at once for fear the color will be discontinued! Thanks for the other beautiful suggestions.


Bordeaux is a fabulous color and I love all your choices, expecially the handbags. I hope the color reaches Southern California for Fall. But will definitely pick up a Lancome lipstick.

Carla Coulson

Out with the Burgundy and Ox Blood and in with the Bordeaux so much more chic V and such a warm and elegant colour for Autumn I love this time of year in Paris!
Carla x


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