1 Jan 2019

Bouncing Into The New Year

It’s been a big year for all of us here at VA.

We have come away from 2018 with determination to re-focus on wellness.

Wellness is no longer about quick fixes or hoping one small change will miraculously give us all the answers. Wellness or well-being is about a united approach to all facets of life.

The new year is about being true to ourselves and reaching into our hearts and acknowledging that positivity and active change through well-being can make all the difference to our lives.

Are you ready to bounce into the new year?

These features from the past year will have us well and truly on the way.

Better Not Younger: The Age Of Movement

The ‘Better Not Younger’ philosophy has been an ongoing train of thought for Vicki, a personal journey that no matter our age, we can all learn a lot from.

The Age of Movement focuses on the importance of exercise and ageing well.


Where Do You Find The Inspiration

The importance of inspiration can be extremely understated.

The new year reminds us to keep our minds open to new possibilities and creativity.


Are You A People Pleaser?

Being brutally honest with ourselves is vital and in order to make real positive change we must.

Balance is becoming an ongoing message in a lot of our features and this piece will encourage a lot of reflection.


The Art of Movement: On The Road Again

Planning exercise is one thing. Actually getting down and doing it is another.

Consistency is key and having a good game plan is the way to go.


Anxiety: 4 Ways To Deal With This Culprit

“Anxiety can produce an uncontrollable minefield of what if’s and maybe’s as thoughts turn to the future.”

Getting to grips with this culprit may seem difficult, but practising some of these tips will help see the back of anxiety.


Say One Thing: Mean Another

Saying one thing and meaning another is a common habit many of us may be guilty of.

A lack of trust in our honesty means we often say what others want to hear.


Did You Know You Were A Juggler?

Are we aware we are jugglers? The list is endless for the number of roles we take on in life and it all comes down to the ongoing theme of balance.

It’s time to realise how wonderfully multi-faceted we women are, in so many ways.


4 Ways To Fight Fatigue

Fighting fatigue might affect us differently throughout the year, but for some of us, the holidays may be one of the worst times.


2019 is a perfect time to get some of our recommended practices in place.

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Good morning everyone at VA!

This has been another wonderful year of self-discovery. Without this vital component to living, how could anyone even think there could be growth, creativity and joy? Thank you all for working so hard to present to your readers a wealth of variety to help us ponder, reinvent ourselves and put our best selves forward. Wishing all of you a fabulous 2019!


Love “better not younger” it’s a great mantra/motto/creed. My 2019 focus is to stop people pleasing. It’s so subtle. One gets caught up doing it so easily. Anyway, Vicki, here’s to a great 2019 for you.


“2019 is a perfect time to get some of our recommended practices in place.” I’ll toast to that! Happy New Year!

Personally, I want to focus even more on being rather doing. I want to be more present at whatever moments I’m lucky enough to live and treasure. Cheers!


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