31 May 2018

Braving The White Jeans

Wearing white jeans is brave.


Brave if you are messy and braver still if your sensitivity is directed towards your rear view.

Last weekend we all ventured out to see my daughter’s cottage in The Cotswolds. It was a working weekend and such fun to put the finishing touches on the most adorable home away from home she has created.

Can I just be a mother for a minute?

It is the strangest feeling when your children come of age and when they become the homemakers. Being a guest in your child’s home is the most wonderful and at the same time confronting feeling – “Better, not Younger” certainly helped me put it all in perspective. I will admit to being so thrilled she has inherited my love of home creation and attention to detail. Our styles are different and yet I am enthralled with how she has managed to put all this together in the most beautiful way. She works very long hours in a grown-up business world; how she finished the renovation and refurbishment in record time is beyond me. 

What’s this got to do with white jeans?

I packed mine for the weekend to wear with a fuller style blouse I have been favouring and the new jacket I recently added to the wardrobe. When I tried them on  – as much as I hate to admit – I had a serious crise about the back view. Self-consciousness is a trait I don’t admire and truthfully I am far too old to be worried about that but somehow white jeans bring out the worst in me.

The scenario goes something like this. I take them out of the cupboard, try them on with a couple of top options, wander around a bit and then take them off. The indecision drives me nuts. Then I see other women wearing them, not all skinny-Minnie’s and wonder why I make such a fuss.

My daughter’s advice was to “get over it” in the nicest possible way.  She thought they looked great especially with the longer style leopard print shirt. Okay, I listened to her, relaxed and actually left the cottage with my self-confidence back intact; a classic case of over-thinking.

The moral of the white jean tale is to be brave.

Wear them, but wear them in a way that suits you. Personalise them.

If covering up is what needs to happen to make you feel comfortable – then do it – cover up the bits you don’t like. If tucking a shirt in at the front and leaving it long behind helps – don’t hesitate. Wear white jeans narrow if you want your legs to appear longer and wider if your worried your pins look too thin.

Try them with a blazer and heels, a striped shirt and sneakers or a silk blouse and mules; white jeans are an easy option to have at our fingertips.

White jeans are a fantastic staple in the wardrobe; don’t forget them. xv

Be Brave: Wear The White Jeans

treasure & bond high waist crop  ||  topshop skinny  ||  eileen fisher stretch-sateen  ||  madewell crop  ||  rag & bone wide leg

If you would like to book a weekend at One Church Cottages in The Cotswolds email me and I will put you in touch and see more, follow HERE

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I’m too terrified of white jeans…….at age 59 I still have regular periods but I know at my age they could start being irregular at any time, so the anxiety I would have wouldn’t be worth it.


It’s so rewarding to see our daughters make their own homes, isn’t it, Vicki? Especially when they do it completely in their own style, but emulating that same “love of home” we have.

As far as the white jeans, I admit, I love them!! So much so that have three pairs in rotation. Here in Southern California they are my go to pants all summer long (anything to get me out of black or jeans!) they really work for almost everything. Embrace the white jeans, friend, and embrace beautiful YOU! xo Lidy

Our French Oasis

Summer jeans are an absolute must for me on cooler days. Rolled up a couple of times at the hem with sneakers, the French make Bensimon come in so many fabulous pale summer colours, or with sandals or flip flops and painted nails. I have always been the hugest fan of the white jeans club!

Taste of France

I love white jeans because the fabric is thick enough that undies don’t show through, which can be a problem with cotton or linen. And they don’t give off that retiree-on-a-cruise vibe. Way more cool.

Mimi Gregor

The thing is… if you don’t look in the mirror and shout “F**K YEAH!”… why would you want to wear them? If I look in a mirror and am indecisive… the answer is a firm NO! I don’t CARE about what is fashionable. I want to look GREAT. Full stop.


I like white jeans on others, not on me. I find white jeans pick up dust and pollen… and spots show up sharply. They are a high maintenance option. When they are clean and spot free – they are a great look..


I purchased a pair of Mavi white skinny jeans on sale they are my absolute favourite jeans! They look great with everything , even in winter with a long black jumper and boots, this is my current look being winter here in Sydney.


Hello Vicky – we will be in St Remy in a week!!! Is it too hot for white jeans? I love them, but last year it was far too hot for any sort of jeans, day or night. Love your posts, such a great insight into life in France etc and your fashion ideas.


It should be still a good option… You never know, but I would risk it!


I just bought a pair of white jeans. I always had a pair or two on the go when young but then children came along. I foolishly flew wearing white jeans with a baby and was a hot mess when I arrived at my destination. That was it for white. All these years later and I’m back in them and loving it.


White jeans, so chic….. one day, perchance….. but on another note it is wonderful to have an encouraging daughter. As our self confidence sometimes gets a bit wobbly, and they step in and sort it out. It’s great!


Hi Vicki
It’s strange isn’t it, one doesn’t know there is a problem until the problem is invented. Until it started to be spoken about l never thought any women should be shy of white jeans no more than light coloured trousers . Like any fashion look it has to be tweaked to suit the individual and their body shape to look it’s best.
White jeans look so French, so fresh and say that summer has arrived.
Anyway white jeans on any body shape on any age certainly beat black leggings and a ‘camels foot’😯
White jeans, sandles with a little bit of sparkle and an appropriate top just lovely!
Just my thoughts .
Hmm now red lipstick that’s another matter 😄 !!!!!!!


I have 3 pair (pairs?) of white jeans … different cuts. I look fine in them all. I just wish I could wear them without picking up schmutz and having to wash them so frequently.

I do agree that they look much more current in summer than blue jeans.

I recently bought a pair of light grey jeans (boyfriend cut) that I feel quite cool and current wearing. After all, it’s not just how our clothes look on us, but how they help us feel. So let’s wear those clothes that make us feel confident. My two cents’ worth. :)

Michelle à Détroit

I love white jeans. They are a staple that I wear even in winter (with camel) I am slender and I also prefer a more covered look with white jeans- blazers or longer tops. Short blue
denim jackets work well if the jeans are not super tight.


I agree with all the comments, I love my white jeans I have skinny jeans and always wear them with a flowing shirt, heals or flats. I’m very particular about the denim it has to have body & weight just like any good pair of jeans … not the flimsy thin fabric ( pretending to be denim) that’s out there at the moment as the cut and fabric can let you down I think that goes without saying.
Enjoy your new found fashion addition by the end of summer you’ll wonder why you hesitated.


After MANY tries, this 52 year old found AG’s legging ankle jeans in white did the trick. They have some stretch, they are thick and the front pockets are fake (so you don’t get that outline of the pockets showing through). They are the perfect shade of white and so comfortable. Great smoothing coverage too.


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