19 Oct 2010


If you are a lover of a French flea market then click HERE to save this site for any future trips to France.

Brocabrac is a website that lists all the local markets in France – the times and the dates.

The photograph is from French Essence of my collection of old night dresses that were found in local flea markets years ago.

I wish I had known about Brocabrac then….I can’t even imagine how many I missed… xv

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Perfect timing Vicki! I am off to Paris next week and was just thinking that I have not been to a market yet.
You saved me lots of time, I thank you!!

Lovely shot by Carla too!

Jeanne xx

A Gift Wrapped Life

To have time to visit all 95 markets (I checked the website) and to have a selection of those linen night dresses (95 as well?)…………I would be happy. Chat this week, my turn. Much love and hope the week is off to a good start. XO


That;s nice! At the least I can revise the numbers of the different Departements that I learned some 30 years ago, lol! I am sure this is a useful website, though. Thanks for sharing!

Julie Mautner

Do we ever get enough of these places? Just when I think I've finally had my fill, I find a new one. Thanks for sharing the site and the lovely photo!


Thank you SO much for sharing that site. Last time I was in the South of France I only went to the markets that I happened upon. Next trip, I'll have an agenda!

the paris apartment

Brocabrac is a great site, I've used it for research on my app. I also suggest Aladin magazine when arriving in Paris to find the scheduled specialty markets, brocantes and vide greniers.


Thanks so much for the link….my sister and I went to the brocantes and markets in Paris. It was wonderful…..love your nightdresses. XXXX

time-worn interiors

I found a night dress last year and thank goodness it was a larger size and I could actually wear it! I love it! Most of the time they are tiny, but I got lucky! I love the way they look all haning together!

Sarah Klassen

lovely! I will certainly visit the site… thank you also for your comment the other day — did you like the tea?

Hope you're having a wonderful week, xo

paris parfait

Ah, it's so hard to resist a brocante. Was very disappointed that a big one at Parc des Princes was cancelled last weekend, due to the strikes/petrol shortage. Anyway, I've been to so many brocantes over the last ten years, am now giving away/selling many of my finds (to make way for more, of course). :)


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