4 Jul 2019

Brow Focus: “Brows Are Sisters Not Twins”

Time for power brows.

The Marlene Dietrich pencil lines are hard to pull off and the Groucho Marx rugs a little over the top. The Frida Kahlo monobrow – forget it.

Eyebrows are the frames to our eyes and they emphasise our expressions.

The solution would seem to an easy one.

Follow a natural line and leave them well enough alone. Take away the minimum from underneath, allowing for a shaped brow and a clean canvas to apply eye make-up. It all sounds simple enough but the reality is a different matter. I know very few women who haven’t over-plucked their eyebrows at some stage and find as they age the shape is far from perfect. Mine aren’t too bad these days but I certainly wish I had left well enough alone when I was younger. Like most young girls, I could not be told.

As we know looking natural is not as easy as all that so the perfect brows do require some application and maintenance. Eyebrows are like haircuts, if they are well groomed we are ready to take on the world, a lack of care and attention and we want to stay home and hide under the covers.

To Shape

Imagine a line drawn from the outside of the nose upwards towards the brow. This will be the starting point. A line drawn diagonally from the outside corner of the eye will be the finishing point.

The brow should be bushier at the beginning and gently taper down to a soft point.

To Colour

With dark hair, the colour used should be one shade lighter than the eyebrow hair colour.  For lighter hair, it is advisable to use one or two shades darker, depending on your preference.

I tint my eyebrows regularly and ask the beauty therapist to mix a slight amount of grey tint in with the dark brown tint. I leave the tint on longer than necessary so while the coverage is a bit too dark for the first two days it does ensure the tint lasts me well. One of my eyebrows is thinner than the other and this one I tint fractionally darker to create the illusion the brows are the same. To guarantee the best results I don’t wet the brows for 24 hours afterwards and cleanse around them.

To Apply

Even with a regular eyebrow tint, I still need to use an eyebrow product to fill in the gaps and shape certain areas.

Avoid harsh lines always and begin by brushing the brows outwards. When applying eyebrow colour use light, feathery dashes so the eyebrows are not a solid block of colour. Follow the natural line of the brow using the eye pencil and don’t over-extend the length as this can drag the face down. Remember your imaginary line. Once the colour is applied, brush over the brows with a light hand, to remove any excess.

To Use

The easiest and I think by far the best eyebrow sculptor is from Tom Ford. I use this in taupe to fill in any gaps and elongate the brow where necessary. The Brow Sculptor comes in four shades, Blonde, Espresso, Chestnut and Taupe.

Taupe is the easiest for blondes, redheads and brunettes. Chestnut and Espresso are for very dark hair and skin types.

This brow gel from Eyeko is always in my make-up bag. It is a lifesaver in between tints, the morning’s make-up and when life is on the run.  A quick touch up with this and the brows feel well groomed, the stray greys get covered and the eyes look less tired.

The eyebrows are a small part of our daily beauty but if well shaped, coloured and groomed they are the feature to make the most difference. My eye-makeup routine may have become more minimal in the last few years but my brows are a different matter.  They are taking up much of my time.

Start Here For Power Brows

eyeko tinted brow gel  ||  tom ford brow sculptor  ||  angled brow brush

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Just the title alone is a wonderful new way to look at my brows! YES!!!! If they were “twins”, they wouldn’t look right. Each is individual and its own. Thank you again, VA!

Michelle à Détroit

I absolutely believe that thicker brows are more youthful looking. I also find that not arching my thicker brows too much gives me a much better, softer look. BTW, minoxidil lightly brushed on the brows twice a day is a miracle for making them thicker.


I have fairly thick brows but they need a light tidy up maybe every six weeks or so. So I have them threaded and then tinted. As my hair has still a lot of natural colour with some silver streaks, she matches the brow colour to the darkest hair colour (which isn’t very dark as my natural colour was originally strawberry blonde which darkened over the years to a sunstreaked reddish brown). It seems to work. The eyebrow tint really does make a difference. Like yours, Vicki, it’s a bit too dark for a couple of days, but then settles down to a good colour. It saves so much time and fussing over. I never do anything to them myself now, except brushing. I think it’s important not to be too heavy or extreme with the eye makeuo and brows – I have no wish to look like those poor women who are trying so hard to look glam they end up as Real Housewives from X lookalikes that you see in so many pictures on Instagram. Not stylish or classy. Best wishes, Pamela


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