29 Sep 2018

Build Your Foundation

Build Your Foundation on vickiarcher.com

Foundation has got to be right.

I don’t know what presents more of a problem in the makeup stakes. Is it finding and applying the right foundation or working out what to wear on the eyes?

As my skin ages, the whole ‘coverage’ is becoming a dilemma. I want a foundation to smooth and hide but not to clog and cover like a kabuki mask. Wearing the right foundation is a challenge and I have tried a fair few. Tinted moisturiser is one thing – easy to find one to suit – but the right foundation another situation entirely.

There are times when I want to wear a foundation; generally the evening and for a special occasion. Sometimes I feel plain ordinary and need the extra lift a good coverage can give. There are days and I have no idea why, but I am blotchy. The tinted moisturiser doesn’t cover sufficiently and I don’t want to leave the house feeling like my face is the mirror of all I should hide. A little cover-up can be a marvellous thing.

I need a foundation to feel weightless, to glide on and to do all the work without looking like it is; a little tightness but no restriction for the facial expressions. I know, I am fussy and I have lost track of how many foundations I have sampled and rejected.

We have talked Charlotte Tilbury before and her Magic Foundation is pretty near perfect. It is the cover I want when I don’t want any cover if you see what I mean. When you think about it it is pretty crazy expecting a product to look like it doesn’t exist. That’s girls and makeup for you. Natural with nuance we might say.

The shades are very true; I am in the Fair range and true to form number 2 in winter and number 3 in summer. Sometimes I might mix the two if I am feeling particularly creative and exact.

Build Your Foundation on vickiarcher.com

The talent with foundation, once you find the right one, is in the application.

*Don’t forget to begin with Primer, it does make all the difference.

*Use a foundation brush for an entirely smooth finish or let the liquid warm in the hands before applying.

*Add a drop of night cream for an even lighter look.

*Spray with a thermal water spray, after foundation and blush, before lips and eyes to set for longer lasting.

Build Your Foundation on vickiarcher.com


Nordstrom, a one-stop destination for the best beauty, is offering a gift with purchase. Ready for a new foundation? Now is the time. Don’t forget we love the Charlotte Tilbury Cheat Lip Liner, the Genius Magic Powder and the Lip & Cheek Stick too. We have talked about them all before and they are still working overtime in my make-up bag. My girls “borrow” the Cheat Lip Liner and I have lost track of how many, “Pillow Talks” I have bought. Daughters. Who would have them any other way?

The foundation is aptly named, “Magic” – it works that way for me. xv

Foundation Plus

magic foundation   ||  genius magic powder  ||  beach lip & cheek stick   ||  lip cheat lip liner  ||  matte revolution in pillow talk

Thank you, Nordstrom, for partnering with “Build Your Foundation”

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Janie Rogers

Hi Vicki

Can you recommend a tinted moisturiser for days I don’t want to do the whole makeup thing. I have tried a couple without success. Janie xx


Yes with pleasure Janie,

I will write about my favourites soon… there are a few I use.. I go back and forth… but I believe it is good to mix it up.. :)


Hi Janie, To make a tinted moisturizer, all you need to do is mix a drop of foundation (I like Chanel’s Perfection Lumiere Velvet) with your favorite serum or moisturizer and voila, you have your tinted moisturizer.
If you like an extra glow or for Winter months, mix a drop of foundation with a drop of oil (no more than two drops of oil) like Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate or Vintner’s Daughter face oil.


I hardly ever wear any foundation. In the mornings, I only wear a tinted sunscreen, but this sounds like a good recommendation for that special occasion where I need a little extra boost.


I too think I would like some recommendations on a tinted moisturiser. I’ve never been one for foundation but rather very faithful with moisturisers but a tinted one would be perfect as I navigate the 60s!

Michelle à Detroit

I had a bad bout with adult acne years ago. It stopped as soon as I stopped wearing foundation. I have never looked back since. I also could not abide having to surreptitiously check the shoulders of anyone I hugged to make sure that I didn’t get makeup on their clothes. If I do have any blotchiness, I cover the area with a bit of concealer and call it a day. I rely on treatment products to keep my skin clear and even toned. As I’ve matured, I have found that this is what works best for me. Although it’s somewhat controversial, products containing hydroquinone can be miracle workers in this regard.

Frith Latimer

Hi Vicki
Like you I have been through the lot, heavy light, one’s that slide off your face and tinted moisturizers that don’t give enough coverage these days. Recently my facial therapist suggested I try Babor Deluxe Foundation, it’s a German product you may or may not be familiar with (their skincare is wonderful after a certain age). It is one of the best I have used. Give it a whirl it really does the trick, light, enough coverage and not heavy so you see skin and not a face full of foundation.


I laughed along with you on this Vicki! Open my make-up drawers and you will find copious tubes and bottles of foundation mostly bought on the search for the perfect one. Obviously I have failed because I still don’t have the perfect one that I go to all the time. It used to be Chanel Les Beiges but wouldn’t you know it, it has been discontinued and the new formula just doesn’t cut it with my skin.Then of course is the season differences and here in Australia the difference required in shades between Winter and Summer is sufficient to warrant two different shades – more bottles! Unfortunately CT products are unavailable in Oz which would require purchasing online and that is a no no for me. Foundation is one product I think you must try on your skin to colour match before purchasing. Sadly trying your suggestion this time will have to wait for my next trip to London, but it WILL be on my shopping list.


I am surprised Charlotte Tilbury isn’t available in Oz… so London or the US it is… that’s one excuse for a trip ;)


Ok, please help me understand the matte lipstick, etc rage right now? When I use a matte lipstick it highlights any fine line in my lip! I am almost 50 and try to get a glow with moisture on my face and a gloss on top of lipstick to make me look younger. Are the matte formulations just for very young people or am I missing the boat?


Matte is for everyone and they don’t have to be drying. Personally, I like matte lips … a glow on the face yes, lips I don’t find comfortable to wear the sheens unless very thin, almost like a stain.
Try the Charlotte Tilbury Matte… I like it a lot and don’t find it drying… Most importantly… wear what you like.. :) :)


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