10 Nov 2015

Burberry For The Holidays

Burberry for Christmas campaign, vickiarcher.com

Pencils and palettes for the holidays.

That’s what we decided.

I will just back track a little.

Last weekend my daughter and I had a gorgeous time together in Paris. The times we manage to spend together are all the more precious as they aren’t quite so frequent as we would both like. We did the best of the girly and we talked.

One of our conversations was about the forthcoming holidays and how we could make the gift giving easy but also fun.  Our festivities are big this year, mostly because we have many guests staying in France and I will be chief entertainer, cook and all that.

I am very happy.

Entertaining with a house full of friends and family is my idea of heaven; figuring out Santa sacks and gifts for everyone is a little more complicated. Emily, smart girl that she is said we should look at Burberry as they have created a fabulous make-up line. Christopher Bailey is the current fashion hero in the UK and deservedly so, but I am still behind the times and think of Burberry purely for their classic trench coats and stunning outerwear.



Emily convinced me to try the “Fresh Glow” highlighting pen.

How do these girls know about everything that is so great all the time? My girls seem to be one step ahead. (I won’t be admitting that to them.)

Ok, She was right. This pen is a must. Easy to use and highlights exactly where you want when you want. A subtle difference but I am never one to dismiss the importance of small shifts.

Then we tried the Cashmere Concealer; by this stage we were well and truly committed to an afternoon of make-up. The cashmere concealer; nothing else to say, I am already a convert.

We bought a selection of Burberry beauty products to make individual gift bags for our guests. The packaging is gorgeous with the distinctive check but so were the colours of the eye palettes and pencils and the nail varnishes. One or two of the pencils, the shadows or the polishes will be the main element to our girly gifts and then I will add the small French touches from our local village to finish.

A little Brit and a little French; that works.

I know it is more romantic to be shopping away from home, spending girl time on make-up in beautiful department stores. Writing down my recollections for you makes me think it was all but a dream; I want to pinch myself. I know I am so fortunate, especially having time with my beautiful girl in that astonishing city.

As gift ideas go, she was right.

Burberry Is In the Bag

fresh pencils

burberry fresh glow pen  //  burberry cashmere concealer  //  burberry effortless kohl pencil

colouring in

burberry camo eyeshadow palette // burberry runway nail polish set  //  lip and cheek bloom


the lip colour in the first image is military red and it is topped with lip mist in oxblood

images burberry 

thank you Nordstrom for inviting me to share my Burberry gift ideas

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When we lived in Florida, for my birthday my husband bought me a Burberry bag … small clutch.. love it. We moved to Portland Oregon, it rains a lot, my husband bought me ( birthday again) a Burberry coat/jacket .. black quilted, plaid lining .. I arrived in Buenos Aires … looking so chic !!
My husband got a cashmere scarf for Christmas, to be sure I felt like we were sort of even in the Burberry giving lol


I think my boys might be getting the scarves this year… the colours they are showing this season are so wonderful.. :)


Cindy, It is LIp Velvet in “Military Red” with a touch of Lip Mist in Oxblood over the top. :)


Who wouldn’t adore receiving a new selection of gorgeous Burberry products? For true luxe, a small Burberry cosmetics bag is the perfect compliment for a gift this season. I adore my little Burberry bag, I received it from one of my girls a few years ago, and have it in every bag I carry. It’s never too soon to shop for the holidays, Vicki. What great fun you will have this season in France!


I am probably behind but I had never tried them or thought of Burberry before as a make-up go to… and I think as gifts.. either in a group or solo.. they are really a lovely thought… a new kind of “pen and pencil” set… ;)

Linda Hanselman

Oh my, what a lucky girl you are to have your lovely daughter with whom to shop in Paris for cosmetics no less!! Sigh….. :)

Heather in Arles

Interesting as I am thinking of asking for cosmetics for Christmas! Not drugstore for once but the real McCoy…
All of this looks gorgeous.
I love that we get to profit of your daughters excellent taste too. :)


Vicki what a great time with your daughter, a perfect day together!!

The Arts by Karena
Artist Sandrea Goroff

Anita Rivera

Oh I am so late, AGAIN! But this is great information that is sending me once again to the fine counters of Neiman Marcus! Hi there, Vicki! You have the best tips. Enjoy your day!


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