27 Feb 2021

Patch Masks: Bye Bye Puffy Eyes

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My under eyes are so puffy.

Puffy eyes are hardly what I need.

WHY SO PUFFY? Here is a checklist.

Not getting enough sleep is the most obvious but there’s a multitude of causes and I need to reflect and remind myself of these.

Too much salt in the diet is a big contender. Similar to how your eyes tend to swell after crying; tears contain salt and have the same effect. Guilty.

The tissues around your eyes also weaken over time including some of the muscles supporting your eyelids. That’s definitely happening.

Fluid retention could be to blame. This usually occurs when we wake up and that is why bags are at their worst first thing. I have always suffered from that.

Eye bags could be hereditary. If our parents or their parents suffered with them then it is possible they have passed down the gene. Not likely in my case.

The skin around our eyes is fragile; it is the finest so bound to be sensitive

How to say BYE BYE PUFFY

Changes to diet and lifestyle can have a profound effect with a little help from an eye mask or two. I absolutely love the stick-on variety and once upon a time I would apply them regularly, even minutes before I was leaving the house. I seem to have forgotten all that.


Cut down on salty snacks and hold back on adding too much salt into meals. The salt will only increase the chances of under-eye puffiness the next morning.

Stay hydrated. Try to drink at least two litres of water a day, or eight glasses. When we are dehydrated, our bodies respond by retaining as much water as they can, therefore, causing bags.

Get more Vitamin C into your diet; it helps your body to produce collagen, a protein your body makes to help to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Foods such as oranges, strawberries and tomatoes are full of it.


More restful and longer sleep is what I need. Too much screen time before hitting the pillow. Apparently phone and laptop screens have a blue light that mimics the daytime, making it hard for our sleep hormone to kick in and do its job.

Avoid caffeine in the afternoon and evenings. Herbal teas help with hydration and many of them are booming with benefits. 

Can I fake a full eight hours? That’s what I’m going for. x

Bye Bye Puffy Eyes: My Best Patches

patchology flashpatch  ||  erno lazlo serum  ||  shiseido express smoothing   ||  kat burki eye recovery  ||  peter thomas roth detox patches


these are my real eye-de-puff and farewell wrinkle game-changers.

silk eye mask and silk pillowcase

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So far, no puffy eyes for me; I think I hydrate enough and I get lots of vitamin C however, a good reminder to get enough sleep is always welcomed! Hi, Vicki!


I have tried (nearly) everything once a doctor told me only plastic surgery helps….so true

Amanda Lay

The silk eye mask is probably one of the best tips you have ever given! I have one that is now 4 years old and I wash it
by hand myself very gently and it goes everywhere with me….not just for puffy eyes but also for sleep preservation!


I like an eye gel patch too Vicki. I use Vitamin C Hydro gel patches from Victoria’s Health which I really like and definitely soothe; I feel have made a difference. I often just pop them on whilst watching the television!! I also have a little steel roller ball which sits in a small cup shape on a stick. Once I put a little oil under my eyes I roll the little ball across these to massage. Again I often do this watching television as think if I just did this in the bathroom I would not do it for long!! I have popped the steel ball in the fridge sometimes too. That is lovely to use them. My lovely husband doesn’t bat an eyelid as I sit there with all sorts of masks and gadgets on me!!!


I think for some people it’s genetic and you can’t fight heredity. PS when i saw the title on the email I thought it was going to be about being tired of your puffy jacket and looking for spring!


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