23 Jan 2015

Can We Wear What Our Daughters Wear? #3



Can we wear what our daughters wear?

Or should I say, can we be inspired by what our daughters wear?

Yes, most definitely. It is all about the how we wear it, not so much the what we wear.

Each time I have seen my girls recently I have loved what they are wearing.

They always look fabulous, of course that is the mother speaking but I’m allowed.

There are many items of their clothing that I wouldn’t wear but there are probably many more that I could. The three of us would happily play inside each other’s wardrobes from time to time.

They have been wearing the parka, skinny pants and their boots, just like Cara Delevigne in the shot above.

Nothing new, not adventurous and not something we haven’t talked about before.

It’s all about interpretation isn’t it? The details may alter, crank up a notch or two but the basic elements remain the same.

I’m wearing my parka with a turtleneck underneath. The turtleneck really has been my accessory of the season.

As the temperatures plumet in London all I can think about are coats and staying warm. The fashion runways might be full of springtime but in real time, it’s freezing.

The latest parka love is from Maje, a French fashion brand that we have been following for a few years. Now they are online, on sale and shipping for free.

Sometimes with the girls it’s a bit like, one for you and you … and me.

Know what I mean? xv

I Want One Just Like Theirs

maje gondry  //  maje grey gaferty   //  maje kingkong faux fur

and if you are really, really feeling the cold

canada goose montebello  //  pendleton down

can we wear wear what our daughters wear part I  //  can we wear what our daughters wear part II

image cara delevigne

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Anita Rivera

What a great read on top of being SUCH an inspiration this morning, VICKI! Here in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our parkas are part of the daily wardrobe, and why not look good in them! And I agree here that it’s HOW you wear a certain item. I work with teens and some of the things I see them wear are so cute, and I have tried a few things that they sport, and with a few tweaks, I can pull it off. The skinny jeans with the parka, OH YES, that works so well with just the right pair of boots. It’s all like home décor. Where you put something and how much you have out makes all the difference.

Love your style, love your blog. Anita

Mimi Gregor

There is no reason why someone of our age cannot wear the parka/skinny jeans/boots combination. it’s all about adaptation. The tank top? No. I, too, would switch it with a more practical turtleneck. The jeans would have to have a higher rise than most girls wear, and not be so skin-tight that I have to pull them off inside-out to get out of them. But adaptation could be said about any look that we like. Something we see on the runway would be totally unsuitable for real life, but it gives us ideas. Ideas are the important thing, not blind imitation.

Heather in Arles

My first thought when I saw the photograph was: Vicki would wear all of that just like that! Ok, just not with the tank. Looks, like I was right. ;-) And the Sorels that you chose for your daily edit? Oh, yes please!!


It’s cold enough here, Heather!
I’m back at the gym so I’m working on wearing a tank top… ;)


It’s not just the coat… My first thought on seeing that photo was “I want that WALL…” – LOL! lovely.


Inspired is the right word Vicki, not trying to look 20 or 30, yet being current and fresh in our style with a bit more panache than the very young!

The Arts by Karena


That’s an impossible call to look 20 or 30.. ;)
I agree Karena, we can have as much panache and flair as we want…

sharon santoni

Having spent the day at the Paris Maison & Objet salon, Vicki, I can tell you there are many women from all over the world who can pull this look off, no matter what their age! An inspiring day in so many ways!


miss b

I would say yes too! Taking inspiration and then perhaps tweaking slightly to our own style. As with catwalk looks, it’s all about selecting pieces and colours which we know will suit and this is something we have learnt over time. That wallpaper is stunning!


Yes, a great way of looking at it… Catwalk looks are exactly like that, but inspirational not generally something we want to replicate…

Stephanie Anderson

Oh My Goodness! This is me! I dress age appropriate but I am definitely having fun with my daughters taste in clothes… :)! Or may I say that they maybe having some fun of their own with some of the designers I wear! Just recently I noticed a St John Knit dress in my daughter who lives in NY. Not to back track but your post on the “nonnas” has to be my FAVORITE! And by reading all the wonderful responses… I know….everyone else thought it was SPECIAL TOO! Thank you again for ALL U DO….in bringing “beauty” to my day! I don’t know how you do this day in and day out just DON’t STOP…! :)❤️


Thank you Stephanie… I don’t intend to stop… I love our converstaions too much.. :)

D. A. Wolf

Oh, I love this topic! I don’t have daughters so I didn’t go through what some of my friends did, wherein their teen girls were (dramatically) aghast at what the adult women would wear – and enjoy wearing – and I might add, looked great doing so.

Given that I had sons, they couldn’t have cared less, though I think they enjoyed that I didn’t look like the typical “mom” – whatever that means.

By the time we are old enough to have children who even notice what we’re wearing, I think we know our style(s), and hopefully have the playfulness to tweak our wardrobes and change things up, including wearing what we might once have considered for a younger crowd.

These days?

I’d say anything goes that we know suits us + a touch of fun.

Anne McCafferty

Hi Vicki, happy new year!
I haven’t seen the Maje label before, so went to have a look at their website. Wow. Their look book is so inspiring.
The hot, rainy weather here in Brisbane is becoming tiresome and your post has me longing for the cooler weather due in a few more months, although I will definitely need to “tweak” the looks to suit our very mild winter.
Thank you for another lovely post and the great fashion tip!

Segreto Secrers

Wonderful topic to cover for mother’s with daughters. It really is a tough line to toe but you covered it so well!
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes

The Enchanted Home

Well I don’t have a daughter so cannot fully reply to this but I do love fashion and am often inspired by what is new and hip BUT I have my limits recognizing my age and I never EVER want to be one of “those women” who strut around in something silly trying to look like they are 20….I like to keep it classic and elegant with a little twist. That said,I do think its important to continue to look around and be inspired and always be willing to tweak up the wardrobe!


Love your article. I feel so lucky my daughter and I share an interest in fashion and style. I sometimes dress like her with flare jeans, 70s style and she dresses like me in skinny pants. However, I feel age brings more confidence in daring choices?!…


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