28 Apr 2016

Can We Wear What Our Daughters Wear? This One We Can

LIly Rose Depp for Vanity Fair, Can We Wear What Our Daughters Wear? vickiarcher.com

Can we wear what our daughters wear?

We have touched on this conversation but I like to refer back to this question frequently as I find my daughters a great source of inspiration.


It is not so much I want to wear exactly what they are wearing it is more that I like their take on current fashion. My girls are both quite different in their personal style; I am lucky I have contrasting viewpoints to learn from.

Personal style is all about adaption and those who know how to adapt fashion to suit their own look are the women we take notice of.

When I think of the fashion icons we so admire they are generally women who have revamped a look to suit. They will often repeat, just choosing to change colours or textures.

Think of Emmanuelle Alt from Vogue Paris, she is the master of ever changing jackets and pants or Jenna Lyons who wears a multitude of 3/4 coats in so many varieties of shape and colour. Carine Roitfeld knows the pencil skirt is her pal and stays close; Iris Apfel is the queen of an over-sized accessory.

The principle works similarly with our daughters; I won’t be wearing a mini or a plunging back but I will take notice of the way they co-ordinate their pieces, the accessories they are showing and the general look they are going for.

There is something we can wear, over and over that our daughters love.

Can you guess? It is lace and in particular lace “tee shirts”.

I have decided the lace “tee shirt” style or shell is my new go to for the coming months; the style works in place of a tee but makes a welcome change. I like lace worn with my jeans and with tailored pants; I like the lace top with or without a jacket, depending on the sleeves. Adding lace is a small change but one to make the old feel up to date.

I have always loved lace and in particular lace skirts but when I saw my girl wearing a pretty lace tee,

I thought, why not. xv


When We Can Wear What Our Daughters Wear

**cece by cynthia steffe  //  topshop floral lace shell  //  vince camuto floral lace  //  kate spade floral lace

classiques entier lace yoke  //  **fuzzi short sleeve lace  //  **iro yacinthe 3/4 lace sleeve

shop for more lace on monochrome

image of lily rose depp for vanity fair 2016

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Taste of France

Certainly the Comptoir des Cotonniers ad campaign was based on mothers and daughters wearing the same pieces, in different ways.
Considering how many items have disappeared from my closet into the black hole that is my daughter’s room, I think plenty of things are suitable for any age.


Yes there is a bit of that happening here too… ;)
Perhaps I should have said… Can We Wear What Our Mothers Wear!

Anita Rivera

I LOVE THIS LOOK. In fact, my model just modeled a black lace dress this weekend and I love the look. I think I’m going to need to have at least one of these for myself, but only to wear in the summer as I go out. Wearing one on the job (high school) may not be a good idea! GORGEOUS SHOT!


I saw your shoot on Instagram Anita… She looked absolutely beautiful..
Lace is fabric we should allw ear more often.. :)

Mimi Gregor

For a long time, I wanted a lace fishtail skirt, like the red one that Amelie wears to death in the movie — but in black. I lucked out when I was browsing the sale racks at Anthropologie last week. Not only did they have my coveted black lace fishtail skirt (which makes my boyish figure look amazingly female) on clearance — but even the clearance items were marked down, as they had a store-wide sale. The Universe came through! An example of RightPlace + Right Time = my perfect skirt that I now wear to death!


Lucky you, Mimi… The skirt sounds divine… and at a bargain.. even better… :)


Can we wear what our daughters wear?…I wouldn’t do it except…
lace combined with wool…wearable in any age, depend on length and accesoires. I have a taupe lace pencil skirt which I wear with a cashmere sweater in the same colour tone and a brown leather belt whose buckle is tooled with a brown velvet bow. What I want to say is, it depends on the person who and how wear it. Personally a no go for 50+ is a super mini skirt with super high heels or a jeans with holes and a close-fitting t-shirt.


Funny you mention lace top today, Vicki, as I just bought one yesterday! Lace ANYTHING never goes out of style.

Malinda (Colorado)

Thank you for the wonderful and thought-provoking post. I also have some beautiful and inspiring daughters whom I admire and love to study and ask questions from their point of view.
I laughed as I read your post because I looked down quickly to remember what I in fact chose to wear today (…the joys of getting older..) and under my soft, black cardigan is a cream lace tee. A gift from one of my beautiful girls.
Thank you Vicki, for sharing your thoughts, inspiration and world. You are an amazing and inspiring woman. Your daughters are indeed blessed…:)


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