9 Sep 2017

What Is Your Can’t Live Without?

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There is one piece in my wardrobe I can’t live without.

Can you guess?

Mine is the blazer.

The long one, the shorter one, the one with buttons, the one without; the blazer is my go-to for just about every occasion and event. Especially when I am travelling.  The blazer solves those decisions I don’t wish to spend making and whether I wear one over jeans, pants or a fuller skirt, I am happy.

Do you know that feeling when you put on a piece and it feels “Goldilocks” right?

I have this feeling when I wear a blazer. As much as I love all the other elements of fashion, the blazer is my bestie. I’m not counting accessories here, so shoes and bags are not included; they are a whole other story. There is something about a blazer to make me feel finished, even a less fitted style and I feel put together.

This time of year when the seasons are hovering the blazer comes into its own.

And the other burning question?

Can we have too many blazers? Absolutely not.

I can’t do without a pinstripe and then there is the velvet, not to mention the tuxedo style. So what about a one button, two buttons or three opening? Should we discuss length?

The truth about the blazer is simple. Wear it well and wear it often. xv

The Can’t Live Without Edit

don’t refrain

**rag &bone piped  ||  **julea plaid  ||  **joan vass velvet  ||  madewell tribune blazer  ||  draped jacquared  ||  ela one button

happy medium

pinstripe power  ||  duke wool  ||  frame velvet   ||  sculpted waist  ||  boss jabina stretch  ||  sportmax antares

divine inspiration

altuzzura velvet  || akris punto wool blazer  ||  saint laurent velvet peak  ||  armani  pinstripe  ||  balmain double breasted

image emmanuel alt via la closette

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I agree, Vicki. You can’t have too many blazers. I usually add one blazer each year to the “collection”, blazers are timeless. The blazer is the perfect answer to “what should I wear today” on casual days and dressy occasions.

This year, I’m leaning towards a velvet blazer! I’ll be traveling to Italy with a group of interior designers for an antique buying trip, and I am taking two blazers! Because they make every outfit look better. xo Lidy

Taste of France

You’re so right. Especially with jeans–a blazer dresses up the look just enough.
It’s still balmy here, but a blazer doesn’t look like too much if the sleeves are rolled up.


I love blazers – always have – always will. Where I live our summer temps stay in the triple digits so I look forward to fall/winter when I can make them my “go to” pieces again.

Mimi Gregor

I’m not so much a “blazer” person. I have one… but I find that I seldom wear it. The jacket I come back to time and again is my black leather biker jacket. I wear it over jeans. I wear it over girly dresses. I wear it with evening wear. No matter what I wear, it adds the right touch. It helps provide contrast with the dressier pieces that I tend to wear. And I get SO many compliments when I include it in my ensemble.

Melody Bryant

Great post, Vicki! I too feel my one “can’t live without” is a blazer. My collection takes up a large section of my closet — and always feels just right. I’m an addict — that and shoes!! One of my favorite brands for blazers with beautiful fabrics and cuts (very feminine) is Smythe. I’ve been adding 2 or 3 a season. I can justify them because they work with a tee and jeans for casual wear and a silk blouse and tailored trousers for work or evening. I live in Michigan so I can wear them daily at least 9 – 10 months out of the year.

Linda Kerr

My necessary piece is a lush, black cashmere cardigan hoodie. If the weather gets wet I can protect my hair. It looks and feels great over just about anything. Also, it doesn’t wrinkle.

Donna D

I’m with you Vicki. Not only can the blazer dress up an outfit, but it can change the silhouette.
A versatile wardrobe must!

Anita Rivera

I MUST find myself a blazer. But to answer your question as to “What is your can’t live without?” It has to be the little black dress. I have at least 6 of them by now, all for work, but what fun each different design and fit brings to my wardrobe! But now, like always Vicki, you’ve got me thinking…..I must find the right blazer!


I love the looks of a pair of soft old jeans with a white shirt and a dark blazer.
But my favorite look is instead of the blazer, a soft loose long cashmere sweater … it fills all my needs . lol


Yes! My black blazer(s). They turn a nothing outfit into a “first-class cabin upgrade” outfit, a “meeting” ensemble, a “dressed for dinner” costume, a “had no clue what would be appropriate” safety fall-back. And definitely a “What would Emmanuelle wear?” look.

Liz Klebba

My denim jacket! (For the same reasons as Mimi above…) If I lived somewhere cooler, my biker jacket might be more year round, but as it is I am lucky to get four months’ wear out of it. My denim jacket is a cardigan, a jacket, a beach coverup, and my security blanket. My style is more dressed up than many where I live, and my jean jacket takes it down a notch to keep things easy…


Vicki, we need you in Southern California for awhile. Blazers….they are too hot for us…and too structured for my (tactfully) curvy, ample body! Do softly structured jacket count?? Thanks.


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