12 Jul 2017

Capri: White Upon White

Capri: White Upon White on vickiarcher.com

Capri, what a divine and heavenly destination?

It is my first time in this magical setting and if you are a novice like me, arriving into Capri is a wonderful surprise. I have heard the rumours, read the books and seen the photographs but nothing prepares you for this rocky outcrop with the backdrop of smouldering Vesuvius.

It is without doubt a spectacular seascape and coastline.

Working from first impressions and my initial observations, I like to let my eyes settle in and intuitively feel the pulse of a place. Within ten minutes of our arrival all I could register was white. Capri is all about the white as it contrasts against the depths of the Mediterranean. The buildings are white in the most part, the interiors are streamlined in Italian fashion with predominance for white and the visitors wear white.

Capri: White Upon White on vickiarcher.com

As we walked to our hotel I passed the beautiful wearing white upon white. Linen – pants, shirts and dresses – sufficiently crumpled and abundantly chic are the outfit of choice. The further we ventured the more the contrast of white against not only the sea but also the incredible floral spectacular said, “Capri”. The clipped bougainvillea here is jaw dropping, really magnificent. The tall topiary oleanders lining the charming little streets are a whole new way of thinking about these humble plants. I have never understood the European love of oleander, grown and shaped in this fashion could almost change my mind.

Why would you wear or decorate with anything other than white when the backdrop lends itself so effortlessly?

Capri is definitely 50 shades of white and the rest.

Capri: White Upon White on vickiarcher.com

The days are long and lazy and the atmosphere is more laid back than Capri’s French equivalents. Both summer destinations are dream worthy; trying a new one does open the eyes and make for comparisons. It is the all white or the white plus one colour that “pops” and distinguishes.

How and when do we wear the all white?

The answer is whenever and wherever we can. It is a great, great winning look especially with the right accessories.

I am glad I packed a couple of white dresses but I do wish for more linen cropped pants and shirts. The white on white linen look is a perfect “outfit” addition to our summer wardrobes. I have see women wearing this look with espadrilles and in some cases sneakers or slides and sandals. Decorative earrings or a wind up of bracelet, my go to these holidays, finishes the whole white ensemble.

Summer outfits and I struggle to find each other but I am getting better. This Capri style is going to be my new go-to, my new version of the French caftan.

Capri: White Upon White on vickiarcher.com

You might have the white wired but if not I have created a wish list. Mood of the day? All white and all bright, of course. xv

Capri: White Upon White

from the bottom up

**eileen fisher cropped linen  ||  ***wit & wisdom sailor cropped  ||  **calson drawstring longer length

from the top down

**vince two by two collarless  ||  ***eileen fisher box top  ||  eileen fisher cap sleeve v neck

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Dawn lyons

Hi Vicki,
I was wondering if you could recommend a hotel in Milan and Como, Villa ‘ d’ Este is way too expensive. I love the pictures of Capri it is a must see for everyone that gets a chance to visit Italy.
All My Best

Susan W

Fabulous Capri photos. Be careful though–a few years back we spent a day there. We liked it so much went back the next day. We found a little furniture store where we spent $5,000 on tables to be shipped to our home in the US. Well worth it–I’d love to go back and spend a week there. Thanks for sharing this because it brought back wonderful memories.


Ha Ha.. So many children everywhere!!… That’s what I love about the Italians, they are so relaxed and don’t seem to mind if there is any chaos or disruption… although I think their attitude makes the children relaxed to :)


Ah, how divine! White on white makes summer so easy, and I often think about trying it for a seasonal uniform (although with four dogs, my wardrobe might take a beating, so maybe for my next vacation).

It’s been over a decade since I’ve been to that part of the world, and I’m overdue for a return. Meanwhile, thank you for sharing, so I can live vicariously. I’m going to enjoy your photos again tonight right before I fall asleep, so I can dream about it all. Your book inspired me to go set up life as an expat outside the US, so who knows what might come of your travelogues? I’m happy to let the Universe work on that one for me!


Hello! I have to say you had my attention with “struggle to find outfits”. I seem to have that struggle as well. Then to continue only to learn your destination is a huge dream of mine. Capri seems like it would be a place I would want to live! To heat it’s all about white only puts the icing on the cake. I want everything white! It’s my favorite. I would love to see the outfits and the linen, white on white, sounds perfect!


Adore Capri! Was so afraid it wouldn’t live up to expectations – but it far exceeded them. The views are spectacular too – the magnificent blues of the sea, the Faraglioni and Vesuvius in the distance. Then all the history, the famous writers artists, jetsetters etc. Shirley Hazzard’s “Greene on Capri” is worth reading. But even going back to Ancient Roman times.
White on white is such a good look, great with silver jewellery and pearls too. Have an amazing time! Best wishes, Pamela


Absolutely agree with Pamela on the silver and pearls worn with white. I have to say – How do these Italian people do this? Their sense of style I mean. They zoom at concord height above the rest of us, thank God for them. Seeing these pics of white make it feel like I’ve never seen white on white before. The last picture of the blue sea seen from a glorious interior has left tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat, which happens when I see something so beautiful from a design point of view. In the movie Advanced Style there is a line spoken: “Design is good for the environment”. With the Italians they do so much more: they inspire, they harness the expression of life, their work speaks – no – SINGS to us.


As a variation to the white on white I also love a white top and pants combined with light-mid blue or aqua, perhaps using a very fine and light, blue and white scarf, or a light blue overshirt, and a piece of turquoise or aquamarine jewellery, eg a ring or necklace or bangle. It has a fresh and cool look and provides some variety to the lovely white on white. Best wishes, Pamela

Anita Rivera

This is me. White on white, texture on texture, total peace and freedom to dream on this canvas.


I adore Capri. We have spent many happy holidays there preferring the quieter part of the island and avoiding the tourist areas and the rather too glitzy designer shops. There are some fabulous small restaurants tucked away. We eat the best fresh crabs there on our last visit. Enjoy

Sue Willis

What is the name of the villa with that gorgeous tiled sundeck and swing chair in the photo
Thanks Vicki


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