5 Mar 2016

Carine Roitfeld: Steal her Style

carine roitfeld in the uniqlo campaign, vickiarcher.com

Carine Roitfeld has her own signature style.

She is the French definition of classic with a twist.

I admire her way of dressing for she is not a typical beauty; Roitfeld is a striking woman and has an effortlessly chic and well-put-together look. It would seem she has a strong sense of self, is comfortable with what she likes and what works for her.

Her fashion pedigree is one to admire having been editor in chief of Vogue Paris for ten years. She has worked with Tom Ford, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel; she has an eye for detail and an in-depth knowledge of fashion and how it works.

What strikes me is Carine Roitfeld’s style is constant, like Diane Keaton she wears a variation on a theme over and over. I don’t find this boring or uninspired; I think it is a very intelligent approach to dressing. Whether she is wearing, haute couture, a high-end designer, or in collaboration with Uniqlo the pieces she wears have much in common.

At 61, Carine Roitfeld’s hair is mid-length and messy, slightly tousled and fly away, a French must-have when it comes to hairstyling. It suits her well and I don’t remember a time when she didn’t wear it this way. I am a fan of long hair on older women if it is groomed and in condition.

There are 5 signature pieces I associate with Carine Roitfeld; the pencil skirt, soft silk shirt, the immaculately tailored jacket, superb outer coats and fabulous heels. Age has not deterred her taste in heels; shoes are one area of fashion, whether we wear heels or not, that age does not dictate.

carine roitfeld in the uniqlo campaign, vickiarcher.com



Nobody wears a pencil skirt and jacket like Carine Roitfeld; I want to steal her style. xv

images, carine roitfeld

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Mimi Gregor

Thank you for posting this at what to me is a timely juncture: it will be my 60th birthday in a couple weeks. (I had trouble even typing that!) Seeing these photos of Roitfeld are an inspiration to me. She is still attractive and yes, even sexy, at an age where most women give up and start adopting a who-cares uniform of formless clothing and short, grey hair. When one looks at her, one doesn’t see her age; one sees an attractive, confident woman, who seems to be having a lot of fun. Exactly the image I’d like to project myself, even though my style of dress may be slightly different.

The Enchanted Home

I have always admired her style…..she does her own thing and it works. She is also a very confident woman….but not in an obvious way, and I am going to add ageless as well..at 61 she rocks!


Ooooo Vicki, she is one sexy lady and she’s 60?! VAvavavoom! I must get into an exercise regime ASAP so I can wear pencil skirts. Great Friday Inspiration – Thank You!

Linda H.

I think I have finally perfected my own style. I don’t go for what the current style is and leave that to my younger fashionista sisters. I prefer my go to look in the morning and even for special events. Yes, it does include a lot of black. But I have to say is what makes it work perfectly for her that she has reached icon status is that she is thin so she can probably wear whatever she likes and still look very cool. At 61 she looks fabulous.

mona turner

I do love your inspiring posts Vick! They are a “must read” everyday for me. Everyday I say, “Yes!” to aging gracefully.

Anita Rivera

AWESOME. Approaching 58 in a month, I feel that I understand the inner youth of this woman. It has to start from within and radiate out. AND, I might add that I too agree that long hair on an older woman can be exquisite if it is groomed yet allowed to be free. I am growing out my hair once again and I am not going to care if it’s fly away in the winter; I will let it run its course until it reached at my shoulders and enjoy it. What a gorgeous 61 year old!


My husband was the one who convinced me that my age had nothing to do with the length of my hair and I was glad to think that way. I have very straight hair and it went from blonde to white so it basically looks the same but lighter :) I wear it at least to my shoulders. A classic ponytail will get you anywhere with style.


Not a fan. Her eye make-up is always too heavy and dark and makes her face look hard. Also don’t like the black on black clothing style. Much prefer Anna Wintour’s style. They’re both far too thin but at least there is a lightness of touch and glamour about Wintour, with her beautiful clothing colours and dress choices. She doesn’t go for the heavy dark sexy look that Roitfeld always seems to. Best wishes, Pamela

Candice @ NotesFromABroad

I like that she looks like Carine Roitfeld and not everyone else. In the US and other places, women seem to try to hard to copy someone else, in style / looks. The art of individuality is lost.
At least this woman looks like herself and no one else. And the eyebrows are natural , which is also refreshing .. ps- Anna Wintour makes all hairdressers cringe. That hairdo from the 60s is so dated and so awful, look at her photos, she looks like she is wearing a helmet.


Great post. My mother’s 93 and has such character and vitality in her face. And wrinkles – but why would I want a mother without wrinkles that are a result of decades of laughter and experience. Sure, Helen Mirren does look good but she has had work done. There’s so much pressure now for women to look younger and I’m trying to resist it. I want want to look like a woman who’s had a rich, fulfilling life and who embraces who she is. I want the glow from within to shine outwards.


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