3 Feb 2016

Carole Bouquet: Another Beautiful Face

carole bouquet, another beautiful face, vickiarcher.com

Carole Bouquet is another beautiful face.

I have always admired Carole Bouquet’s beauty and her effortless style; she has a natural way about her that many French women master. She has aged with a grace I admire and would appear to have stayed true to her style.


carole bouquet, another beautiful face, vickiarcher.com

I’m home.

As wonderful as travelling is there is nothing quite like your own bed to come home to. My brain is still foggy from time change and my thoughts not flowing as rapidly as I would like. With a few of my regular routines in place, I’m hopeful I will start making more sense soon.

Two weeks in the snow plays havoc on the skin.

I wanted to mention a new little something I found and I need to regress a few months and fill you in.

I was reading an article, just before Christmas and it mentioned one of the biggest selling beauty products in France was a little tube from La Roche-Posay. As an idea for a fun stocking filler I popped some in our guests Christmas parcel; both men and women. I think the local pharmacies thought I was mad requesting multiples but they reinforced how fabulous this little gem of a cream was and that it was a best seller.

Of course I kept a tube for myself.

I used this soothing repair balm on my hands over the holidays and thought it was good; no residual leftover and fragrance free are winning qualities for me. It wasn’t until I came home this past weekend from the ski trip, with torn cuticles around my nails from doing up and un-doing my ski boots, that I understood how wonderful this cream is. There is nothing worse than torn cuticles and I don’t find cutting them an ideal solution. For me, it only results in more tearing and trouble around the edges.

I used this La Roche-Posay for the last two nights and in terms of repair and soothing it is nothing short of a miracle. My hands, while still a wreck, are feeling so much better and the cuticles are much less inflamed. I can’t quite believe the difference and I am thinking I should be using this wonder all over. I wished I had used it when I was away, my hands might not be such terrible state.

It’s the perfect gift or souvenir if you are travelling to France soon. Don’t forget, I think you will love it, xv.


carole bouquet, another beautiful face, vickiarcher.com

The Little French Souvenir

la roche-posay cicaplast baume b5 is available at

amazon  //  skinstore  //  feelunique

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She is indeed a natural beauty! This balm is just what I need for my wintry dry skin, thank you Vicki!

The Arts by Karena


Yes she is totally gorgeous,
Try this cream if you see it Karena… it’s very healing.. :)


I can’t believe this is your topic today!! My cuticles have been suffering lately too and what to do about it has been on my mind. I was even Googling ideas. The last manicurist I used really trimmed too much. I’m wanting to care for my nails, myself, at home. And we are headed to Colorado to ski ourselves in a few weeks, so thanks for the recommendation.

PS. I am loving the pictures of women our age and Carole B. is lovely.


My cuticles and nails in general are a wreck after the skiing, Missi…I can’t believe how much better they feel after a couple of days… All the way home in the plane ( it’s a long, long way) they felt as if they were getting worse and worse.. now they don’t look brilliant but the skin is healing.
I am always going to carry this with me… :)

Liz Detrich

Carole B. was one of my favorite models, she was so elegant and beautiful.
One of my favorite creams is by L’ Occitaine/s Shea Butter Ultra Rich Cream, for body and hands. It has 25% shea butter and is very moisturizing.
One cream/mask that I love for the face is Laneige Water sleeping Mask ($24 U.S. dollars), it’s meant to be used as a last step in one’s evening routine – it works wonders!
I use it on top of my retinol serum in the evening and the next morning, my skin is soft, dewey and supple, no dryness or redness. My husband is addicted to it as well!

Anita Rivera

Can it be bought on-line and shipped? This sounds truly wondeful. Imagine Vicki; I live in Minnesota where the winters (except this one) are brutally dry and cold….-0 F! So this is the type of treatment my skin needs. Oh, Carole, she is absolutely fabulous and the secret I think to a French woman’s timeless grace is that subtle, natural aging that is allowed to be effortless..to just HAPPEN with acceptance and grace.


Yes it can Anita… All the references ship within the US… unless of course you come to Paris and I will meet you and take you to the pharmacy myself… :)


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