31 Jan 2014

Catherine Deneuve And Kate Moss… Much In Common

A Tale of Two Muses - Vanity Fair


Yes, they are beautiful… stunning and gorgeous.

They are both icons… enduring beauties… that have only grown more and more lovely as they have aged.

Catherine Deneuve and Kate Moss, thirty years apart were photographed in Paris by Patrick Demarchelier.

You can see behind the scenes and watch the video here


What struck me about these two women, apart from the obvious, was their hair. They both have the most generous, luxuriant hair.

And like all things… hair requires constant maintenance.

Apart from the colour (or not), the cut and a little salon grooming… for hair to be in top form it needs regular conditioning.

I find at this time of year my hair becomes a little dry and listless… flat and dull… it must mirror the weather… and be biding it’s time until the springtime.

During the winter months I try and take the time to treat my hair.

Like the face and the body, the hair needs extra attention… xv


Here’s To Happy Hair


Starting with a great shampoo and conditioner…

shu uemura moisture velvet nourishing shampoo // shu uemura moisture velvet nourishing conditioner  //  rahua conditioner

** loving the rahua for a change… mixing up hair care products is just as important as swapping the skincare régime from time to time


Every now and then an oil treatment ( wrapped in a hot towel works wonders)…  or just on the ends for a quick pick-me-up… or even, a thicken up…

rahua hair elixir // ** leonor greyl complex energisant //  huile de leonor greyl // moroccanoil


The best brushes help do the best work… I couldn’t live without a paddle and my round bristles… there is no such thing as sleek and smooth without them

paul mitchell #427 paddle brush // aveda paddle brush // morrocanoil round bristle brushes


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Esther George

Hi Vicki these ladies are quite beautiful. You know I have not looked after my hair for a while, I have it cut in a style I call wash and wear (more like LAZY) wash and styling mouse and I’m done (I’ve got big curls). Now I find that the heat gets to it and the aircon doesn’t help either. Advice taken …. I will take better care. Thank you for sharing. Regards Esther from Sydney. PS if you get a moment to spare check out this rose I’m obsessed with it called About Face it has the scent of cut apple that got me, have to wait till Autumn to order.


I will Esther and thank you…
I think hair is something that can look wonderful at any age… so it’s worth paying attention and care to it… :)

Anita Rivera

You take care of us, Vicki. This winter has been so harsh on everything from an OAK cabinet in my home (the door SPLIT in two from the extreme temperature spikes and lows) to the fly-away lithlessness of my hair. Now that is a strange phenomenon chez moi, because I’ve always had a thick mane that could withstand anything! And I am trusting that as I am growing it out and the warmer temps arrive, I too will get my “generous” mane back. BUT for now, your suggestions here warrant my investigation! I need something because for now, this coiffe simply will not do!

Thank you for always being there. Anita


Me too Anita!! All my travels play havoc on my skin and hair… I really do think the regular conditioning helps not only the look of the hair but also the health…


I often tell my friends that I work to pay for my hair! As one ages, hair care is just as important as skin care and I’ve been surprised by the changes in texture that happens. My hairdresser, who is all of 20 years old, knows Catherine De nerve very well because I model my hair color and style after hers. She has maintained a classic style that remains ageless. One thing I know is that you can shop for bargains on skin care products but you cannot cut corners on hair care.


Vicki, I have admired Catherine forever. I am using leave in conditioners and Moroccan oil on my hair this winter. Thank you for the suggestions!
The Arts by Karena


The winter is harsh on everything, especially our skin, nails and hair. I am constantly reminding myself to keep it light with make-up in the winter. Maybe because it’s so dull out we tend to apply a bit more colour and that is not a demure look at all.

In the video Kate seems very aware of the iconic proportions of Miss Deneuve. Can you imagine being with such a beautiful lady for a dual photo shoot.

A Gift Wrapped Life

Thank heavens, thank heavens! my hair has been coming back now thicker, just in time for my big year…………..yikes. It all helps. I think I shall try your brushes since my hair is long again too. What a great Vanity Fair photograph, they look incredibly beautiful. I like the statement, beauty at any age. Much love way over there. xx


I can’t live without those brushes Sande! They really give that smooth look and they are easy to use… allow enough pull to smooth and tame the hair… WHat colour are you ?? I am way over here… you need to come over… :)

Natalia | Fashioned by Love

Well, these ladies also have great hair dressers and a team who can photoshop any kind of volume. ;)
Thank you for the recommendations, Vicki. Here I swear by one of the Kevin Murphy moisturising masks (hydrate.me series) – they are free from nasties (parabens, SLSs etc) and create such a wonderful luxurious volume naturally! Try them if you get a chance (and feel like it) :)



I have really fine, thin (previously limp, no body) hair. Many, many years ago now my hairdresser recommended Hair, Skin and Nail vitamins. It took about 6 months for me to notice any difference, I had almost given up, because I hadn’t noticed a difference. But I think it just took that long to grow out long enough for me to finally notice the new, stronger, silkier, more responsive hair with body (which it had never had before). While I cannot claim luxurious hair, my hair is now definitely far better than when I was in my 20’s.

Once in a while I would just get tired of taking vits everyday and stop. A few months later I would really pay for it in the dive my hair would take. I learned to ALWAYS take those vits to keep from having hair issues. My hairdresser also always noticed when I had gone through a period of no vitamins.


I really am interested in the difference these vitamins can make to our skin and hair… I’m doing a little research on this at the moment… I think it’s very hard to wade through the sea of information and all the choices to come up with just the right cocktail..
I am so glad you have it working for you Sherrill… :) What’s your advice for women with fine hair re vitamins? Are their particular supplements that work better than others? xv


The one I use is a vegetarian Whole Foods brand. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It has really made a big difference in my hair, but as I said, it is not overnight, it takes a while for you to be able to see a difference. A coworker also started using it and it made quite a noticeable difference in her hair as well.

The primary ingredient is methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) . . . what a big word. WebMD has some info on it – the link was too long to post here. (I am assuming the brand I use is made with the plant based version of the chemical as it is marketed as vegetarian.)

The rest of the ingredients sound better! :) Carrot powder, Gotu Kola leaf, dandelion root, horsetail (stem), green tea leaf, blueberry.

I don’t notice any differences if I stop taking any other vitamins, but I definitely notice if I stop taking the hair vitamins! In fact, I stopped taking a mulitvitamin because of not noticing any difference between taking or not taking them.

Jennifer Beaudet

That’s funny I do the same thing in the winter. When spring comes I treat myself to some sunlit highlights and a fresh cut. I was just thinking how drab my hair is looking. My favorite hair product right now is Wen but I do love anything Aveda! Maybe we should pretend spring came early and take a trip to the salon!



Love my Mason Pearson hairbrush, so good on the scalp too, gives it a really good massage.
Another product you might like is Aesop’s “Shine”. You dispense 2 or 3 drops over palms of hands and smooth evenly over the mid-lengths (I also smooth a little along the hairs near my centre part to stop the little frizzies there). It’s supposed to nourish the hair and add lustre and smoothness. Contains botanical things like borage seed, jojoba and petitgrain, rosehip, sweet almond oil and avocado. But can’t read all the rest of the fine print. Love it! It works for me! And it feels so good on the hands too. There are Aesop shops in Paris and London. Cheers, Pamela


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