12 Apr 2016

Catherine Deneuve On The Top Shelf

Catherine Deneuve Interverviewed for Into The Gloss at Le Meurice, Paris. vickiarcher.com

Catherine Deneuve was interviewed recently for The Top Shelf, a fabulous beauty segment on Into The Gloss.

Deneuve spoke candidly about her beauty regime,

“Image is always something that I’ve been aware of. Even before I was acting, as a young girl with sisters and a father who always took photos, we were aware of our physical appearance—makeup came later. We were raised in the country and always very careful of the sun. My mother told us it wasn’t very good for skin and so I protected my face very much. I’m quite pleased, too, because after so many years, my skin is still in a good shape. My mother, too…she’s 105. She’s incredible. She was an actress too, but on stage. I’m sure that training helped her learn how to take care of her skin.

I still work quite a lot and I find I really need some air, especially on weekends, so it’s nice to go back to the country and be close to the water. Obviously I dress differently when I’m working or in public, but my makeup is pretty much the same even in the country. Maybe I don’t wear a red lip, but I’ll still do my eyebrows and wear something on my lips. And always perfume. It’s something that’s really a part of me.”

Her thoughts on fragrance resonated; I think this was my favourite idea of hers,

“When I start a film, I like to have a special fragrance to wear for it. So, I’m starting a film tomorrow and I’m going to wear Frederic Malle’s Eau de Magnolia—I like it because with every perfume, he works with a different person to do something special. After the film, I keep the perfume, and when I wear it I remember the experience.”

Catherine Deneuve: In Her Routine

most of these products i already use, the rest i look forward to trying

darphin cleansing milk  ||  darphin 8 flower nectar  ||  sk-II facial mask  ||  **laura mercier kohl eye pencil  ||  **eyes to kill mascara

**frederic malle eau de magnolia  ||  **christophe robin intense regenerating balm

to read the full interview go here

to watch the catherine deneuve / 60 minutes interview click here

images, catherine deneuve photographed by virginie khateeb at le meurice hotel in paris, into the gloss

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Catherine Deneuve still looks wonderful. Even close up, in person. It’s hard to believe she is 72 and has a son in his early 50s. I met her almost two years ago in the Place Saint Sulpice. She was wearing beautiful casual clothes, chic but relaxed. Was introduced by a mutual friend. She couldn’t have been nicer or more charming. Now have a happy memento of a photograph with her.
Love her idea of a special perfume for each film. Treasured memories. I sometimes buy a different perfume for each holiday, depending where and what appeals at the time. Then when I smell that perfume it takes me instantly back to the wonderful holiday and the signature memory scents, perhaps the freshness of lemons or sweetness of orange blossom, exotic flowers or the freshness of woods and herbs. Chanel 5 or Jean Louis Scherrer always remind me of Paris, Hermes Un Jardin Mediterrannee of the Riviera ( where I bought my first bottle in St Jean, Cap Ferrat). Best wishes, Pamela


I love the idea of memories being triggered by fragrance… What a wonderful idea to co-ordinate them with your holidays, Pamela… I have always remembered my fragrance through special times.. my wedding, children .. that kind of thing.. but I think I might follow your cue with the holidays.. :)


I love the Christophe Robin products. They are amazing. The SK-II masks are worth every penny.


I haven’t tried them before Melanie… but I loved her idea to use the product to smooth facial hair… genius!

Taste of France

What a brilliant idea to select a perfume for a film so you will think of it. Scent is so powerful for triggering recall. I scooped up the mostly finished bottles of my mom’s and they are a great comfort.


Catherine has always been one of my style icons Vicki! I love her thoughts on perfume and taking care of ones skin. She is always so elegant and chic!

The Arts by Karena


Super elegant and she has handled the ageing process very well… not easy when you are considered one of the world’s beauties…


Ooooo I love this post! Her mother is 105?! Must have wonderful genes. No doubt her mother knows a thing or two about ageing gracefully, as well ( would so love to see a picture of her mother) and she taught her daughter well! Unfortunately, my mother encouraged us to lie out on a beach every day in summer for 9 hours like a salamander and bake in the sun – back then, she thought a seasoned tan was and looked healthy! Sadly, I am paying for it now.


Years ago, in my first flat share in London (such exciting times, I felt so grown-up at 21), I tore out a picture of Catherine Deneuve from a magazine and sellotaped it to my wardrobe, thinking ‘That’s how I want to look’. Sadly, she set the bar too high and it never happened, but I did my best to remember her elegance and poise always, and it certainly gave me something to aim for. Looking at that photo, it still does!

Kathleen Botsford

I was going on a pilgrimage to Greece many years ago and my son who was 13 at the time gave me a tube of wonderful hand cream. He said “Momma, use this in Greece and when you get back every time you smell it the good memories will all come back!” It works! And it’s also a precious memory of my 6’4″ little boy!

Bungalow Hostess

I have always been enchanted by Catherine…she is quintessentially French.
When I was staying in the 6the last spring I looked for her as I was told that she had an apartment nearby…this article is wonderful.
Thank you for sharing it.

Heather in Arles

You may not believe this…but back when I was a theatre actress, I did the same thing in regards to choosing a perfume for each role. Nothing got me into the right headspace quicker than that. I can only remember one example…wearing Fendi’s Theorema while playing Cleopatra! ;)


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