6 Apr 2014

Charlize Theron Wears Jeans Well

Charleze Theron - Google Images


Jeans are so versatile… and that’s what I need in my life when it comes to wardrobe decisions.

I can’t stand to be over packed when travelling and I don’t want to waste my time thinking about what to wear.

That’s why I relate to Emmanuelle Alt’s way of dressing and why I loved this image of Charlize Theron.


Sexy shoes and a plaid shirt… we can do that… Easy.

Love the strappy booties… makes a change from my favourite stilettos.

She looks relaxed, chic and stylish… whether you wear the rips or not is a personal preference.


The shirt dresses down the skinnies yet the high heels could take you anywhere.

Change the heels for the New Balance sneakers…and walk all day.

Add a jacket over the shirt… even more fancy.


Have a fabulous weekend… xv




She Wears Jeans Well

the plaids

etoile isabel marant  //  band of outsiders  // nsf rhodes // madewell ex boyfriend  // madewell penfield


the booties

aquazzura belgravia lattice  //  aquazzura sexy thing suede cutout  //  jillie bootie  //  derry open toe bootie  


shop french essence for all the extras

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Anita Rivera

I do so love the options we have when all we have is a pair (or several!) of jeans, some booties, heels, a few shirts and A GREAT ATTITUDE…we can walk anywhere. Oh the lOvE!

Anita Rivera

And I just noticed something; what she’s wearing is like a poem. You if you start looking at her from top to bottom, you see the plaid shirt, the jeans….then POW! The straps and heels…UNEXPECTED and on fire!

Kaaren Eastwood

Thanks Vicki for reminding me to take my Jeans on holidays . Have a super weekend!


I don’t know… To me this looks like the typical outfit that would look fabulous on an extraordinary woman, but could look just plain on someone more ordinary.

tara dillard

Finally quit trying outside my expertise.

Threw out 4 new tubes lipstick an hour before reading your blog post with Cate Blanchett.

Nordstrom has already sent an email verifying shipment of the lipstick you recommended !!

Nothing ‘cheaper’ about choosing wrong colors.

Thank you for your sharings……

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


I laughed at your headline…I think she wears ANYTHING well!! I love my jeans and wear them for just about anything from a dressy occasion to casual! But, I do not look like Charlize in them!


Vicki I am loving jeans with silk blouses lately, or tees of course. The plaid shirt has unfortunate Midwest connotations I definitely stay away from!

2014 Artists Series
Fashion Photographer Eddie Collins


She can wear anything and look good. I am not a fan of anyone wearing jeans with holes…..a worn look, absolutely I like, but holes no can do except when working around the horses or in the garden!


I’m not a fan of the ‘previously worn’ look (hand-me-downs as a child anyone?)But I do love the unexpected shoe…


Charlize is drop dead gorgeous, she could make a potato sack look good! I just can’t do skinny jeans, I think you have to have a certain body type or be under 22 to pull them off:) I’m not a big fan of jeans of any sort on myself though!


Ha – let’s all agree…… Miss Theron would look great in a burlap bag tide. I like that she always looks feminine and not overdone.

Deborah McKenzie

Love the casual with the touch feminine shoes and bag. A great pair of shoes can change everything. I learned that many years ago from Cinderella. I am enjoying this new segment very much!

miss b

I like to have several pairs of jeans in my wardrobe and the choice of shoes and tops can make all the difference. I’m not usually a fan of plaid shirts but this one looks perfect in this colour combination especially with the glamorous heels.

D. A. Wolf

Let’s face it. Charlize Theron could wear a paper bag and look divine! I love jeans paired with a minimalist top (black or white), and I love worn jeans, but I’m not crazy about the ripped jeans look.

As for those sexy strappy booties with the jeans – fabulous.


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