30 Jan 2021

Rampling / Cruz: Dark Versus Nude Lips


Charlotte Rampling and Penelope Cruz, two stunning women who wear their lip look well.

Light eyes and dark lips; dark eyes and nude lips.

These combinations work, and as I get older, I don’t look for alternatives. When I need a lift I opt for the dark lips. When I am feeling more inclined to make up the eyes, I am searching for my nude lip colours. I have a myriad of nude shades – slightly different – and depending on my mood they can be lighter or matter and even slightly shinier.

The dark shades have me searching for my pencils – colour in the lines – kind of idea and making sure to never venture out of the lines. I have these long-time loves in every colour, but the Cassis, Bare and Rich Nude are my most worn down.

As for other nude shades, I try many, but still prefer my pencils for ease of application and overall texture. There is one exception, Cherish by Mac.

I’m also a late adopter of the Hourglass Crayon – ok, totally fabulous and wonderful colours. Icon, Liberator and Visionary are my go-to dark shades. Fancy a bit more shine? Try their lip treatment oil in Icon. Idealist is the nude I wear from Hourglass.

** Choose your reds according to your skin tone and watch out for the blue/purple tones, they can be unforgiving. A little warmth but not too much is the way to go. Over the decades I have tried so many shades of red and have it pretty much down now. Don’t be afraid to blend the reds; mix it up a little. If it doesn’t work we can always wipe and start again.

What better pick me up, freshen up, mood enhancer, face brightener and generally all-round bang for our buck than a fresh new shade? Eyes next. xv

Dark Versus Nude Lips

bobbi brown art sticks in cassis, bare and rich nude  ||  hourglass lip stylo in icon, liberator and visionary


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image charlotte rampling and penelope cruz


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I have very dark eyes but I don’t do well with nude lips. I have always felt that my only beauty is my hair and skin and my eyes are OK – so I need to show off something and that is RED lips! I wish I could sport nude lips but not this dark-haired woman…nope.Red lips when I dress up, go out even to the market (well, pre-mask days) and always, always during a Zoom meet!


I agree with Anita. I can’t pull off a nude with my skin color and silver hair. I love the Bobbi brown art stick but have been wearing the Chanel Le Rouge Duo while wearing a mask. I find it is the only one that does not end up all over my face when I take off my mask. Once we are able to go maskless again, back to the Art Stick. How is the Houglass in comparison. I wish Bobbie made more colors in the art stick. Does anyone else find her color line lacking? Would love to hear from team hourglass what they think!


Vicki- so glad you’re back and posting frequently. Almost all’s right with our world!


dark or light depend on the lips. Are the full or small. Does the lipstick match with my
clothes and my mood? so many oportunities and considerations about a lipstick colour. It’s said that older women should not put on a dark Ls. So what? To each his own

Liz Klebba

Love a great red lip! But I have to steer clear of any warmth in my reds… I’m cool complexioned, and getting even cooler as my hair turns from silver to pearl! My best reds have a slightly sheer texture and a touch of pink.


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