8 Sep 2009

Charlotte Rampling, Under the Sand… Sous le Sable

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Can love vanish without a trace?

This is the subject of this haunting film directed by Francois Ozon and released in 2000.

‘Charlotte Rampling gives one of the best performances of her career as Marie, a college lecturer who has been happily married to Jean for over 25 years. Whilst on holiday, they visit a deserted beach where Marie lazes in the sun while Jean sets out for a swim – from which he never returns. Some time later in Paris, Marie has resumed her life but refuses to accept that Jean has drowned, continuing to think of him in the present tense and resisting her friend’s well-meaning attempts to interest her in other men….’

Charlotte Rampling’s performance is a tour de force and her feelings of confusion and desolation stayed long with me after the movie finished.

This is a great and thought provoking watch and it is a film filled with sadness.

Save it for the day when you are in the mood to have your emotions tweaked. xv

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Alison Gibbs

Vicki sounds like a great movie. Definitely one I will have to look out for and make sure I take plenty of tissues and sunglasses to hide the red eyes!!


That sounds like a great film, Vicki…I don't remember it when it came out…will try and find it and settle down with some orangettes and enjoy. XXXX

Cote de Texas

it sounds fabulous! I always associate her with the Woody Allen movie she starred in. She's such a fabulous actress I wish I could watch this right now! I am so curious if he really dies or deserts her?


loved this movie! charlotte rampling is so lucky she gets to play such complex, flawed characters. it really was a sad movie, but riveting to watch. i also loved her other movie with ozon called "swimming pool."


I saw it. Then I needed to see it again because I was certain I was too dazzled by the shimmery beauty of the film to fully comprehend the emotion, confusion and meaning.

I've seen it three times now. It's extraordinary.

A Gift Wrapped Life

I will be at Blockbuster when it opens today to see if they have it yet. Haven't seen it in the theatres. Nothing, nothing better than a good movie so thanks for sharing what sounds like a good one! XO

Celeste Maia

I thought I had seen all of Charlotte Ramplings movies, but did not see this one and never heard of it. Where was I in 2000? I will look for it, thanks for the recommendation, it is just the kind of movie I enjoy.


Thanks for the recommendation Vicki, sounds terrific. I'll have to change video stores though, as last time I went to Blockbuster @ Stirling they told me there was $85in late fees due! After they picked me up from the floor, I asked what movies were involved. Judging by what was listed, it became apparent very quickly that the boys had 'cracked' my password code & 'borrowed' my swipe card. I was not happy!

I whipped up your Tomato Tart recipe for dinner last Sunday night. I has all out of olive tapenade, so I crumbled up some goat's cheese & tossed it amongst the tomatoes. I chucked some finely shredded basil on at the last minute & it was fantastic! A big thanks from MOTH & me.
Millie ^_^

Laura [What I Like]

Charlotte Rampling is just one of the most wonderful actresses to watch I think. This sounds like a completely different premise, but I can't help but think of that movie Tell No One (which I enjoyed so much) as being vaguely similar, although it sounds as if this movie would result in considerably more tears on my part!

count it all joy

I've never heard of this movie, Vicki. Thanks for the recommendation. I always find Charlotte Rampling intriguing as an actress, her face is so evocative. I'll look this one up. Hope you're having a lovely time in your garden. Meredith xo.


Hello Vicky

My friend took me to lunch today in Hastings St and gave me a gift for my birthday.
– a most gorgeous book of sumptuous scenes and lovely stories…and it has your name on it…

She wasn't aware that we had crossed paths in the blog world…

I have a real treat to enjoy over the weekend…

Happy days

La Mom

J'adore Charlotte Rampling. Although it kills me that she had a pitch-perfect French accent despite being English born and bred!

La Mom
An American Mom in Paris


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